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kbbqdogs t1_j8vk16x wrote

are you saying you’re wiping back to front and that’s why you get shit on your labia 🤣🤣


Atiggerx33 t1_j8vkusd wrote

No, I'm saying that once in a rare while I misjudge the size of my own ass and as I reach behind myself to get my hand into the front-to-back wipe position I accidentally brush the paper against myself and end up wiping a small amount towards my labia.

I can promise you that it's not an intentional thing and isn't a frequent happening. And results in me washing myself with soap and water ASAP.

Can you honestly say your hand hasn't slipped even once in your entire life? Or that you never shat yourself in which case it kinda gets everywhere?


CrimsonMana t1_j8yeos5 wrote

I'm absolutely baffled here. You're saying you reach behind and bring your hand way past your ass to your front and wipe from that position to your ass? How do you get any crap on your front at all in that case? The toilet roll would be clean, wouldn't it? Are you moving the toilet paper back and forth wiping or something? Or are you using the same part of the toilet paper for multiple wipes? I certainly don't do that because I don't trust the toilet paper to hold together for such a large wiping motion like that and I dont expect a second wipe to achieve anything if I've already wiped with that sheet already. I give a very firm single swipe. Always with two sheets folded, for that extra safety. I will also get an extra swipe with an additional final fold before I grab the next two sheets. Never do I wipe with the same part more than once, and never do I backtrace my wipe path.


Zikkan1 t1_j8vmxbx wrote

I'm a dude but I have never misjudged the size of my own ass when wiping. I can't even fathom how that would happen, it's your own body. I can understand if you are drunk out of your mind but a sober person should not misjudge the position of their asshole.


diamondthedegu1 t1_j8wf91w wrote

I'm a woman but I have no fucking idea what she's going on about.

I'm pretty confident that I have never smeared faeces onto my own labia. Like you, I don't even understand how that would happen. That should be the kind of mistake you make only once 😐


KatiePotatie1986 t1_j8vqrzm wrote

I agree that the whole thing is just bizarre. Accidentally wiping backwards? Does she have muscle spasms or something? I'm so confused


romaraahallow t1_j8xn622 wrote

Life comes at you fast man. Shit happens, literally. Good for you for never being distracted or whatever.