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I’ve came down with a bad cold the last few days so, I thought what better way to clear out everything than with Vicks and being able relax and soak in it, right? I pour some in the bath, let it sit for a few minutes and begin to soak. The very beginning was amazing. I could feel the pressure in my nose and chest to start to ease up. Felt like this is going to set me up to ease in the finish line of this cold. Then it hit me. It’s like my body went into shock. I couldn’t stop shivering but I wasn’t freezing either. It felt like how it was, like I was in a bathtub full of Vicks vaporub. Turns out you’re supposed to put two cap fulls and not pour it based on an eye test. Currently under a heating blanket getting ready to perform a VICKSorcism.

TL;DR: Put too much Vicks bath salt into my bath and went into shock. Don’t eye test any thing Vicks unless you like shivering a whole hell of a lot.



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Dude1stPriest t1_it0r9d1 wrote

How long has it been? I don't know how much is needed to be toxic through skin absorption for an adult, but it can be toxic in children so it might be worth calling poison control and make sure it's not going to get worse. It could be completely fine, I don't know shit about fuck, but I've seen enough chubbyemu videos to know random seemingly innocuous shit can be dangerous in large amounts.


goshdammitfromimgur t1_it14bve wrote

Be right back googling chubbyemu


goshdammitfromimgur t1_it14fv4 wrote

Ok. Going to take me a bit longer. I get the gist though.


Comf_waters t1_it1bb82 wrote

This is the update we needed!


goshdammitfromimgur t1_it1dexo wrote

Oh yeah. Chubbyemu is a Dr that does videos on things like. "What happens to your body if you eat Tide Pods"


Kara_Zhan t1_it4iivo wrote

OP has hypervicksemia, hyper meaning elevated, and emia relating to presence in blood. Doctors note that although OP had indeed fucked up, they made a full recovery.


hellseashell t1_it4vp5b wrote

Did you watch the nyquil chicken one? 🤣


Kara_Zhan t1_it52q8f wrote

I did. Been watching the channel for at least a couple years!


afireintheforest t1_it2s2en wrote

☝️presenting to the emergency room


cjlutera t1_it52l2x wrote

Like that dude who rubbed bengay on his nuts.


darkest-fairy31 t1_it0upw4 wrote

As a note for future reference they also make shower steamers that are amazing


OutlanderMom t1_it480c1 wrote

I have a Vicks vaporizer/steamer that’s face sized. I add liquid Vicks to the pads inside and breathe. It got the family through covid in June.


Snicklefritz646 t1_it2rw47 wrote

I love the Vicks discs that melt in the shower. I couldn't find them one time and decided to coat a 3x3 shower in Vicks vapor rub. It worked great until it melted and caused me to slip. I couldn't get up and had to slide out naked on the floor like Danny Devito covered in hand sanitizer. I do not recommend lol


ConfusedJellybeans t1_itc7or7 wrote

I’ve been feeling really ill and that bit about Danny Devito made me crack up, thank you


stupeter t1_it0kpig wrote

Also don’t eat them


Setthegodofchaos t1_it0sdh0 wrote

Or put it on your balls or vagina or ass


neverinamillionyr t1_it15fqb wrote

It makes a great lube


CNorm77 t1_it4rdxo wrote

Gold bond cooling powder works better. An entire handful turns your nuts to ice cubes, but about half that amount works pretty good and they don't stick to the inside of your thigh when it's +35 out.


DsWan3 t1_it1eiy2 wrote

Surely that’s gotta cause a bit of uh “discomfort” in uh…ya nether regions…


stripeyspacey t1_it32h60 wrote

This story reminded me of the one, and last, time an ex of mine used one of those "Fire & Ice" condoms. If you're not familiar it's exactly what it sounds like, basically Icy Hot on a condom.

And holy shit, it was not fun.


DsWan3 t1_it3bhck wrote

Good god that should not exist…


stripeyspacey t1_it3qln2 wrote

No... no it should not. I wouldn't be surprised if they were discontinued very quickly. I think they were new at the time maybe, but I could be wrong. Was over 10 years ago now.


