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ricottapie t1_jdfsv8a wrote

I know. I've been through it myself. Zero tolerance policies are garbage. I'm sorry your son keeps getting labelled. They really should be able to do more for him, and it's frustrating, especially when you do everything you're supposed to, like keeping documentation. I don't know what the solution is. :(


maciver6969 t1_jdge93v wrote

I went the other way, I got an appointment to speak with the local media and they had a chat with the ISD on why special needs children were ok to target i their schools. Then I had a "personal" conversation with the Principle after a local football game. Real polite, real close, and very much invading his space. I simply said, I have ZERO issues with my child being suspended, but I will be very unhappy if the bully gets away with no punishment and showed him the dozens of videos of the little shit fucking with him. If you want zero tolerance then you best enforce it equally. Any time after that when ANYTHING happened with my child he would call me immediately.

As a parent we are willing to pay the price it takes to make sure our kids get a fair shake. Even if it means acting like an asshole to force the people who are supposed to be looking out for them to do their jobs.


Southern_Celebration t1_jdm6dtw wrote

Well done, I wish more parents acted this way. School officials have a duty towards the children, but often they only think of their own comfort.