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RudeSprinkles1240 t1_ja1d0yf wrote

That same boyfriend that wants you to get cancer and tells ou he thinks other girls are hot, which bothers you so much you make a Reddit post about it?



BackOfTheHAT t1_ja21g0l wrote

I never read people's previous posts, but I should start lmao


thriftstore-gestapo t1_ja24qro wrote

Also they were each others first everything but OP commented somewhere 4 months ago she must have had bad previous partners bc only one person has been able to make her finish and they aren’t in contact anymore


Shoes4CluesMob t1_ja26dm8 wrote

either op deleted the post/comment you're talking about or this is bs

only thing related to a mean bf is "my bf was mean prior to dating me"

edit: can confirm this happened and the post was indeed deleted