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Graega t1_j8gujkn wrote

I financed my current car through my credit union I've had for 20 years. For almost 3 months after I bought it, I got dozens of rejection letters for auto loans from places like, "Jim Bob's Tractor Supply Bank of Bumfuck Ohio". I managed to get about $3k of aftermarket stuff refunded from the dealer over that, and last I heard the Attorney General's office is still investigating them.

NEVER finance your car from a dealer folks. Even if you're already got it financed they're still crooks.


NDALLASFORTY t1_j8hzctx wrote

Credit unions will usually give you the best rate over most lending institutions. Usually.


Jman9999999999 t1_j8u8m3h wrote

So in Canada, the dealership finances you through the banks. This is a new car dealership, not some random corner lot. I've worked 4 different dealership. Not one had there owe financing thing, it was all done through the banks. Might be different in the states, I don't know.