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Well I might just have to go through the slight embarrassment of having to explain to friends and family why they got a nude of me. But then I don’t think I was pretty calm. They were like “I’m gonna ruin your life” which I answered with “Just do it the pictures aren’t that bad” tbh I think I look quite good in the pictures it wouldn’t be the worst nudes ever. Anyways the dude says “are you ready to comply?” Which I responded with “Naah good luck - have a nice day doing that” then he answered “okay bye” to me so I think I’m in the clear.. hopefully idk we’ll see.

I’m pretty sure my friends/family won’t open messages from strangers so I’m not too concerned. But I’m gonna lay off talking to strangers for now.

TL;DR me being horny and sending nudes, but then some dude trying to scam me

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mickturner96 t1_jd6zx06 wrote

Good for you not falling for blackmail!


TheHornyCaregiver OP t1_jd705mq wrote

Thanks I guess!


Kaidu313 t1_jd78idl wrote

It's the honeypot, no less. Absolutely not worth giving into their demands because what's to stop them from blackmailing you a second time? Or asking for more? Or releasing the photos anyway?

Well done on you for saying no. Just learn from the experience and hopefully you won't fall for the same trick next time


TheHornyCaregiver OP t1_jd78mzk wrote

And they only profit on those who immediately panic so they know that they have “lost”


Kaidu313 t1_jd78vsw wrote

Pretty much. Be prepared for them to post them out of spite. Chances are good that they won't bother, but some people will do it anyway


speculatrix t1_jd7xqoq wrote

Why send them your own nudes?! Send someone else's :-D


naph8it t1_jd70akl wrote

Dude that sucks, well done for standing your ground, even though you shouldn't have had to!


TheHornyCaregiver OP t1_jd70j7b wrote

Thank you! But yeah I guess. I’ve had pretty good experiences when it comes to that stuff but this time it didn’t work out haha


naph8it t1_jd70r0d wrote

So what did they want in return?


TheHornyCaregiver OP t1_jd715rv wrote

No clue. I just told them to post it. I wasn’t going to let them even get a sniff of insecurity from my side.


naph8it t1_jd716xo wrote

That's so weird, people suck!


TheHornyCaregiver OP t1_jd71e99 wrote

Yeah some people do but I’ll see the day out and if nothings happens I’m pretty sure I’m clear!


Cubidasse t1_jd74065 wrote

Roll for intimidation

Haha great attitude ! Good luck with that I hope it'll be fine


AllanfromWales1 t1_jd76fgc wrote

Check back with us - did they actually send the noods? My guess is they didn't - if they do it helps law enforcement track them down.


TheHornyCaregiver OP t1_jd78a5g wrote

Naaah no worries - nothing happend!


AllanfromWales1 t1_jd790ax wrote

Useful to stress that to people - even if you stand up to them, they generally don't send out the noods.


OkVolume1 t1_jd76k4c wrote

You literally have a pic of your cock on this Reddit account. If I were you, I'd not do that anymore after this scare.


reevelainen t1_jd71fvl wrote

I don't know you but I love your personality already! You must be a wonderful person. I myself am an easy going dude and you seem alike. I hope everything goes well! :)


FatSlabz t1_jd71is6 wrote

Check out r/scams this is fairly common usually they won’t go through the trouble of doing it.


TheHornyCaregiver OP t1_jd71v2r wrote

I remember some time ago reading something like this which is why I’m not too concerned!


Inevitable_Infamous t1_jd9flp6 wrote

Happened to me the other week lol. It all blows over and nothings gonna happen it’s just a bluff.


Bob_Fortuna t1_jdadvbl wrote

Hahah been there amigo… i told the bastard to print the picture out and swallow it so he could choke on my dong… if my family ever got a pic they didnt tell me

Always call the bluff!


Xanderulz t1_jd79ggq wrote

I would have immediately started screenshotting images as soon as that person started to blackmail you, it sounds like you’re not the most mature person.