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HurrySad4253 OP t1_jdt4fwr wrote

>. Especially since the cc has a vested interest in catching and stopp

I did make that call, and there was nothing they could do about it without more info. They told me they needed the item/service that was purchased. I don't even know what was purchased, but I do remember something about a service fee for the girls maybe? I can call them back and see if that would be enough but sounds sketch.


diablodeldragoon t1_jdt5v83 wrote

Yeah. Tell them that you're disputing the charges as you have reason to believe that the club drugged you and robbed you.

A police report should be filed and you should have a drug screen done on yourself. If it's been past 3 days, ask for a hair follicle test. It'll cost you, but it'll show anything you've taken in the past 3 months +


HurrySad4253 OP t1_jdt6yw7 wrote

> should have a drug screen d

It was last Saturday. I've spent the last week struggling just to get through work. I can spend tomorrow getting that stuff lined up. Thanks for the advice man, it makes me feel a little better with everyone saying to file a report.


Lordkjun t1_jdv9spd wrote

Dude, everyone's saying talk to a lawyer first. Talking to the cops first is compounding your mistakes. Especially since you've let a week lapse since the incident. Lawyer up.


diablodeldragoon t1_jdt7662 wrote

I was visiting Dallas a few years ago and avoided the strip clubs after reading the reviews. They're pretty awful places.