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Revocation_Of_Doubt t1_ir8pz9t wrote

I would say that the manager failed to train you correctly if you did not know the sick policy existed, that you had the managers number etc.

You know better now, please ask your mom not to call and shout at work for you in future, it really doesn't help you, you end up being known as "that employee whose mom phoned and complained"

the sick policy is great and all, but its a best case scenario, if you were hit by a car on the way to work you can't call in, so now your manager *does* know, she/he should deal with it and cover **themselves** too many managers above covering lower level employees.

Hope you feel better, SAVE the managers phone number.

Oh and don't worry about calling at 3am if that's when you first feel sick, just leave a voicemail and its no longer your problem, you followed protocol.