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I went to the bathroom and finished peeing. Afterward, I used the shataf (water hose thingy) to clean up. But when I tried to dry myself with toilet paper, I found that there was none left. I looked around the counter for something to use and spotted a clean-looking cotton pad. I thought to myself “It looks clean, why not use it” and used it to dry my vagina.

Soon after, I began to feel a burning sensation. I didn't understand what was happening until I realized that my mother has been using tea tree oil on the cotton pad for her skincare routine. I don’t know if anyone of you have experience with tea tree oil but it burns like Satans spit. The pain was immeasurable. I showered with cold water while crying. It took the whole day for it to stop hurting.

tl;dr Put tea tree oil on my pussy unintentionally, it hurt.

PS: It's important to be careful and make sure that we're not exposing our private parts to potentially harmful substances.



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CheeseMakingMom t1_j8u6nvs wrote

TL;DR: today I used some random cloth on my intimate area without knowing what it had been used for.


Tsarofcocaine OP t1_j8u8rhq wrote

I put much worst things than random cloths there


psgrue t1_j8uuz5q wrote

I don’t want to know but noted “like what???” Is upvoted and “such as?” Is downvoted and think it’s very Reddity.


cakethedog t1_j8uqj6l wrote

Like what??? gif


Atiggerx33 t1_j8vhewm wrote

We pee out of that area and poop comes from nearby, any woman claiming that poop has literally never touched her labia is lying. We really try to avoid it, it can cause infections when contact is made, but no honest woman can say it hasn't happened.

Just as nobody can claim they've never gotten a bit of shit on their hand wiping. It's not a frequent event, the toilet paper tears or your hand slips and suddenly your knuckle is befouled. You are disgusted and wash extra thoroughly and move on with your life.

Edit: I thought based on my comment it was clear that getting poop by the vagina was not a normal daily thing but rather a rare occurrence. I should have been more clear, if a woman is wearing underwear and shits herself that shit is likely going to touch her labia. It happens, hopefully not often, but it happens. Or sometimes while moving my hand to the front-to-back wipe position my hand slips and I accidentally wipe back-to-front a bit... idk maybe like twice a year that'll happen? Maybe I'm just uncoordinated though.


kbbqdogs t1_j8vk16x wrote

are you saying you’re wiping back to front and that’s why you get shit on your labia 🤣🤣


Atiggerx33 t1_j8vkusd wrote

No, I'm saying that once in a rare while I misjudge the size of my own ass and as I reach behind myself to get my hand into the front-to-back wipe position I accidentally brush the paper against myself and end up wiping a small amount towards my labia.

I can promise you that it's not an intentional thing and isn't a frequent happening. And results in me washing myself with soap and water ASAP.

Can you honestly say your hand hasn't slipped even once in your entire life? Or that you never shat yourself in which case it kinda gets everywhere?


CrimsonMana t1_j8yeos5 wrote

I'm absolutely baffled here. You're saying you reach behind and bring your hand way past your ass to your front and wipe from that position to your ass? How do you get any crap on your front at all in that case? The toilet roll would be clean, wouldn't it? Are you moving the toilet paper back and forth wiping or something? Or are you using the same part of the toilet paper for multiple wipes? I certainly don't do that because I don't trust the toilet paper to hold together for such a large wiping motion like that and I dont expect a second wipe to achieve anything if I've already wiped with that sheet already. I give a very firm single swipe. Always with two sheets folded, for that extra safety. I will also get an extra swipe with an additional final fold before I grab the next two sheets. Never do I wipe with the same part more than once, and never do I backtrace my wipe path.


Zikkan1 t1_j8vmxbx wrote

I'm a dude but I have never misjudged the size of my own ass when wiping. I can't even fathom how that would happen, it's your own body. I can understand if you are drunk out of your mind but a sober person should not misjudge the position of their asshole.


diamondthedegu1 t1_j8wf91w wrote

I'm a woman but I have no fucking idea what she's going on about.

