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I’m a 20m and I work as a carpentry apprentice with a union contractor. I’m just a first term apprentice, so I usually end up spending a significant amount of time cleaning. Because I usually spend most of the day working by myself, I enjoy listening to sports podcasts to pass the time faster. Usually I’d be listening to it with headphones (they needed to be updated) but today I was listening on my mini speaker. I regularly just keep my speaker playing when I’m talking with my supervisor just on a lower volume. Today while I was talking to my foreman (he’s a pretty nice guy and we get along pretty well). We were having a spirited debate about whether or not he actually drank urine (his argument was that he drank so much water that it didn’t taste like anything). When our conversation came to a pause to my surprise David jacoby blurted out “vibrating anal beads”. We both burst into laughter. After he left I backed up the podcast to see what story possibly could bring this up. (It was some story about a chess player and coach using vibrating anal beads to communicate which is cheating). Once I actually had an explanation on why that came up on the podcast I went to go talk to my foreman. I stupidly kept my podcast playing while I was looking for him. While I was passing a couple coworkers it was blurted out again, I cut my losses and continued looking for my foreman. I played it back for him and we both got a good laugh out of it.

TLDR David jacoby embarrassed me in front of my coworkers twice without trying



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dragonfett t1_isrf76g wrote

I was honestly expecting you to have lost your job over listening to a podcast at work.


Puzzleheaded_Meal652 OP t1_isrff25 wrote

Nah lol just a funny awkward moment for me😂


CapitanOcho t1_isrv7fq wrote

You were having a "spirited debate" about drinking urine? And a comment on a podcast was the awkward part? 🤣


DeletedByAuthor t1_issu5hs wrote

It's called culture


rikkerichard t1_isujnus wrote

I mean if he would let is sit for a little longer


malexj93 t1_isutxre wrote

I thought it's sterile


hufflestitch t1_isxfvsn wrote

Urine is only sterile if 1) you don’t have a UTI, and 2) it’s collected sterilely. The tissue surrounding the urethral meatus often has bacterial colonies on the skin. So antiseptic would have to be used to clean the skin, and the urine would have to collected sterilely into a sterile container. Otherwise allowing urine to “age” is likely to result in bacterial growth. Regardless, bacteria still isn’t the biggest issue with drinking urine. You have to consider that this is what your kidneys excreted as waste, so putting it back through your renal system isn’t going to do any favors to your kidneys. Theoretically the same could be said for the liver if you are spilling bilirubin.


spider-bro t1_isrjtll wrote

"Oh that reminds me! Pick up those extra DeWalt batteries when you're at the shop"


Randall-Flagg22 t1_iss54gx wrote

no more with the speakers though dude you gotta use headphones only

old grumpy bastards like us over 30 hate that playing anything on a speaker in public crap, so will your boss


MagentaCloveSmoke t1_issrdxv wrote

If you are on a construction site, earbuds/headphones are a REALLY bad idea. Saftey first... Every contractor I've known had a boombox that they blast music on.


St3phiroth t1_istqvow wrote

I live in a new construction development that's still being built. They've definitely always got music on at all the in-progress houses. The flooring guys have especially good taste, and one of them can sing super well! You can hear him installing carpet and belting out 90s ballads from a block away.


Githyerazi t1_isssaii wrote

Especially if there is heavy equipment in use, no headphones.


horsempreg t1_isskgy4 wrote

Idk a lot of my coworkers are 50+ former construction contractors and they blast music without *headphones in the office daily

Edit: said speakers meant headphones


djb1983CanBoy t1_isvo4ve wrote

Because theyre practically deaf because they didnt wear ear protection because its the macho thing to do.

Just using a circular saw you can get hearing damage. Same thing with a hammer.


Githyerazi t1_isss3u4 wrote

If they are using headphones (without speakers), is it still blasting the music?


horsempreg t1_ist6zr1 wrote

But they’re not using headphones so…?


