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It was yesterday to be precise I threw away an old matress that had great sentimental value to me.

I thought maybe I should clean it instead but I left it out by the door because I knew the haulers weren't going to come until Friday.

This morning I wake up late and the matress is gone

I'm devasted that I hadn't kept it inside and was trying to cope with the fact that it's gone.

I ask my girlfriend that lives with me if she knows why the matress was taken so early. She freaks out and asks me if I had thrown away the matress

I say yes and tell her I ordered a new one which is on the way. She freaks out more and says she "hid soemthing valuable in there"

After awhile she admits she hid a ring in there because I told her I'm going to be cleaning it and she hoped I'd find it and see it as an sign or opportunity to propose.

I'm not sure why she thought it was a good idea and our relationship is not that seribut now not am I only devasted over the matress the ring is also lost.

If anyone knows how to get trash back information is much appreicated.

TL ; DR I threw away a matress with sentimental value knowing I'd have a few days to take it back but it got taken right away then I found out that that my girlfriend had put an expensive ring in the matress

Edit : Since everyone thinks having matress for a long time is bad, I keep it but not use it.

Edit2:Alr since people keep upvoting stupid shit here's my sob story. I was poor af growing up and the matress was the only thing that was mine as I rarely had a desk to myself. It was a place of grounding from a rather violent family. I lost a parent and lived by self since I was 15 and the matress was thing that came with me.

Edit3: I know it probably wasn't a ring but all I can do is tell you what she said.



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Cold_Table8497 t1_it1qpb7 wrote

Nothing to do with sentimentality , you're worried because It's a memory mattress and it knows your secrets.


3bag t1_it1yy8j wrote



VirtualRy t1_it4ay3w wrote

It's got the stains of blood and something else to prove it!


mattis-miniatures t1_it1vgft wrote

She hid a ring IN the mattress? And expected you to find it? How? Idk about you but I don't rip mattresses open when throwing them away


GirlNamedTex t1_it2u5ag wrote

This... was a terrible plan on the gf's part in so many ways.

Do people just not talk to each other anymore? Damn.


Darkstar_k t1_it49lq0 wrote

Or its a 4D 200IQ move and she never had or hid a ring


JustRamblin t1_it4wiak wrote

That was my first thought. Just being manipulative and seizing the opportunity. Who hides a ring in a mattress?


laplongejr t1_itgr7w7 wrote

I think she REALLY hid something and recated instinctively, so when he asked she made up "wedding ring".
She wouldn't start by saying "something personal" if it was something he meant to find, in her place I would've said "shiny" or "gift"


EndlessLadyDelerium t1_it3g564 wrote

Do people not have private areas to put items like rings in?

My fiancé probably doesn't go into my dressing table and a couple of other drawers without permission.

I don't rifle through the drawers by his PC. Sometimes he gets anxious because he thinks he's lost something he needs. So I ask if I can help him to search.


Mkaltac OP t1_it28hcv wrote

It was a small and visible hole on the side apparently, made to look like it was stuck there. She thought I would see jt while I was cleaning it.


boots311 t1_it3x1mh wrote

I tried to cut a king size mattress in half with my sawzall once, yeah fuckin right. I'm at it can be done but I didn't have a month to spare


Sosa4313 t1_it20x1o wrote

I don’t think this is anyone’s fault but hers…. Who in their actual right mind hides a ring INSIDE a mattress???


Spazmer t1_it2yqk5 wrote

We suspect our childhood cat hid my dad's wedding ring inside the box spring of their bed. It wasn't until after the mattress set was thrown out that it was realized that was the likeliest place. She had scratched a hole underneath and would hide inside it with her treasures. I've had a lot of cats and she took the cake as the weirdest. Maybe his girlfriend is a cat.


Sosa4313 t1_it35j2i wrote

Nah lol the girlfriend sounds to dumb to be a cat. Cats are excused for being as cute as they are 😂 I think it’s so weird how all of them have a thing for box springs I’ve had 2 different cats destroy 2 different box springs of mine already !!


newaccount252 t1_it1n3kd wrote

How on earth can a mattress be sentimental?


abailey2112 t1_it2f8v1 wrote

My guess, dropped the V card on it and thinks that’s important


Mkaltac OP t1_it2urn5 wrote

No Iol


abailey2112 t1_it2v7dt wrote

Then how the hell is a mattress sentimental? It’s a bed, you sleep on it dude?


