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TimelyFortune t1_jdvr1e2 wrote

Id break up with you too. Shouldn’t be sharing that shit with your friends


pineboxwaiting t1_jdvqaiu wrote

Huh. How did she find stuff on your phone after she walked out in you?

Don’t quit your day job.


1feralengineer t1_jdvqv87 wrote

Life gives us lessons, make sure you are taking notes


OriginalName483 t1_jdvsf2c wrote

You didn't fuck up by telling a joke. You fucked up by being the joke. telling people about her private shit and "Haha jk relax" about not liking your partner aren't jokes


MollyGodiva t1_jdvu6hz wrote

You did not FU. You did her a favor by showing her your true self.


AllanfromWales1 t1_jdvq7ng wrote

> How she likes .. Ect.

Electroconvulsive therapy? That's pretty extreme. Sounds like my sort of gal.

(I hope that's what you meant and not just a misspelt 'etc' meaning 'and so on')