I'm pretty confident that I have never smeared faeces onto my own labia. Like you, I don't even understand how that would happen. That should be the kind of mistake you make only once 😐


KatiePotatie1986 t1_j8vqrzm wrote

I agree that the whole thing is just bizarre. Accidentally wiping backwards? Does she have muscle spasms or something? I'm so confused


romaraahallow t1_j8xn622 wrote

Life comes at you fast man. Shit happens, literally. Good for you for never being distracted or whatever.


zsebibaba t1_j8vk689 wrote

wow are you even a woman? or you wipe with a very very bad method.


Atiggerx33 t1_j8vlz91 wrote

I wipe front-to-back, but I'm not gonna pretend that never once in my entire life has my hand slipped or that I've never shat myself. It's not a daily occurrence by any means, but a rare unfortunate incident.

Edit: people really gonna downvote the fact that if you have diarrhea and shit yourself that the shit doesn't politely keep it's distance?


[deleted] t1_j8xpsq1 wrote

Shat yourself? I don’t think I ever shat myself since I was potty trained.


Wubbalubbadubbitydo t1_j8xw6u7 wrote

I mean lucky you that you don’t have GI issues. For some of us that does occasional happen and it’s not really in our control 🤷🏼‍♀️


Atiggerx33 t1_j8y1rpb wrote

It's not a routine thing. I'm 30 and it's only happened once. I had a bad stomach flu and sneezed. I'd had no cramping, no pressure, absolutely no indication that I had to use the bathroom. And then... yeah.

And when it happens it unfortunately doesn't politely keep it's distance.


soayherder t1_j8zhz6e wrote

Let's not even talk about the things that can happen during and after pregnancy. One becomes ... resigned to mishaps of whichever kind.


Swedenesebishhh69 t1_j8wzke9 wrote

it might be your diet if your shitting on yourself. its really not normal


headwolf t1_j8xc66k wrote

No one is saying it's normal here? Accidents do happen due to illness/food poisoning/some other reason.


Atiggerx33 t1_j8y0uv5 wrote

Yeah, it happened once when I had the stomach flu and sneezed. I expect it won't be the last time something like that ever happens. I'm not shitting myself on the daily.


romaraahallow t1_j8xneqa wrote

Everyone's gut is different.

It doesn't matter what my girlfriend eats, her shits are diarrhea level always. She's been seeing doctors for years, with no clue why.

Maybe it's not normal, but it happens.


BowzersMom t1_j8wyjkj wrote

We were all infants in diapers, once. But I haven’t shit myself since I was a child. I have fumbled the toilet paper on rare occasion, adjusting for a second pass. But it’s much more like “eek! The tissue touched me!” And not “aww man, shit all over my labia again??”


Adeep187 t1_j8v1s1a wrote

Except a cotton pad not a cloth.


CheeseMakingMom t1_j8wnrio wrote

So saying, “OP FU by using some random, used cotton pad on her intimate area that was left on the counter rather than having been thrown away” sounds better?

I’m not even going to address the lack of toilet paper, because whoever uses the last and fails to replace it needs to be cursed with the fleas of a thousand camels infesting their armpits.


[deleted] t1_j8wogyy wrote



cherrycoke260 t1_j8wwy9k wrote

You are the one losing your mind over nothing. Maybe you’re the one who didn’t take their meds this morning? Chillax.


CheeseMakingMom t1_j8yis5u wrote

I think we found the person who doesn’t replace the toilet paper 😂


Azilehteb t1_j8xldpb wrote

You corrected someone who posted a snotty comment and got a snotty reply lol

What were you expecting? Sheepish reversal?


ItDoesntMatter59 t1_j8u95vj wrote

Durex in the UK make a lubricant which is called Tingle. Its got tea tree in it.

They spelt Napalm wrong.

Why the fuck would you sell that stuff!!!


whorgans t1_j8uk4qz wrote

I refuse to use any lube that has words like “tingle” or “warming” or “cooling” because I know there’s a good chance it’s going to feel like my vagina is on fire. I don’t get why they sell these products. I guess some people like it, but I cannot imagine why.


anonymously88 t1_j8ul11x wrote

An ex gf picked up a box of 50 of those. Three pumps and she was screaming. Thought I was doing a really fucking good job...


jaydoes t1_j8uppee wrote

I use tea tree oil soap every single day and it's amazing. But yeah don't ever put an essential oil in a private place.