Githyerazi t1_isukyyl wrote

Okay, I thought the next option was to blast the music using anal beads, but don't think the sound would go very far.....


Psych0tix t1_istabgq wrote

I work in construction like 90% of us have a speaker or radio blasting some shit or another


TooLazyToBeClever t1_istd59f wrote

Almost 40 year old guy here....I think you're just a grumpy-pants. I like having something interesting to listen to it, a d I like hearing new music I maybe wouldn't have heard otherwise.


AllYouNeedIsATV t1_isuulds wrote

Idk seems like all the contractors we work with play their boombox looking radios loudly


AlmostButNotQuiteTea t1_isuxmog wrote

You shouldn't be using headphones on a construction site.

Everyone has speakers and you just accept it, and have courtesy, that when someone is trying to speak you turn it down if its loud, or if you walk into a room with your speaker going and someone else is already in there, you turn yours down/off.


g4v8 t1_isspwm3 wrote

shouldve been TodayI'veFunUp


roguespectre67 t1_isri2yw wrote

This was one of the things they always bitch at me about. I usually have some kind of thing playing at my desk-music, a Youtube video, something to relieve the tedium of sitting there doing paperwork and answering phone calls and emails. Usually have my headphones on because nobody else in the office has the same interests as me and I don't want to make the 8 middle-aged Hispanic women out of the 11 staff we have listen to the Swedish and German metal bands I like. First it was "Fine, just get your work done." Then it was "We don't mind if we hear that, just don't use your headphones because you might miss the doorbell." Odd, considering that my office is about half the building away from the door and we have two people with offices on either side of the door who can answer it. Now it's "When you have your headphones on it looks like you're not working. Please don't use your headphones at your desk." This is despite the fact that I currently do the work of about 4 people including a hefty amount of what should be my boss' work that he's either too lazy or too apathetic to do. How do I know this? Because last week while he was on vacation we found months of backlogged paperwork stuffed in drawers and in intermixed piles all over the office, as well as the fact that he had over 300 unread emails from clients trying to get ahold of him.

But sure, bitch at me about being considerate and wearing headphones while I'm working.


Tsrdrum t1_isrs48d wrote

My boss at my last job didn’t want be listening to podcasts while welding. He claimed it made me work slower. I claimed it made me work elsewhere


sudo999 t1_istscy5 wrote

I had a boss who was neurotic about headphones when I was a welder too. Actually preferred staff use speakers... so the entire shop was a cacophony of different music.


techsinger t1_isriv7c wrote

Did you happen to find any files marked "top secret" in that stash? Asking for a friend...


roguespectre67 t1_isrjet6 wrote

Nope, but we did find a shit-ton of unfiled client applications which we now get to explain to the federal agency that gives us the vast majority of our program funding. So there's that.


IWantToCryLikeYou t1_isrno0t wrote

My kids have in ear headphones and over ear headphones, they use both at the same time, that way they can listen to music/YouTube and hear their friends while playing games.


cafedream t1_issnp5c wrote

I do the same and I’m a 40 year old woman. I listen to audiobooks while I virtually kill shit. It’s a nice way to shake off my work day.

I also listen to an audiobook on my headphones literally all day while working. Helps my ADHD brain to not get distracted as much.


ThsMnkyWntsaWrdWthU t1_isuo7rd wrote

I do this too! Man, one of the best feelings in the world is finding out other ADHD people do the same "odd" things I do to get by/relax. It makes me feel more normal. Thanks for being that person for me today!


cafedream t1_isv8xwg wrote

I used to listen to music and then podcasts. But now I find audiobooks to be the best way to minimize distractions. I also listen while I’m cleaning or doing literally anything that I need to minimize distractions. If I need to concentrate hard on something and the book is becoming the distraction, I turn it off. Otherwise, I’ve got sound in my ears.

