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OrgyInTheBurnWard t1_ir0aqb8 wrote

It depends on the context. If the friend had just said something to the effect of, "My garden is full of weeds. Remind me that I need to stop at Lowe's to buy a hoe," then the "Your moms a hoe," would fit. Without any relevant context, however, it's just weird and uncalled for.


jay_da_truth t1_ir0fdsu wrote

Both wrong all yo mama jokes must start with "yo" mama not "your" mama saying your mama is a fail in any condition also can be yo moms is add insult here not your moms is such and such


OrgyInTheBurnWard t1_ir0fudr wrote

That's a bit old school. There's a newer version of your mom jokes where you flip someone's words around to make it about their mom. And when I say "newer", I mean like 1997.


jay_da_truth t1_ir0hcle wrote

Yo mama jokes are not about being funny but how you deliver it it's more a burn than joke if the delivery is bad then it's failure and fyi MTV's yo momma came out in 06 so not sure what you mean by 97


OrgyInTheBurnWard t1_ir0i9e3 wrote

Again, I'm not talking about the old school "yo momma" jokes that had a preplanned punchline. I'm talking about simple rebuttals that are more akin to a "that's what she said" type of joke. Someone says something innocuous that you turn around to mean something else.


BenGetsHigh t1_ir0rs6u wrote

It's from napoleon dynamite where his brother goes "your mom goes to college" after the girl says she's selling stuff for money for college. Lol


OrgyInTheBurnWard t1_ir0tis6 wrote

We'd been doing that long before Napoleon Dynamite. That is the most famous usage of the joke style, though. Classic.


LadyBug_0570 t1_ir1fq4j wrote

What is this I'm reading????

People have been playing The Dozens with Yo Mama jokes since the 1930s.

Naopleon Dynamite? Young people.


Xais56 t1_ir0rrci wrote

>MTV's yo momma came out in 06 so not sure what you mean by 97

Do you think these jokes were invented in 2006?

"Demetrius: Villain, what hast thou done?
Aaron: That which thou canst not undo.
Chiron: Thou hast undone our mother.
Aaron: Villain, I have done thy mother."

That one's from Titus Andronicus, written sometime in the late 16th century.

There's evidence on ones from 3500 BC carved into ancient tablets, but language and culture has evolved too much to be able to get the joke easily. All we know is that the joke involves someones mother, and sex.


LadyBug_0570 t1_ir1fyns wrote

See, and I was only conservatively going back as far as the 1930s. You went and dug up some 1600s insults.

I love it!