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Well not exactly today but took me a while to come here. I'm in my 20s (M) and my grandpa is in his 80s and I was visiting him and my aunt the other day. my grandpa is a very strict man, retired high ranking Army officer, my aunt and her son live with him, my grandma passed away a few years back.

So I was there for a few minutes and my grandpa called me over to him and as usual he had problems with his phone, something about it not working properly (almost always this happens with his ancient PC and phone and I fix it). I was immediately upset that my grandpa has to wait for me to visit to get his stuff fixed, my aunt is young enough, late 30s and her kid is 12, he basically lives in his tablet and phone. So I called my aunt over so she can see how to help with his phone, she was maybe 10 steps away, she pretended not hear and left to the kitchen... I thought to myself, that was rude.

So I sat down next Grandpa, took his phone. I thought to myself, the usual stuff, Probably installed 3 dozen useless junk apps and malware, Has few hundred tabs and apps open and stuff. I unlock his phone, click on Square button to see how many apps running, nothing happens, I click again (for those who don't know if you click square on Android twice it swaps to previous running app) and it opens his browser. Well... Of course... it was porn. And that would have been fine but this was no ordinary porn... It was Gay porn... Which is fine too... but this one was one of those step fantasy pornos where the guy doing it was old, bald in his 80s and looked suspiciously like my grandpa (wasn't him FYI) and the guy getting it missionary style was was in his 20s and suspiciously again looked like me. Now I'm just trying to act natural, holding the phone to my face so he can't see what I'm seeing... The porn is running but thankfully it's on silent and I'm miserable smashing my fingers on a touchscreen that suddenly decided to be none-responsive... After what felt like hours of me watching my very first ever gay porn video and smashing the lock button, It shuts down the screen. I take a deep breath.. open the phone again, it works for now, 80+ tabs... All porn. I close everything, close all apps and give him the phone saying "yeah, you're right grandpa... It's probably broken you might need a new phone". Shitty of me, I know but I was in shock. I get up, go to my aunt's room for a few breaths, I could feel my face red and burning. She comes in, looks at me. I hugged her and just said "my eyes, my eyes!!!" She told me "she knows" and hugged me back... I make up some lame and excuse and leave fast.

On my way back it hits me... All the dozens of time my grandpa's PC got the weirdest viruses and I had to wipe everything and install windows again (even anti viruses were no match and it's windows XP), all the times my grandpa would just grab the headphone, go to his room closing the door and us thinking he's listening to his audiobooks and stuff (also no one walks in his room because he likes to be nude and comfortable there, people learned that the hard way and that's another story...) So many times my grandma getting into fights with him because he watches bad stuff on his device and us defending him saying some skin revealing Instagram posts is normal stuff...

Just some info, porn is banned and blocked in my country so my grandpa who barely can use his phone to make a call or open Whatsapp had installed some weird free VPN and managed to find that specific video searching in English (which he used to know a little when he was young but can't really use it now).

Him watching Porn online is really fine tbh, I don't mind at all and he came to me (not in that way weirdos) and trusted me to help him but that exact video itself was the uncomfortable part. Now I can't look at my Grandpa in the eyes.

TL;DR: my grandpa asked me to help with phone which was frozen and not working properly. I took it and it was stuck on a step-fantasy Gay porn of an old guy (looked like him) banging a young dude (that looked similar to me).



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Mr__Cuddles_ t1_j8ctbsv wrote

That is so fucking cursed and you might wanna speak to a professional to help you forget all this


WilliamMinorsWords t1_j8f2qzj wrote

Are you sure he was really watching it? More than likely he clicked on something and it was a virus that loaded it on there.

I doubt your elderly grandpa who doesn't even know how to use his phone knows how to find porn, especially in a country where it's illegal. It's really easy to accidentally download a virus that spams it onto your device if you don't know what you're doing.


AAAAAAAAaaaalaska t1_j8f40rb wrote

it really really isn't lmao


WilliamMinorsWords t1_j8f6i60 wrote

It is if you're elderly and downloading all kinds of whacky apps and responding to spam text links and phishing emails and such.

If porn is blocked in their country, how would an elderly person know how to get around that block?


MrInvestIt t1_j8csb92 wrote

Porn is blocked in your country? Also ya, I would feel super uncomfortable even if he isn’t touching himself thinking of you….. Gramps apparently took to many showers with the boys, at-least he doesn’t have to go to war to see some action now, haha.


fishkeeper_420 t1_j8gpibn wrote

I mean, I feel for you, man.

...That's what he said!

Plz don't downvote me. I'm [legally] high.


Tiefschlag t1_j8mbllq wrote

Next time crank up the volume to the max while fixing his stuff, and you'll never be bothered again.


AllanfromWales1 t1_j8cst3h wrote

Give him "wanna try it for real??" (wink), see the look of shock on his face. For extra points, do it in front of your aunt. Then the old-school "..NOT!"