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yumirow t1_jdjgkvt wrote

Alr my take on the subject : they don't actually agree on the subject of kids, or at least Ashley isn't sure, so asking that question triggered insecurities about the future. Next she complains about it to her wife, without mentioning the part which triggered her but still offloading its feelings. Next brittney take it at core (cause you know heavy feeling) expect you to have been rude about it to get such reaction and confront you.

Now maybe I'm all wrong and they're just easily disagreeable people


EndlessLadyDelerium t1_jdl07v8 wrote

Asking anyone about children is extremely personal, especially if they don't have any yet: perhaps they've been rejected for apportion, or are going through that process; perhaps they're saving for IVF and it's stressful with the job they work; perhaps IVF has been successful but they've experienced a miscarriage.

OP doesn't know anything about their reproductive life, and childless couples might desperately want children but can't have them for one reason or another.

Or they simply disagree.

It is invasive, OP! I read recently about a woman with a young child who had two older women practically interrogate her while she was getting her hair done about having more. Eventually she told them that she's trying to give her child a sibling but that all her babies keep dying!


Amiibohunter000 t1_jdlson2 wrote

OP making small talk is not the same as whatever story you heard about some lady at the salon getting badgered. Don’t conflate things


GibbousMoonCakes t1_jdlukts wrote

I can see your point, but if 3 ppl were talking about kids and marriage then 1 leaves, how is it invasive to continue said convo? Asking if she had kids was a natural progression in the ongoing conversation. If she wasn't comfortable continuing said conversation she could have, speaking as someone who has worked retail/c.s. for over 2 decades and as others have mentioned, deflected the (perceived personal) question(s) by changing the subject or given OP vague answers.

It's what you have to do as a customer facing employee; keep it friendly but not too personal/specific


throwawayrtwconcerns t1_jdmeftk wrote

OP didn't ask if she had kids, OP asked if she wanted kids according to the post. That's very personal and invasive, especially when you don't know if the person you're asking has had losses.