Vanners8888 t1_j8v3egw wrote

OMG they used to have this in Canada too! They definitely spelt Napalm wrong. Perfect wording!!


AKBearmace t1_j8vvmyu wrote

An ex once bought cooling lube. It had menthol in it. Never again.


WadeStockdale t1_j8u4b5i wrote

Tea tree oil, like any essential oil, can cause chemical burns, especially on thin or sensitive skin (or mucus membranes like in the vaginal, rectal and nasal regions).

If exposed, WASH WITH SOAP. It helps break down the oil and get it off your skin, water alone won't work as well because oils are hydrophobic.

Source; there was a time when some genius was telling AFAB people to put tea tree oil on sponges up in their bleed hole. You can imagine the results.


Tsarofcocaine OP t1_j8u4pwd wrote

> You can imagine the results

I don't need to imagine it, I know it


RedFoxBlackSox t1_j8v6nbj wrote

I’m commenting this out of genuine ignorance/a want to know. I have a soap that is specifically marketed for that part, and it is said to contain tea tree oil. I haven’t noticed any sort of burn. Would it just be because it’s in such a small amount? Should I avoid it anyway? Oh gods


brewthecold t1_j8vg9hs wrote

It's probably because of the small amount. Doctor once recommended me to add a few drops of tea tree oil into water for intimate hygiene, and it worked perfectly. It has antibacterial effect, so it should be beneficial for you :)

But I guess the rule of thumb would be this: when it burns, it's probably not good for you.


WadeStockdale t1_j8w7zdg wrote

Tea tree oil as a stand alone product is concentrated, as are most essential oils. That's a big part of why they can harm you. (Also some of them can be toxic if absorbed through the skin or mucus membranes, but that's not relevant to tea tree oil)

Most of the time if you see an oil like that in a product, it's being diluted by carrier oils that are safe for you (coconut oil is a really popular one) to dilute them and make them safe to use directly on your skin. Your soap likely is using a carrier oil to protect you (and a lot of carrier oils are really nice and moisturising for your skin)

Water isn't super effective at diluting in the sense of mixing evenly since it's still an oil, but it does reduce the ppm of the oil, rendering it less damaging to the skin.

Also for anyone using it for skincare; remember to moisturise after, that shit is astringent as hell and your skin needs a barrier to protect it.


frlejo t1_j8uog8z wrote

>"there was a time when some genius was telling AFAB people to put tea tree oil on sponges up in their bleed hole". Was it trump?


WadeStockdale t1_j8w8y4v wrote

I can't say he hasn't said something like this, considering he thought people should bleach their lungs or whatever it was, but it was an online 'sexual wellness' influencer or something. I worked in the sex industry so I got to have frank conversations with many women about stupid shit they'd read online and wanted to try. Like that whole sunning your taint thing. (Working in the industry meant my knowledge around genitals and everything sexual had to be on point and I wasn't embarrassed to talk about weird shit. And oh boy did people take 'I've heard weirder' as a challenge.)


Dirzeyla t1_j8ubh0u wrote

I'm sorry. This is horrible. I guess you should get into the habit of smelling things just to be sure.


SweetMilitia t1_j8um0am wrote

Or even just checking to see if there’s TP before using the bathroom.


keiome t1_j8v0jdj wrote

Sounds like she was at home, too. It's just water since she rinsed off with a hose thing. xD Just put on your bottoms and go to your room to fix the fuck up. Probably better to do that than use other peoples things on your crotch. Just seems kind of rude.


Dirzeyla t1_j8zdr2u wrote

That's reasonable too. But sometimes people find themselves in positions that we can't easily think ourselves out of for whatever reason. People do dumb things every now and again.


darkntwistish t1_j8z6t75 wrote

I wouldn’t just smell random things laying in the bathroom, you never know what someone else might’ve wiped with it 😂


Dirzeyla t1_j8zdcay wrote

I'm not sure what everyone keeps imagining here. Is it like someone picking it up and pressing their nose into it and taking a long, enthusiastic sniff? Cause that's not how smelling things has to work.

