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TIFU, not today actually. Many years ago, after a very bad kidney infection, I was prescribed blood pressure medication to keep my blood pressure at a reasonable level. After some time, my doctor prescribed me a new medication. I understood this was replacing the old medication.

It was not. After a few weeks and increasing headaches and nausea, my parents found me unconscious. Rushed to the hospital. Just before I went under surgery, my parents mentioned my health changed since I started to use the new meds. After a few questions, the cause was found. I got on a new drip and after a few days I was almost back to normal. Just lost 2 weeks of memory and my memory capacity was reduced to normal.

TL;DR New medications did not control my blood pressure



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launchpadius t1_jcbdon9 wrote

I totally misread addition as addiction and was really confused at first. Well, now you know to make sure you ask better questions or just questions in general about these things. Sucks you lost some memory, but sounds like you'll be ok overall!


trapaholic400 t1_jcbyz2o wrote

Is blood pressure related to passing out? I have times where I feel like I am gonna pass out and have actually fell sometimes and I do have high blood pressure but did not think that was why but after reading your story maybe it is?


DawaLhamo t1_jcbzvvv wrote

Yes, absolutely. Usually if your blood pressure drops too low, but it is common to pass out from high BP as well. Dizziness, losing balance, fainting are all symptoms of BP issues.


SchipholRijk OP t1_jceuldv wrote

Yes. Both too high and too low. Just have it checked.


xofnaoj t1_jcd1adx wrote

Please see a good doctor. Blacking out is very dangerous. There can be a variety of reasons that cause this. Some of them have lasting repercussions. Be healthy. Be happy.


SchipholRijk OP t1_jceujmu wrote

This happened 50 years ago. My blood pressure was through the roof. It is under control now. Thank you for the warning.