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Hello hello! TL;DR at the end of the post.

I have to clarify 4 things before starting:

  1. It actually happened yesterday;

  2. It's not an extremely serious fuck up, but I need to write it somehwere, because I still feel embarassingly stupid;

  3. This is a throwaway account... I've always wanted to say this one day lol;

  4. Idk if I have to write my age or something, but I always see people write that in advices/stories subreddits, so: I'm 24 and my brother 20.

Now now, on with the story:

My brother has been practicing digital arts for almost two years now and posting his works on various social networks, like Twitter, Pixiv and Deviantart, but he's never had anyone commission him anything.

On the other hand, I'm studying for my bachelor's and I'm someone who japanese people would call fujoshi (for those not verse in the otaku vocabulary, it's a name given to girls who read, write, or like in general, BL stuff).

Yesterday I was chilling in my room when my bro barged in all excited. He told me he got a dm on Twitter by a girl (he supposed that user is one, since they use she/her and has lots of BL content on her profile), commissioning him an artwork. I was happy for him and told him that's great, but he's conflicted because the commissioner asked for a sex scene involving a certain big boobed anime character with psychic powers.

At that moment I was a little weirded out, but he seemed honest when telling me he's never drawn any nudes, hence he's hesitant. Though, one of the reasons he'd like to try is, other than money, that the commissioner is (probably, as I already said) a girl, which would make it less awkward to him... he jokingly said "he doesn't want to make a man cum" lol.

And here comes the fuck up: the BL content on the commissioner profile came out again and my brain had to short-circuit, making me somehow misunderstand what my brother said. I don't really know why or how, but the narration in my head went from "she asked for a sex scene involving said character" to "she asked for a BL sex scene"... and thus, smirking, I told my brother "since you don't have any experience drawing that, should I show you some reference material?"

At first he looked at me puzzled, then I noticed some slight disgust in his face... and he asked me what did I mean, because I'm his sister and that would be weird.

I wanted to hang myself... the fucking embarassment!

I told him I meant I could give him the links to some BL artworks for reference, which is what I was actually suggesting. He replied "Aaaaahn". But that only made it worse, since it was proof he thought I was proposing something else!

In the end we cleared the misunderstanding, but I still feel dumb af and I'm not sure he really believed me. Anyway, he's going to try drawing what he's been commissioned, after all he's getting 100 bucks for that, which isn't nearly half bad for a first commission, I guess.

TL;DR: My brother has been commissioned his first artwork by (probably) a fujoshi girl. The scene should involve an anime character getting boned, but since the BL topic came out and I'm a fujoshi myself, I had a brain fart and thought my brother was commissioned a sex scene involving two men. I told him, since he's inexperienced, I could show him something for reference and he was weirded out/a lil disgusted by me, because he 100% thought I was suggesting doing lewd stuff with him. We cleared the misunderstanding, but my brain damage remains.



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SkyrimIsForTheNerds t1_je0m947 wrote

Ugh, this is the cringiest thing I’ve seen today. Maybe get a hobby and an identity that isn’t “I like looking at pictures of dudes boning each other.”


ShlobsNoob OP t1_je0w4ze wrote

>Ugh, this is the cringiest thing I’ve seen today.

but that's only because basement dwelling in the dark all day, while fapping to arguable content, doesn't allow you to enter a bathroom.


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Man, I've read too many doujins is what I was thinking while reading this.