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Atiggerx33 t1_j8vlz91 wrote

I wipe front-to-back, but I'm not gonna pretend that never once in my entire life has my hand slipped or that I've never shat myself. It's not a daily occurrence by any means, but a rare unfortunate incident.

Edit: people really gonna downvote the fact that if you have diarrhea and shit yourself that the shit doesn't politely keep it's distance?


[deleted] t1_j8xpsq1 wrote

Shat yourself? I don’t think I ever shat myself since I was potty trained.


Wubbalubbadubbitydo t1_j8xw6u7 wrote

I mean lucky you that you don’t have GI issues. For some of us that does occasional happen and it’s not really in our control 🤷🏼‍♀️


Atiggerx33 t1_j8y1rpb wrote

It's not a routine thing. I'm 30 and it's only happened once. I had a bad stomach flu and sneezed. I'd had no cramping, no pressure, absolutely no indication that I had to use the bathroom. And then... yeah.

And when it happens it unfortunately doesn't politely keep it's distance.


soayherder t1_j8zhz6e wrote

Let's not even talk about the things that can happen during and after pregnancy. One becomes ... resigned to mishaps of whichever kind.


Swedenesebishhh69 t1_j8wzke9 wrote

it might be your diet if your shitting on yourself. its really not normal


headwolf t1_j8xc66k wrote

No one is saying it's normal here? Accidents do happen due to illness/food poisoning/some other reason.


Atiggerx33 t1_j8y0uv5 wrote

Yeah, it happened once when I had the stomach flu and sneezed. I expect it won't be the last time something like that ever happens. I'm not shitting myself on the daily.


romaraahallow t1_j8xneqa wrote

Everyone's gut is different.

It doesn't matter what my girlfriend eats, her shits are diarrhea level always. She's been seeing doctors for years, with no clue why.

Maybe it's not normal, but it happens.