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Posting this on here so I can relieve some of my shame.

So I have a tiktok account with ~15K followers. Most of these followers are pretty inactive, but I'm fine with that. Because I have more than 10k followers, I'm allowed to livestream- this is my downfall.

I get up this morning, pretty tired and groggy and barely functioning. As I'm boiling my kettle for a coffee, I load up tiktok and begin to scroll mindlessly. Before long, I set it down and my videos stop playing, but i don't really notice- I can pause whenever and probably did just that. I then pickup my phone and decide to go pee.

You can see where this is going...

I'm on the toilet and look down at my phone and see my own face; I'm fucking on live. I quickly turn it off and see that I only recorded for 2 minutes, none of which showed anything, but you could hear everything. About 140 people floated by, with 17 people watching when I ended. Sorry to those poor bastards. Anyway so I'm going to shoot myself.

TLDR: I accidentally used TikTokLive and took a piss on camera :(((



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AcrobaticSource3 t1_je60me6 wrote

> took a piss on camera

You innocent, innocent person...if you read enough of these TIFUs, you know it could have been far worse! I’m talking diarrhea, farting, talking yourself through constipation like it’s happy it was only a piss