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CircusMonke t1_ir7j1iu wrote

I've worked in retail for 7 years and I will never call out without making sure I have my shift covered. It's just not fair to my team. If I'm really sick and I show up to work sick, then they will find someone so I can go home early. If you want to keep a job, you have to consider the entire team.


GoblinCat669 t1_ir8ksvs wrote

After you already spread your illness to everyone else. I appreciate when a coworker doesn’t come in when they’re sick. All that does it lead to someone else getting sick and having to call in. It’s a toxic workplace mentality to not allow yourself to stay home when ill.


CircusMonke t1_ir8l9o1 wrote

Its called being responsible and wearing a mask. When you work in a place that only has 10 coworkers total, you quickly realize that the world doesn't adhere to every minor inconvenience.


GoblinCat669 t1_ir8o8r9 wrote

I don’t work an easy field. 1 person out can run you pretty late to leave. Still stand by my opinion on the matter.


Artemisa_vv t1_ir90zzo wrote

You know no one will die if you call in sick? At the very worst your employer loses some money that day.

Because I work in healthcare and everyone would rather I stay home than getting them all infected.

Also unless you're in full PPE your single mask won't stop them getting sick.