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YouTheSexRealPervert t1_ja9h67o wrote

Meanwhile I go to work with a grown ass man who wears Lola Bunny shirts and makes no apologies for his present crush. He's an ok dude, too. I mean, cool in 'probably not going back to prison again' type of way.

It takes all kinds.


[deleted] OP t1_ja9hf0g wrote

Well yeah that’s kinda odd because he’s grown up, Lola bunny doesn’t do it for me anymore


littlewoolhat t1_ja9q1i6 wrote

Whoa hey, didn't you just get roasted for liking Lola before? Don't judge people for harmless stuff. Lola only likes boy who don't judge!


Steve1789 t1_jaaizzb wrote

> Lola bunny doesn’t do it for me anymore


> She’s bad as fuck bro

keep lying to yourself bud 🤣


[deleted] OP t1_jaak6pv wrote

Bruh I’ve moved on from cartoon characters 😂


Steve1789 t1_jaakpih wrote

> I’d tap Jessica rabbit still if given the chance 😭 she’s bad as fuck

keep telling yourself that...