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I'll try to keep it short.

Basically I(20M) am a big fan of DND and recently started talking to this girl (let's call her Millie, 20F). She is super smart, super pretty, and has a really great sense of style, and always makes me laugh. I think I'm pretty much head over heels for her. Anyways, she recently learned that I like playing DND, and expressed her interest in playing with me - apparently she's always wanted to play, as a fan of fantasy. This just made her more attractive to me, and I pulled some strings to find a new game for us, as I didn't think she would enjoy joining halfway through my current game.

Anyways, Millie was overjoyed when I told her about the game, and said she was super excited to play and that she was already going to get started to create her character. I hooked her up with the DM and told her that she should coordinate with him. This was about a week and a half before we were first set to play. A few days later, about a week before we were going to play, I asked her what her character was, but she just laughed and said that I'd find out during the first session.

Now, Millie is a very feminine person. She's short, likes keeping her hair long and wavy, likes makeup, and likes wearing lots of pink and dresses and accessories. So I obviously assumed that her character would be similar. My own character was a pretty standard human fighter, so I kept daydreaming about flirting with her through the game - in my mind she played a gorgeous, lithe elven princess or a petite, cute little archer with long blond hair and tight clothes. Maybe the beautiful daughter of a nobleman or gorgeous servant girl destined for something greater or a priestess of some benevolent goddess.

I imagined our characters kissing after a long battle, or my character saving Millie's from a dragon (and then kissing). Every situation I could put them in, I did. And I also dreamed about a real kiss at some point, me and Millie. As the days ticked down, I grew more and more impatient and excited to see, to share my favorite hobby with Millie.

Finally, the day came. I brought all my character sheets, snacks, everything I was supposed to bring. And then the character introductions started. First went someone else in the group. Then I went, with some name, pronouns, backstory, etc etc. And then, finally Millie went.

And I was absolutely stunned. She didn't have a princess, or a servant girl, or a cute little archer. Not even a sexy priestess.

No, Millie excitedly introduced Grognar the Half-Orc, 6'9 and musclebound. She was an artist and had even drawn up several little character concepts of this guy, showing him wielding his ax (which was about the size of my character), snarling with his pointed canines, and with blood smeared all over him and his bare hands. Apparently he was a follower of the Grey Shades, essentially a violent cult, and was out to spread their cultish gospel. She continued speaking about him but I don't remember what she said, I was just too shocked. Needless to say, I did not try to romance Grognar the Half-Orc, follower of the Grey Shades.

TLDR: Assumed a girl I was into would have a feminine, pretty character for DND that I could romance. She created a musclebound, violent monster who could have crushed my skull with his bare hands.



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trevizore t1_jdstsxp wrote

you should try to romance grognar anyway.


XBakaTacoX t1_jdtdix9 wrote

Yeah, exactly. If they really want to, go for it.

Millie might get the hint, may work out well.

Alternatively, just as she's playing a big manly orc character, OP could play a pretty female character and go for Grognar that way.

The thing is, OP has given up, and it almost seems like he's given up on Millie because of this hilarious DnD moment.

I say continue to try, both in real life and in the game. I don't see a reason why not!


sonlearn5 t1_jdsuok8 wrote

looks like you got a surprise there, buddy. Maybe next time don't assume someone's character based on their appearance. Who knows, maybe Millie was sick of being a damsel in distress and wanted to smash some heads instead of having hers saved all the time. Plus, who says you can't flirt with a half-orc? Maybe he's got a soft spot for human fighters with a charming smile. But hey, at least now you know not to judge a book by its cover... or a DND character by their player's looks.


destroymylonely t1_jdsu8sq wrote

lmaoo if u wanted to get creative it could probably still work out for u


OkVolume1 t1_jdszm97 wrote

You've went this far. May as well try to smash the monster.

It may be as close as you'll get.

Monsters need loving, too.


Squigglepig52 t1_jdvb6yf wrote

Dude, this is why a lot of women get turned off of RPG and that sort of gaming - because guys get creepy.

Further -it's a fucking RPG. Any decent player should be able to to still pull of romance with a half-orc.


TouchTheMoss t1_jdysikt wrote

Yeah, mixing your real persona with your character in order to flirt is just asking for trouble. At best she'll just think OP is roleplaying like everyone else at the table; if he pushes it too far it goes into creep territory.

I get why it's tempting to hide behind a character to test the waters, but he's better off making his intentions clear out of game.


MesaCityRansom t1_jdw3yg1 wrote

There are some things I don't like about this. First, flirting with someone through an RPG seems like a bad idea. Just ask them out if you want to date them, and don't creep people out (her or others) by using the roleplaying as an excuse to live out your fantasies.

Second, most people play roleplaying games to experience being someone they aren't. If she is a tiny woman IRL wouldn't it make sense for her to be a hulking brute? You should try playing someone that isn't like yourself sometime, it's very fun and can teach you a lot both about yourself and others.


Contank t1_je1d88d wrote

I dont know a love story of a male human romancing a giant half orc sounds pretty interesting. I understand why you assumed her character would be feminine but I think that is what makes fantasy and games in general good. You have the freedom to play a character you normally wouldn't. Your character can be anything and anyone. Fantasy is an escape from reality