Finding out whether or not it's already been used is literally the point.

A reminder that we have a sense of smell seemed like a reasonable thing to do in this circumstance.


No-Manner2949 t1_j8v0cc7 wrote

Could you not drip dry as much as possible and then do the pants down waddle to find more tp? The though of using a 'clean looking' anything is...


AhWhateverYo t1_j8u6beq wrote

I'm glad you're okay, but lol.



Old-Fox-3027 t1_j8v5hgm wrote

Use olive oil, grapeseed oil or another type of body-friendly oil to wash off the tea tree oil. It works for habanero pepper in the eye, it should work for tea tree oil on the labia.


gingitsuz t1_j91fo9p wrote

Actually helpful advise should anyone find themselves in a similar situation.


Melanchxlisch t1_j8uw8g5 wrote

This reminds me of something I did in my past.

I was about 15, just discovered I could pleasure myself. I was at my grandparents and was feeling in the mood, but I wanted some sort of lubricant to help me out.

My grandmother had a huge shelf of health and self care related products in the room I was staying in. Many of the items now that I think about it would've worked better than what I chose.

For some reason, my 15 year old brain decoded the best substitute for lube was Oragel, so I grabbed it put some up inside of myself. OH.MY GOD.

The pain I experienced after was nothing like I've experienced before, not only was my vagina numb it burned like hell.


[deleted] t1_j8vn5s0 wrote



Verbose_Cactus t1_j8vrje1 wrote

“I lived an experience so I assumed everyone in the world had the exact same experience”


[deleted] t1_j8vwwu4 wrote



youngstalinshot t1_j8xyp0c wrote

Sounds like you were on the other end of the spectrum as masturbating in a sexual way at 10 years seems a bit early to me while still being in the absolutely normal to develop this interest at that age range.

Kids develop differently and their social circle and general surroundings have an influence on when they start being confronted with different topics. Hence yours and your friends' experience with discovering yourself was probably similar.

There is nothing weird, pure or innocent about when people hit puberty and how.


[deleted] t1_j8y3xr3 wrote



youngstalinshot t1_j8y4zgt wrote

Puberty is a progress. and yes if you started to develop interests in actual masturbation at 8, then that was part of your puberty. As I said puberty is different for every kid. Sometimes the mind develops faster than the body. Starting puberty at 8 is not unheard of.

But maybe you also just all mirrored your surroundings even though you actually hadn't developed the sexual interest. That's also totally possible. I also watched porn once at that young age because we weren't allowed to. But it just weirded me out because I was too young to understand.


RoRoRoYourGoat t1_j8x33ld wrote

Some girls take longer to figure out the details, because female masturbation isn't really talked about. Kids know the "dude jerking off" motion before we even know what it means, but a woman's system is much less intuitive and harder to figure out on our own.


Turbulent_Moment4171 t1_j8ut0kk wrote

I will never forget the time I was taking a bath and decided to add tea tree oil. I dumped over half of the bottle in the bath. I died that day.


carmenhoney t1_j8v4n3g wrote

I once went to a thai cooking school and after the chilli lesson where we picked, and chopped the chillies for curry paste I realised my period cup needed changing ... So I reach on up that bitch and that's how I learned the value of washing your hands BEFORE touching your vag 😁👍 of course the toilets were stalls out in the open air so I was too embarrassed to go out of the stall, collect water or wet tissue and go back to rinse so I sat through the next 3 hours with chilli juice all up in my bits.



TheKappp t1_j8ws0ve wrote

Once I was driving my roommate and her boyfriend home after getting hot wings. Suddenly she starts screaming bloody murder in the backseat, and I later found a glass of milk in the bathroom. Eww lol.


Mau36 t1_j8u36dc wrote

Oh no. I luckily have never had this experience. But I could already tell that it must be painful by the title. And yes, auch. I'm glad that the pain is over now for you!

Indeed. Be careful what you expose your private parts to.


