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trey74 t1_isz6xd4 wrote

Well, yeah, you FU pretty big. It's creepy and you need to stop. But I'm not sure I would ever address it with her unless she brings it up, and then you better be sincere and apologize profusely.

Also, it's cold shoulder. not shower.


DoseOfSarahtonin t1_iszbxac wrote

Sounds like OP could do with a cold shower tbh


trey74 t1_iszci61 wrote

Unfortunately, yes.

That's really invasive and creepy.


Sparred4Life t1_isz993j wrote

What the fuck? This is not ok. This is not funny. You need help, today!


bluecollarNH t1_isz9owo wrote

Your throwaway has me cackling.

Also, you need help.


sudo999 t1_iszceem wrote

Yeah, I mean, she has no reason to ever trust you again, so don't expect it even if you apologize. That's a massive breach of trust and I hope you realize that depending what state you're in, doing it to clients or anyone you work with might be a crime.


Due_Atmosphere_7339 t1_iszcbyf wrote

Just say you found them by accident and you were embarresed by seeing them and gave it back.


realtors-suck t1_iszgnia wrote

Ah yes, continue to lie! You both are fucked up and need serious help. How can you pretend like this is good advice???? Jesus Christ.


SethMalcolm1 t1_iszmozn wrote

I mean, it technically is good advice to get out of trouble. Obviously it's not the best advice for stopping this addiction, which is what SHOULD be happening, but it is good advice for something