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wewora t1_ja18w8g wrote

I mean, putting something in the oven that's going to cook for a few hours is different than leaving something on the stove on high. Even if it's simmering on low, at least be in the same room so you can see or hear if something goes wrong.


BitterBloodedDemon t1_ja19o3n wrote

Most all of my kitchens have been almost directly attached to my living rooms.

I cook most things on medium, and can hear if, like, a pot is spilling over or smth.

Should OP have put something on high? No. Ofc not. But sitting in the other room while something is boiling or something for a bit isn't the crime this guy is making it out to be.


Rejusu t1_ja58xlz wrote

Some stuff I've done on a low stove has been on there for up to eight hours. I check the water level periodically but I'm not sitting in the kitchen for eight hours.