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RudeSprinkles1240 t1_ja1d0yf wrote

That same boyfriend that wants you to get cancer and tells ou he thinks other girls are hot, which bothers you so much you make a Reddit post about it?



BackOfTheHAT t1_ja21g0l wrote

I never read people's previous posts, but I should start lmao


thriftstore-gestapo t1_ja24qro wrote

Also they were each others first everything but OP commented somewhere 4 months ago she must have had bad previous partners bc only one person has been able to make her finish and they aren’t in contact anymore


Shoes4CluesMob t1_ja26dm8 wrote

either op deleted the post/comment you're talking about or this is bs

only thing related to a mean bf is "my bf was mean prior to dating me"

edit: can confirm this happened and the post was indeed deleted


CMDRissue t1_ja17nll wrote

"but keeps going"

What a trooper


justabill71 t1_ja1d75r wrote

>“there’s shit in ur butt”

Best part


DaBigadeeBoola t1_ja1v59s wrote

How do you not wipe your ass? How would there be dingle berries after laxative induced diarrhea?


Kat1eQueen t1_ja2xalk wrote

Hey op how about you get your life together instead of making up random stories on reddit that contradict each other and then delete all evidence the second you get called out?


SolidAshford t1_ja1ebqu wrote

SH happens and he took it in strode. Lots of people can learn frpm that

Also, were you doing the 'Other A' so you wouldn't have a 9 month surprise? Lol. Totes understand


Edgezg t1_ja1qszr wrote

Thank you OP, for sharing this story. It made me laugh alot.