My ADHD friends hard core plan and make lists. I just distract my brain so I don’t get distracted. If that makes any sense. 😂


IHerdYouLiekMudkipz t1_isvdp4u wrote

If you do this on a computer you could pull up your audiobook or podcast in a web browser or application, that way you only need 1 headphones


cafedream t1_isvs32z wrote

I could but there’s something about having the sound come from a different source than where my game is from that helps me concentrate on both. Like I could legit listen to an audiobook and have someone talk to me and it’s fine. But if two people are talking in the same room and one of them is talking to me, my brain jumps back and forth and short circuits.


natsirtenal t1_isvg1lx wrote

I'm the same way listen to music and a documentary while being a chef can't imagine anything less would keep me in this world


DJSugarSnatch t1_isry9r6 wrote

just throwing this in here, I'd suggest a pair of the Bone-Induction headphones. My wife got me a pair last year and I'm already at two pair. They dont go over your ears, so you can hear conversations in the room (as long as it's not blasting full volume)

My last job gave me a bunch of crap about headphones and in-ear plugs, but for some reason, they couldn't figure out what the new headphones even were... and a super cool bonus? You can wear ear plugs and still hear the music, pretty cool when you have to work with heavy equipment.


LunchboxSuperhero t1_issawjt wrote

Bone conduction?

I had someone think mine were a hearing aid.


DJSugarSnatch t1_istxmxx wrote

actually, another cool part is, you can wear ear plugs and be able to still have a phone conversation... not that they'll be thrilled about all the noise tho.


lipp79 t1_issta60 wrote

Any recommendations on brand for those?


the_ringmasta t1_ist7hxe wrote

Aeropex sound good. Mine keep breaking, but they also keep replacing them in warranty. So, just don't plan on them lasting past the warranty period, which makes them pretty expensive.


lipp79 t1_istcowm wrote

What is causing them to break? Is it daily use? Poor design?


the_ringmasta t1_istm5sy wrote

I use mine a LOT. Almost constantly, really.

I think there's a design flaw, as they all break the same way at the same spot, and combining that with my rough treatment may be too much for them. They may work great for people who don't wear them nearly 24/7.


NeedsMaintenance_ t1_issn44n wrote

I'm so much more productive if I'm working while listening to something; podcast, music or audiobook.

If I get bored, my mind wanders.

When my mind is wandering, my productivity drops.

If I'm listening to something, I'm not bored, my mind doesn't wander and productivity is great.

I also have depression and anxiety, so if just left to my thoughts, the bad ones start to seep in eventually.


Hopefulkitty t1_issj1ue wrote

Wow, what a control freak. Everyone in my office wears headphones. Some of us specifically have big ones, so people can see that we don't want to be disturbed.


LazyAssassin_ t1_issjo9c wrote

Wait, I need a list of your German and Swedish metal bands!


roguespectre67 t1_istktyb wrote



Sabaton (fight me)

Ghost (fight me)

Follow the Cipher

Brothers of Metal

Occasional Amon Amarth

Whatever Ola Englund is writing




Ad Infinitum

Blind Guardian

Orden Ogan


Honorable mentions:

Battle Beast (Finnish)

Beast in Black (Finnish)

Nightwish (Finnish)

Epica (Dutch)

Within Temptation (Dutch)

Gojira (French)

Unleash the Archers (Canadian)


dragonfett t1_isunwnp wrote

I already have songs from 6 of these bands on my Spotify liked list.


AvitarDiggs t1_isswgen wrote

Wireless Bluetooth ear mic. Looks professional since you're always ready to take a call, only inserts in one ear so you can pretend to listen to people. It's how we do it at my job.


lemmefixu t1_iss7ic6 wrote

Today I was mildly inconvenienced at work


skwander t1_istodw4 wrote

Yeah, less “TIFU” and more “today something slightly embarrassing yet amusing happened”


Wow_butwhendidiask t1_isst5n9 wrote

I work in engineering and everyone at the office has their headphones on whenever they are doing work by themselves


queit-birb t1_istj13t wrote

I think if I ever listened or did this, I would immediately be fired, for sure.


