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PsyTama69 t1_ir4p5ib wrote

This is 100% on the manager and not OPs fault (with the exception of caving and going in to work). If this company has an employee app, it probably has an HR or Regional Manager as well. If I was OP I'd escalate. They should be able to time stamp OPs message of being sick and whether her manager accessed the app. The whole point of the app is to get everyone on the same page and so that there's no he said/she said about call ins. I'd bet the actual corporate policy is to go through the app, regardless of what the manager sent in an email


throwawaysbacct1 t1_ir5lqwe wrote

I agree , she has no other way to contact this lady - this lady should make herself more accessible

She seems like an ass I’d quit.

Also don’t let your parents talk to your job unless there gonna fight for you , she gave your manager more power.

Also a lot of people will fight that most mensuraal issues are a disability and shall be treated with ada compassion


jaydoes t1_ir7us0t wrote

This is the real issue. Most people here don't understand how hectic retail management is, but regardless every employee should know how to contact the manager at any time. That's absolutely a big failing.


danielspoa t1_ir5m4cn wrote

we don't know what the app is, she said it was to clock in and out. I have no idea how long it has been in use, if its widespread already, and for all purposes its not ideal to ignore the guidelines without reading them.

Now, I'm making assumptions as well. Maybe she didn't receive such e-mail, she is not sure. Maybe the app has been in use for a while and they discussed things there before, which would play in her favour.

I'm just playing devil's advocate here in the sense that we can't 100% put blame here or there. If she escalates and something in these lines is wrong, she may end without a job.


laplongejr t1_ir5yzzj wrote

> The whole point of the app is to get everyone on the same page and so that there's no he said/she said about call ins.

Or the clock in app has a messenging system that's so bad everybody else use something more covnenient.
My own work has a centralized workday-keeping system that is so bad at doing changes that we only "officially request days off" after we already checked the shared calendar and asked the boss.