NerdModeCinci t1_it4flda wrote

Masochists love them


stripeyspacey t1_it4fz9o wrote

I was thinking that when I replied before, but I feel like there's a difference between like sexy-time "ooh let's do hot candle wax!" kind of burning and the very chemical-like burning those caused! 😂

But hey to each their own I guess!


Romantiphiliac t1_it3z4xi wrote


Who signed off on mentholated condoms? That shit was miserable.


stripeyspacey t1_it4ffd6 wrote

Dude right!? I'm sure it had to have been a wholly man-made committee that designed and signed off on that from beginning to end lol. Nothing like that should ever be inside your vagina lmao

At first it was obviously cold-feeling and I was like "Eh, not really my thing and kinda weird tbh...but whatever." But that only lasted like 30 seconds. Then came the burning sensation that felt like getting fucked with a stick covered in flaming fire ants.

I pretty much sat spread-eagle with the shower head pointed at my nether regions with cold water for like an hour.


superdooperdutch t1_it4fiug wrote

Yeah they have lube like that too; turns out I get super irritated from it. Not a good time.


Boxofcheeze t1_it19hye wrote

Vicksorcism is the best thing I’ve read all week


Goriuk t1_it1b4bt wrote

Wait 'til you hear about the VicksEnema.


bitchnug t1_it111z8 wrote

I did the same thing with peppermint oil when I had COVID omg deep freeze


hamster_savant t1_it13nxw wrote

How does one perform a VICKSorcism?


gaydollasign t1_it1kqtg wrote

this is so funny

also, vicks vapobath exists?!?!


Dude1stPriest t1_it2xel3 wrote

Yo OP you alive? You're not going to be Chubbyemu's next video right?


BoyBoyeBoi t1_it2ysj2 wrote

A man soaked in a tub of Vicks Vaporrub. This is what happened to his balls



Dude1stPriest t1_it31rb8 wrote

I looked it up on poison control's website and enough can be absorbed through skin to cause major problems including seizures in children at least


InevitableMap6470 OP t1_it43mwq wrote

Yooo I’m okay! It took about an hour to get my body back right but the heating blanket and jacket paid off. Though I may never use that stuff again


Dude1stPriest t1_it46f3d wrote

Glad you're OK. I figure you probably would since the poison control specifically mentioned it was for children, but you never know


tiredandstupid82 t1_it39vba wrote

I did that with menthol crystals. Threw half a small pot in the bath, and almost drowned when I went into shock. My wife had to take the plug out so I didn't, as I struggled to get out the bath. Took an hour for my body to calm down


PussyStapler t1_it373gj wrote

It is possible to get acute poisoning from skin absorption of menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oil, although I suspect you'd have to use a lot of it to have severe problems.


TexasOkieInSeattle t1_it2sp6m wrote

I would be concerned about getting menthol in my private areas. I don't need a cool crisp butthole and I certainly don't want my front areas tingly in this fashion!


Crackracket t1_it2w4qp wrote

If you like vicks look up Aboniki.. It's vicks stronger African brother.. It's great for muscle pain but also really clears your head when you've got a head/chest cold


jockyontheocky t1_it3v6h5 wrote

Rub the ointment on ur feet and wear socks to bed. Sorted by the morning.


EveryFairyDies t1_it3t2r7 wrote

I didn’t even know there was a bath option.


CadenceQuandry t1_it4na2t wrote

I once had an anti cellulite treatment and massage at a resort. It was basically a quick massage and a mint soaked wrap of my entire body. I was shivering to my core for a full half an hour before they took it off. Even in the crazy Caribbean heat I shivered for the rest of the day!


vsmack t1_it3l4dm wrote

I thought this was gonna be the old "I tried jacking off with eucalyptus oil" story


sandybutterworth420 t1_it4ass0 wrote

I once started slathering vaporub on my hands when I was tripping sac cause the room was lit with dim, multicolor leds and I thought it was Vaseline when my friends handed it to me xD


MagnokTheMighty t1_it4kzn2 wrote

I feel like PBR and a shot for $5 is our "local food item".

It's been a tradition for as long as I can remember.


Unique-Operation9766 t1_itf8hpx wrote

Thank you for your story, you vapo-zealous wordsmith! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣


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N4_foom t1_it3wpbl wrote

Is this some new bot trend? 7 months ago this user was normal. Today it's word soup, spilled across many unrelated subs