WTFjinky t1_istxuc2 wrote

Nah he just has to spend the rest of his days on that sight being known ass "anal beads"


tex-mania t1_isv8btw wrote

Nah when he said he was working carpentry I pretty much knew he didn’t lose his job. I worked as a framer for half a decade when I was younger. Nothing that is said on the radio could get you fired from a carpentry job. I’m pretty sure I could have told my boss I ass fucked his mom with a glitter covered dildo and not been fired as long as I was there on time and could swing a hammer.


krazy123katholic t1_issitsm wrote

Union. Can't get fired.


Chaos43mta3u t1_issyfs4 wrote

Totally untrue. Construction trade unions operate differently.

I've never been on a jobsite that allows music to be played, it's a safety hazard (although its not usually strictly enforced). Someone can absolutely be fired for a blatant safety violation.


RicardoMayo_ t1_isrfbg3 wrote

Was that about Hans Niemann? lmao


Yussso t1_isrqsiz wrote

My bet is that he's using ball stimulator that can receive morse code using both balls.


KingSmizzy t1_isv1xga wrote

He said he was willing to play naked to dissolve suspicions of cheating, which is why the community jumped to the idea that it must be an "internal" device.


Yussso t1_isw9ucq wrote

I think that's a bluff. Had he used an internal device like prostate stimulator or something like that, we would've seen his O-face on the tournament!


ablackcloudupahead t1_isrr3h0 wrote

Wait, what was that about your foreman drinking urine???


NeedsContextKthx t1_isry6f0 wrote

I’m also wondering how everyone has glossed over that it appears he’s foreman drank his own whizz


scottysmeth t1_issoa6f wrote

I think he was talking about UFC fighter Lyoto Machida, who was famous for saying he drank his own urine (and his dad's, who was also his trainer). He just forget to add that part.


Reddoraptor t1_isrgdk8 wrote

Ok listen, if you keep walking around playing this for people eventually they’re going to get the hint and either HR is gonna get a call or someone is going to volunteer to operate your controller.


thejoester t1_isrzk98 wrote

How TF is this a TIFU? There is no actual fuck up, you had no bad things happen to you and you even got a laugh out of it.


theprez98 t1_iss7ic2 wrote

You're absolutely right--It's not a TIFU. It's just a mildly embarrassing story that had nothing to do with anything OP did or didn't do.


tex-mania t1_isv9q0r wrote

Obviously never worked a trade job. He’s gonna be ‘anal bead guy’ at his job basically until he leaves there, if not longer.

I know a guy who dropped his phone in the shitter on the job, in the blue water. People have called him blue ever since. That was 20 years ago.


nah-knee t1_isrsi2b wrote

Hans will forever be known for the anal bead scandal


Oelendra t1_isutv3n wrote

He's "that anal bead chess guy" forever now. Congratulations.


atbg1936 t1_isrysjy wrote

That's hilarious.

Btw, the anal beads are a joke that went viral, and there's no evidence of Hans Niemann cheating outside of online chess right now. The guy who was his coach, Maxim Dlugy, has allegedly cheated online in the past but hasn't been associated with him for a few years - only released his emails because the chess world champion Magnus Carlsen, who originally accused Hans of cheating, mentioned him along with Hans


dualsplit t1_isrjflk wrote

This is SO mild on a construction site.


Hermanvicious t1_isrhbd5 wrote

Oh i listened to something out loud that someone heard


Annanake420 t1_isrh6go wrote

Its not even real. It was a joke started online being the only way this guy could cheat with their security was if he used vibrating anal beads or something. And the guy that lost ( because he is ruch powerfully and sheltered by the chess community) has just Said yep he must have used anal beads.

No Magnus he just kicked your ass .

If your intrested.