Query8897 t1_j8udr1q wrote

Essential oils don't tend to mix well with the bits unless really really diluted. I can imagine your pain, yikes.


cgaz83 t1_j8vi4m5 wrote

Welcome to essential oils, where I gave myself 3rd degree burns on my wrists with thyme oil.

I have no advice but holy heck do I sympathise!


eileen404 t1_j8uvwlt wrote

For future reference, oils wash off with soap or are soluble in other less irritating oils. A massage therapist I knew had a rule to not put acting in the outside of the body you wouldn't put inside... Bit the opposite is true too. You could have used any cooking oils to dilute it.


squirrelybitch t1_j8v13p3 wrote

OMFG. There are no words for how much empathy I have for your poor vag. I’ve only put that horror juice on my regular skin and never on my hoo-ha. So I can’t even imagine what that would be like, but I know without a doubt that you have suffered immensely, and I am deeply sorry. I now fear that Gwynneth Paltrow & her Goopy minions are going to do something hideous with this tale of woe.


nhuntato t1_j8vhgs6 wrote

Just sit there and let it air dry god dammit. Or stand up and twerk a little, that works too trust me 👌


fapstronautica t1_j8vy0cp wrote

Oil does not “dry.” That’s why we oil things with…oil. Because it stays there, and it penetrates.


nhuntato t1_j8w4sqm wrote

Wait I never said to dry the oil... Just air dry the water on the 😼 after washing, that way she wouldn't have to wipe with cleansing pad saturated with tea tree oil xD


Mr_Commando t1_j8ws8yx wrote

I once used NAIR on my balls. That was the worst pain, hands down, I have ever felt. It wasn’t until after I hurt myself that I read the instructions NOT to do that.


McDummy t1_j8uuwzo wrote

I never met satan , but if I do, and I probably will, I’ll give him an idea about a creative form of torture.


rdkilla t1_j8v5i25 wrote

jalapeno on your balls isn't as bad as you'd think, but i'll stay away from the tea tree oil thx


Ok_Understanding5184 t1_j8v8szd wrote

I don't know if this helps any, but I (m) had a gf who bought a pack of KY "infused massage oil" that pretty much felt like jamming your cock into a simmering vat of liquid cinnamon, not fun. I never voiced my objection because I wanted to keep doing fun dirty stuff with her, and since she was frugal it all got used I was glad to see the empty bottle thrown away 50/50 win-loss on that one


Lupine_Outcast t1_j8vi790 wrote

There's a very old story in my family about my Grandma experiencing some muscle pain. She decided to coat her body in BenGay.

Yeah......apparently some screaming was heard. Sorry, OP.


macsquoosh t1_j8vphyv wrote

Reminds me of a friend who squatted on nettles in the dark...she doesn't recommend that either


Thediamondhandedlad t1_j8vx3di wrote

I once put aftershave on my balls after shaving them. It was horrifically painful even though I rinsed it with water immediately. Took about a day for the pain to go away for me as well


Rais93 t1_j8vxgqt wrote



Sushitenderbite t1_j8uuzlm wrote

Wow, that was a miserable experience. I’m rather allergic to tea tree oil and shudder about what you went through.


jackman91 t1_j8vh0vk wrote

So I bought something called a testicuzzi. Dumb purchase aside, one day I decided to put some of my wife essential oil in it (believe lemon-lime) a couple minutes in I was burning no different than cutting halapenos and not washing my hands before bathroom


[deleted] t1_j8vr02p wrote



Verbose_Cactus t1_j8vrsl5 wrote

Did you not read that they used a shataf to wash? Basically the same idea. OP just wanted to dry after using it tho


Effective-Change3238 t1_j8wc3ym wrote

In case you ever do this again get coconut or olive oil or even vegetable oil (they are in order of what works best) and wipe with it. It "cuts" the tea tree and saves you. I know this from experience in a few ways. 1 I use oils a lot. 2 tea tree is awesome when you have a yeast infection so I've used it then followed with coconut but it's better to mix them before applying. It actually helps the itch a TON. And ya, water, as you learned does absolutely nothing and can even irritate further.


