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laplongejr t1_ir98btd wrote

> My only point was that 5 hours, without even direct contact will not be enough time to find a replacement, especially if she hasn't talked to the manager directly.

Not her fault when the manager didn't make sure everybody had emergency contact. A employee which is sick or enjuried literally need the simplest way to raise the issue. You can't even be sure THE EMPLOYEE will be the one calling : my wife once lost her voice and they didn't want her husband to vouch for her... yet at the same time only accepted vocal calls.

And in particular, that means a single point of contact that doesn't change depending on the manager. Sick policy shouldn't need a service-wide update because one person quit.

> I always made sure everyone had my number and I was like call anytime for any kind of an emergency.

And that's what that shitty manager didn't do. They sent an email and never checked for confirmation. You would say that it's how some humans behave... but again, the work of a manager is to manage humans.


jaydoes t1_irbjtxi wrote

Right. I agree with all of that. All of my employees knew how to contact me and that if it was important it could be at any time. This whole thing only really started for me because of all the people saying 5 hours is enough. Those people gave never managed a store full of 21 year Olds who just need enough money to party.