Magnus just sold his little on line chess empire to for $85 million so they have the monopoly in on line chess games and Magnus is to stay on as the figure head/mascot only to lose his first game in the next tournament. He then left without even telling anyone . He announced on Twitter that he quit the tournament after his next opponent won by forfeit. He is a man baby who can't except that he lost and is backing him because of their financial interests.

I said my piece.


Rylddd t1_isritjd wrote

Not only has he confessed to cheating before, but he was shown to have cheated more than 100 times, mate. Magnus has lost many times before and has not thrown accusations like those he did at Hans before. Hans couldn't even explain his moves. He cheated, regardless of what his fans want to say.


Annanake420 t1_isrknv6 wrote

Yeah he confessed to cheating when he was 14 . (In an online game)

Shown 100 times all of a sudden though ? Funny how all of a sudden they have "evidence" from previous games . Why not bust him then ?

But yeah I'm sure he had vibrating anal beads and somehow was getting signals from outside of the tournament as there were no spectators and it was on a 15 minute delay online . Sounds real as shit to me . Not even a fan of either player I just can smell big money holding on to power no matter what B.S. when I smell it.

Why didn't Magnus go to the tournament heads and bust him then and there. At least check his shoes for a device anything But run off and pout .

I do like how everyone else is getting busted now . Swiss chess club president and the like .


Rylddd t1_isrmmfu wrote

They have busted him before, privately. His account was closed in 2020 (when he was 16) for cheating. They let him continue playing due to his young age. According to, they were going to ban him before Magnus even tweeted anything about the incident. They have intentionally held evidence private so as to respect the privacy of players throughout the ordeal. The only reason evidence was made public was due to Magnus' public accusations (which you could argue were emotionally motivated, yes).

For the same reason, it would be humiliating for tournament organizers to pause the tournament to do a full shoe and cavity search in the moment. It's also ridiculous to expect Magnus to run to tournament organizers and make such a request. I have a feeling even if he did so it would only lead to more people calling him a "man baby."


[deleted] t1_isrlwsq wrote



Annanake420 t1_isrmfxp wrote

I know that's what I said it was a joke on line and they ran with it you illiterate fool.

Learn to read.

That's the most absurd part of this whole nonsense.

That and all the people believing both the anal beads and the 100's of times we cam retroactively prove he cheated all of a sudden .

He is cool with every single chess organization except who have a financial stake in it being true.


thclogic t1_iss6ku5 wrote

I've heard that Magnus was working on some obscure opening he didn't use before which coincidentally the kid was prepared for which meant the kid either randomly studied the opening and it's defense or someone from magnus' training camp leaked what he was working on and that's why he moved the way he did.


EmeraldFox23 t1_isrtjkr wrote

Is it not confirmed that he has previously cheated multiple times, and even more often than he himself stated after the controversy? Anal beads or not, dude is not trustworthy.


Annanake420 t1_isruz9m wrote

He admitted to cheating when he was 14 in one of his first on line games. Everything else has been all of a sudden brought out in the last few weeks.

I don't know how guilty he is. But if we going with untrustworthy then half the field has been busted multiple times not only in on line games but using devices during live tournaments. And after a slp on the wrist they are back at it .

But only Hans embarrassed Magnus so he must be cheating.

With anal beads .



EmeraldFox23 t1_isrwe20 wrote

To be clear, are you saying he didn't cheat because other professionals have cheated and gotten away with it? Those two events are completely unrelated.


Annanake420 t1_isrxyng wrote

I'm saying I do not know . And I certainly am not going with the strait t up joke that 4chan put out stating that "if he cheated he must have used anal beads. "

Or believe accusations brought up years after the fact from the same company who has an $85 million reason to keep Magnus as the best player around . Actually more than $85 that's just what they paid Magnus for his on line chess company. Which gives them a monopoly of on line chess tournaments. It's too convenient to accuse him now .

There was and is no proof other then his victory of cheating in the st Louis tournament.