FreeAD80 t1_j8wh0vq wrote

If this somehow happens again, or to someone reading, use coconut oil to stop the burning. Just rub some on the area. It will work much better than soap and water. It’s very soothing, and btw, makes great lube too ;)


crystalbxtch t1_j8wxsja wrote

dear god, i’ve been desperate before but not that desperate😭 i just awkwardly use the cardboard roll to wipe so i can waddle over and get more toilet paper


Nidhoggr54 t1_j8x008p wrote

I know a guy who put hand sanitiser on his but hole after wiping. He returns to us with this shit eating grin and goes don't every put hand sanitiser on the bum, my rosebuds going to be puckering all week.


Steed1000 t1_j8x3c22 wrote

At least your mom gets to save on college tuition.


Mpharns1 t1_j8x4c07 wrote

OMG you poor thing!!!


perfectly0imperfect t1_j8x9392 wrote

Not sure if anyone has said this yet, but having been in almost the exact same situation back when I was a massage therapist, I learned that using coconut fractionated oil relieves the unbearable pain rather quickly. I believe most oils will, FCO is just what I had at the time .


bigdaddycraycray t1_j8xb3lp wrote

Ouch! It's like you forgot you just chopped up some Ghost Peppers and touched yourself or rubbed your eye. I feel your pain.


IceCreamDream10 t1_j8xfm98 wrote

You are not going to believe this but I have also done this in my life. You are not alone sister


witherskulle t1_j8xlys0 wrote

When I was 10-11 I used to be in a running group, before going to this particular meeting I had taken a shit and my butt was rubbed raw pretty much. I decided to use perfume oil that my mom had given me and I put it on my butt hole to make it smell good. Burned really badly. Then had to run and chafe it up even more


mrs_anthropica t1_j8xv7no wrote

Not the same but one time I got biofreeze in my vag. I wanted to die.


NeedsMoreTuba t1_j8ygd54 wrote

When I was 13 I spilled a whole bottle of nail polish remover in my lap and somehow it got into my vagina.

I don't remember the details, but I remember running into the bathroom and jumping into the tub to try to stop the burning with cold water. It didn't really help. To top it off, I was super embarrassed by how dumb it was to injure my most sensitive parts like that.

...These things happen. 🤷‍♀️


RainbowDonkey473 t1_j92hgrg wrote

You know the urine didn’t come from your vagina, right? It sounds like you focussed on the wrong hole.


KataiiCmdr t1_j8w64fh wrote

Me scratching my chin considering the new levels of punishment I can administer. Tea tree oil ✅


[deleted] t1_j8x5slc wrote

I would have cleaned the oil off for free with my tongue lass


SoyInfinito t1_j8xnbf6 wrote

Maybe next time don't use your mom's cotton pads on your Vag


hisokascumdumpster6 t1_j8v7fo2 wrote

you don’t pee out of your vagina


[deleted] t1_j8xqdty wrote

Who said you did?


hisokascumdumpster6 t1_j8xtshl wrote

she said she needed to dry her vagina but u only dry ur pee hole unless ur on ur period


[deleted] t1_j8ynwje wrote

I’m sorry what? Your pee hole is very close to your vagina. I just wipe the whole thing. Pee gets on your vagina.


hisokascumdumpster6 t1_j8yobjm wrote

then you’re wiping your whole genitals not JUST your vagina

why are you so mad at me i’m literally on my period girl


Hungry_Bet7216 t1_j8vluaw wrote

I thought it was called a shitoff


PoliticianSlayer t1_j8v78vl wrote

Your plan was to just put the cloth back after getting your piss on it?

100% deserved.


Atiggerx33 t1_j8vhzq8 wrote

I think it was a disposable cotton pad, not a cloth. Either way it doesn't mention that they were just gonna put it back.


McMurphy85 t1_j8vtyec wrote

Probably shouldn't grab someone else's cotton pad to wipe the urine off of your vagina in the first place. I'm assuming your plan was to put it back and the owner would be none the wiser. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes!.


Sup-Mellow t1_j8wuh1e wrote

You realize cotton pads are disposable, right