Submitted by Krystalinhell t3_1173r03 in tifu

The title pretty much sums up this fuck up. But let me tell you how I did it. So I have one of the keurig coffee makers. I use it everyday to make hot chocolate. Well, it was cold last week as we just had a snow storm so instead of having one cup of hot chocolate like I normally do, I had three. So this required more water to be added to the reservoir. So I added the water and I noticed something black on the lid. It was mold. I looked inside and saw a lot more mold. Last year, I bought one of those fancy water filter kits for it and installed it. You’re supposed to replace them and I even put an alert for it in my phone. But I set the alert to none so I never got it. So for the last year that water filter cartridge has been sitting in water getting moldy.

Now, you’re probably wondering how I never noticed the mold in the reservoir. Well, I’m short and have it at an angle in the kitchen so I always just use the hose from the sink to fill it up. My memory isn’t great so I forgot I even had the water filter in there. I assumed by using the machine everyday it would stay somewhat clean inside it.

Sometime, last year my husband told me he didn’t want coffee from the keurig anymore and he started using a regular coffee maker. I continued using the keurig. He told me it tasted weird but it never bothered me. Around November, I developed a bad cough and that eventually turned into a sore throat, nasal congestion and pain, as well as daily headaches. Oh, and my vision became blurry. These symptoms just never seemed to go away, and I know now they’re from mold exposure. I’ve since cleaned the keurig, but I’m pretty sure I have an aversion to using it so I’ll probably just get rid of it. It’s been a week since I’ve had anything from the keurig and all of these symptoms have disappeared.

TLDR: I never changed my water filter for the coffee maker and it turned moldy. I drank hot chocolate made with mold for a year.



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Reelplayer t1_j9a3mj8 wrote

I don't use a Keurig because the pods are expensive for what you get, but you don't need to throw out your machine. A 50/50 vinegar water mix to let soak for an hour, then run it through to the cup, will kill anything of concern.


lucky_crocodile t1_j9am57k wrote

I don't use a Keurig because I don't drink coffee, but my brother uses one of those reusable pods and buys coffee grounds, this way you don't need to make as much coffee and always get the right amount but it costs about the same as if you were using the drip pot.


Confidenceisbetter t1_j99xad4 wrote

I would go to the doctor to get checked out and have a blood test done just to be safe.


justl00kingthrowaway t1_j9a6nkv wrote

This reads like fanfiction for the origin of the outbreak from "The last of us"🤣


Jewish-Mom-123 t1_j9bmuiy wrote

Skip the filter, they don’t do anything. Run the water through a Brita pitcher first.


OkVolume1 t1_j99wrk4 wrote

That's scary.


Krystalinhell OP t1_j99x4hc wrote

And also super dumb. Don’t be like me. I got lucky I didn’t end up more sick.


Yesiforgotmypassw0rd t1_j9aobl4 wrote

There are probably so much ppl out there facing the same situation but not realizing it’s happening to them.

We had a keurig, even with vinegar, can’t fully clean it… got rid of it. There are too many parts « in the constant dark », it’s almost inevitable


mukawalka t1_j9alpcv wrote

Funny thing is most people probably have dirty nasty coffee makers. The same people that complain a fast food place never cleans their drink dispenser are the ones the don't clean their own coffee maker.


The_Muznick t1_j9clyoa wrote

People don't clean it? Mine tells me to do it if I forget. Frustrating to get rid of that message so I just clean it out once every 2 weeks.


GuntherTime t1_j9dqtef wrote

> Mine tells me to do it if I forget.

Well yeah, it’s a feature added because people forget/don’t think to clean it.


The_Muznick t1_j9dzg6x wrote

Gross. I wipe the whole thing down get into the bits with q tips. I've seen what they look like uncleaned and it's foul.


GuntherTime t1_j9dzr0c wrote

It’s a hidden bonus to just grinding my own beans and then brewing it. I clean the glass after each use (Japanese cold brew is my go to daily), and I use rice to clean my burr grinder about once a month. To get rid of all the left over grounds and oils.


spikey1201 t1_j99x3q9 wrote

Sorry this happened to you, you seem like a fungi!


QuickgetintheTARDIS t1_j9csvg7 wrote

As someone with a mold allergy, excuse me while I go obsessively clean my keurig...


UnusualEntertainer15 t1_j9asu6q wrote

The good news is that the coffee machine heats up the water to pretty high temperatures and kills most if not all the mold.

It's definitely not the equivalent of drinking that moldy water.


AcrobaticSource3 t1_j9azfrp wrote

Just pretend the mold was cheese....that’s safe to eat


KingVengeance t1_j9b9rhr wrote

Well I know what I’m doing tonight. Fuck. Glad you’re ok.


Devil_May_Kare t1_j9brkvd wrote

Mold can be food, but wild mold isn't.


CunnyMaggots t1_j9d3zdt wrote

Lol i donated my Keurig to a thrift shop because mine kept growing algae in the reservoir despite not being in the sun. Got sick of trying to pull out all the little parts in the bottom of the water thing to try to scrub it out.

I use a steel pour over filter now. The coffee is a lot better and cheaper to make.