And if they knew he cheated all these confirmed times it needed to be addressed when it happened. Not brought up years later to help their narrative against him .

Its too convenient in my opinion.

Especially when is the only accuser. Every other chess board or tournament out there has publicly stated he is in good standing with them as of a few days ago .

And the other professionals didn't "get away" with it I'm saying that they got caught red handed took a suspension or fine and went about there business just as Hans did when he was 14.

My point in that was you saying he is not trustworthy.

Then neither is half of the pro chess players. Alot are even worse as they have been busted multiple times and at live events.

Which is why they metal detect and check for signals emminating from players before live events along with showing the " live play " streaming on a 15 minute delay which is now 30 minutes in most cases.

Their new crackdowns have gotten some people caught as of late including the president of the Swiss chess league.

Now seriously I need to go to bed instead of explain how corrupt literally every organization on the planet seems to be nowadays.


therealsib t1_issq40v wrote

Are you kidding ??? What the **** are you talking about man ? You are a biggest looser i ever seen in my life ! You was doing PIPI in your pampers when i was beating players much more stronger then you! You are not proffesional, because proffesionals knew how to lose and congratulate opponents, you are like a girl crying after i beat you! Be brave, be honest to yourself and stop this trush talkings!!! Everybody know that i am very good blitz player, i can win anyone in the world in single game! And "w"esley "s"o is nobody for me, just a player who are crying every single time when loosing, ( remember what you say about Firouzja ) !!! Stop playing with my name, i deserve to have a good name during whole my chess carrier, I am Officially inviting you to OTB blitz match with the Prize fund! Both of us will invest 5000$ and winner takes it all!


FOBABCD t1_istbog9 wrote

Are people just glossing over the fact that your foreman apparently drank his own piss and then is trying to backtrack by saying it was mostly water?


Okepolo t1_isslt0b wrote

Got to give the people what they want🗣️🗣️🗣️


HnNaldoR t1_issa4jq wrote

If you, like me, instantly thought about Hans when reading vibrating anal beads. Stop reading r/chess and go back to do puzzles instead...


thejoyfulwarrior t1_isw4f7u wrote

It has gone beyond r/chess and entered general knowledge, like weights in fish.


jrey800 t1_iss8gim wrote

That was embarrassing?


Kim_Josh_Un t1_issmugo wrote

Give the people what they want!!


paperfett t1_ist4gce wrote

I see posts like this but are they really a TIFU if nobody cares or it made everyone laugh? A lot of these posts are "this happened today and everyone laughed".


Djeece t1_isv0fch wrote

Chess fan here:

No cheating has been proven so far, only allegations of cheating, and more importantly, the anal beads thing is literally a fan theory that originated on Reddit as a JOKE. Yet, I've heard it told as fact in multiple media sources lol


carson63000 t1_isrjfaa wrote

So, what, now the foreman and your coworkers all think you’re a colossal nerd because they talk about chess on your “sports” podcast, eh?


mostlydeaf t1_isrndou wrote

Years ago I was using a toilet at work. I’m watching Facebook videos on mute. Then one comes up. It’s like a sports car, the text says “turn up the audio to hear this engine purr!”

They turn it on and they bamboozle me. It’s a lady screaming sex noises.

Luckily for me the almost always crowded bathroom was empty.


kharjou t1_iss95l8 wrote

Cheating sucks but man , anal beads? You have to respect the committment


paulrulez742 t1_issbnrj wrote

> vibrating anal beads

Is in the running for most-ytame thing I've heard on a job site. Just sharing that so you don't feel any more anxious about it.


Jayisbacckk t1_issh8u4 wrote

I’m guessing they were talking about the Hans Niemann rumor. That’s hilarious 😂😂😂


jakcspellgood t1_issymoa wrote

weird question but have you ever listened to go my favorite sports team?


beewyka819 t1_issyxh5 wrote

Lmao the instant it said vibrating anal beads I knew it was about Hans Niemann


weaped t1_ist0oaw wrote

Well this is incredibly lame


Crunchie-lunchy t1_istghie wrote

"some chess story"

this is like the most insane drama weve had in years


Niven42 t1_isu2qju wrote

I heard Hans Niemann is suddenly not doing as well in the latest tournaments.


spudmcloughlin t1_isub4xw wrote

you should check out "go my favorite sports team!"


