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AcrobaticSource3 t1_jdybtr8 wrote

It will be hilarious when he goes to the pharmacy next and in addition to his prescriptions, he buys extra large condoms then asks if you want to go for coffee after your shift


dietbongwater t1_jdynmx3 wrote

See you gotta do it with class, if he had a magnum condom poking out of his wallet when he goes to pay, he’s in the clear


leafshaker t1_jdznj9e wrote

Then you know to avoid at all costs, because that dude doesn't know how condoms work. Do not store in wallets!

Edit to add: they can tear from walking and pressure. Microtears may not be visible to the eye


Caveman108 t1_jdz2xbk wrote

She should just tell him: “Oh honey, those won’t fit on mine.”