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barrycarter t1_jdj0w4z wrote

> always, ALWAYS double-check any script you're running on a live database

Wrong lesson. Your company should be making regular backups and, at most, you should lose no more than 1 day of work. Not your fault. Well, sort of your fault, but much bigger fault by the company.


FallsOnDeafEars t1_jdj1sdf wrote

He said it deleted the backups. Not sure why they'd be accessible by the ssme script though.


barrycarter t1_jdj2thm wrote

Right. The backups should be "untouchable". And why did the coworker write a script that somehow accessed all the backups. Seems dodgy


rkpjr t1_jdj0y8d wrote

I have SO many questions.

But, yes if someone, anyone hands you a script to do anything. Read the script before you run it. People make mistakes, changes are forgotten, etc. many questions.


barrycarter t1_jdj314w wrote

I agree, but I don't think doublechecking the script would've been enough here-- this is just bad backup design.


Strange-Air-8142 t1_jdjehb5 wrote

Think he got sabatoged. Who allows the backups to get deleted by the same script as the live database


tauntonlake t1_jdj0yvs wrote

I am so sorry. I do know from experience, how awful that must have felt. Gut wrenching.

It's awful that some of us have to go through making that mistake, ever since the advent of computers. :\


SkyrimIsForTheNerds t1_jdj8ju6 wrote

Sounds like the coworker knew what they were doing and wanted you to be the scapegoat.