DragonEra_ t1_isvjvbn wrote



mylo2202 t1_isvx84k wrote

Magnus Carlsen did not see this coming


Bookiller4518 t1_isruiaq wrote

I hope it was "Go! My Favorite Sports Team." I need markipler to start an only fans. His conditions are getting both that and his "Distractable" podcast to number one on spotify and Apple podcasts. All proceeds from the only fans goes to charity


rmprice222 t1_issfog5 wrote

Dude for sure drank pee


dakoyakii t1_issow3c wrote

You lost me at the drinking urine


VicarLos t1_issr2y1 wrote

Don’t see how it’s a fuck up if you all had a big laugh over it.


Rodic87 t1_issz9f1 wrote

You're working in construction and having that debate when it plays out loud?

You're all good man. This is mild for most physical labor jobs. Just don't play it in front of the client/customer and you're golden.


Com_BEPFA t1_ist77tl wrote

The real TIFU is the whole world parroting wild twitter nutcase theories as basically fact.


Lexjude t1_isuio6q wrote

How is this a FU? Seems like a funny story that everyone is laughing over.


Listan83 t1_isuqfv5 wrote

Probably talking about chess pros being at it cause one dude lost and can’t handle it.


Welshnut t1_isur4w9 wrote

@distantpod ??


AcrobaticSource3 t1_isvewd9 wrote

> I work as a carpentry apprentice

If you can make some vibrating anal beads in the shop, you will get a promotion!


crave1214 t1_isw0qcv wrote

I think you have a new nickname


adreddit298 t1_iss1ogz wrote

The biggest fu is chess being mentioned on a sports podcast. I love chess, but a sport it ain't.


wombatcombat123 t1_isssoos wrote

It’s recognised as a sport in a lot of countries.


adreddit298 t1_isszp39 wrote

I'm recognised as being good at my job, but that doesn't make it true 😬


Majorlagger t1_isw07qx wrote

Just depends on your definition of sport. Do you have the same problem with people being called a "bad sport" some people use sport as "game or competition. Just as in the previous mentioned phrase you could say "you have a bad attitude when you lose". To be clear I am not saying it is or isn't, just noting why this argument always creeps up with less physical competition. I prefer keeping words defined clearly and believe sport should mean competition with physical prowess involved.


adreddit298 t1_iswqf86 wrote

>I prefer keeping words defined clearly and believe sport should mean competition with physical prowess involved.

As do I. Chess doesn't fit that definition.

But this whole thing is being way overthought!


Goatbreath37 t1_issdtjz wrote

Do you by chance listen to Go! My favourite sports team?


Kyocus t1_issqajs wrote



gw2master t1_isrjomc wrote

For the record, you don't need anal beads to cheat in chess if you're a top player. Just a simple signal once or twice a game for something like "attack now" or something as simple as "this this a critical point, think for a bit longer" will win the game for you.


MrDrPresBenCarson t1_issgyqq wrote

My boyfriend loves music and his passion is discovering all different songs and new artists to listen to. He plays them for me if he thinks I’d like them. Once we were at the Starbucks drive thru and when I finished ordering I turned the song back on. when the drive thru window opens i turn off the radio so I can talk to the person handing me my drink. But one time the window opened earlier than I was expecting and the poor Starbucks worker heard someone sing “incest fuck fest”.


Savings_Bee5952 t1_isrkv58 wrote

As a dude who listen to 2 bears 1 cave at work, this is hilarious. If anyone ever heard what was being said on there though, I would have no explanation for it. If you know you know. Lmao