Mkaltac OP t1_it2y0xz wrote

It's some shit from my childhood. It's in the edit.


GirlNamedTex t1_it2tjcz wrote

Sentimental Matress has a nice band name ring to it.


Fancey_Fae t1_it2xm9q wrote

I gave birth on mine, it feels more special now


newaccount252 t1_it34gvz wrote

Kinda gross.


Fancey_Fae t1_it37h8b wrote

Well I didn't feel comfortable on the floor and I decided against the tub, I'm happy with the outcome of the birth


EveryFairyDies t1_it4oe9p wrote

But are you happy with the outcome of the mattress after the birth?


Fancey_Fae t1_it4oonc wrote

Yes, mattress stayed in the same state as before the birth happened. It was protected with multiple layers of plastic and sheets.

It's time for a new one though because it's old and lost support but it's sentimental now.


BunnyCakeStacks t1_it3ryd8 wrote

Have enough acid trips in a bed, you start to become one with the bed.

You realize we are all the bed, and the bed is all of us. The bed is love, and love is everything.. you know?


[deleted] t1_it1ne6e wrote



[deleted] t1_it2a61p wrote



Tanagrabelle t1_it2r6wk wrote

Ah, so they're definitely ready to get serious. hahah


RealMcGonzo t1_it3tgen wrote

OP's first post is asking how to build karma, lol. He's just farming.


ZirePhiinix t1_it2h0cr wrote

There are literally people who go around taking this stuff, so don't assume the regular trash took it...

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to get it back because you have no idea who might have took it. One possibility is if you have a picture, you can try putting up a huge poster and offer a reward.


Mkaltac OP t1_it32g4c wrote

Nah I checked the cameras the trash definitely took it.


iridescentrae t1_it3aa57 wrote

Google the trash service for your area and call them. It’s worth a shot.


Malumeze86 t1_it38mz6 wrote

Wait, you put your old bed outside before getting a new one?

Why on Earth would you do such a thing?

Where were you planning on sleeping?


boots311 t1_it3xnkx wrote

"you were wearing the same pants you were going to return? What were you gonna wear home?"


Idontlikecancer0 t1_it2a2u6 wrote

Bro that’s like this one episode of SpongeBob


cheeseburgerwaffles t1_it2ul3x wrote

A sentimental mattress? A girl who thinks a guy who randomly finds a ring will see it as "a sign" to propose? Are you guys 12 years old?


controlledchaos6 t1_it3psy6 wrote

We sure it's a ring? And not like..... drugs? Who hides a ring in a mattress?


Applesauce_Police t1_it3oq9y wrote

She bought an engagement ring for herself and hoped you would take that ring and propose with it? I find that stranger than hiding it in a mattress


williwas420 t1_it68qpw wrote

Or she made it up to make him feel guilty and buy her a ring and propose


Melted_Leg_Juice t1_it1qhbm wrote

That must have been some mattress....but you'll get over it when the new one arrives. There's nothing quite like a new mattress. Sleep (and other things) are a whole new experience...


Ok-disaster2022 t1_it3be3d wrote

Only if the new mattress is good. I got a new mattress recently and it was horrible. The only positive was I was so sore when I woke I I couldn't stay in bed anymore.


Melted_Leg_Juice t1_it3w5fb wrote

That's awful. I hope you got anice one now. It's surprising people don't realise the importance of the right mattress. This time last year I got into the bad habit of sleeping on the sofa in front of the telly, then one morning I wake up with, I learned, sciatica. I never felt such crazy excruciating pain. It took weeks of various pain meds until it eased and I could get up...all from sleeping awkwardly on the sofa🤕🛌


AcrobaticSource3 t1_it3kjiv wrote

You should also know that there’s money in the banana stand!!!


nicapachi t1_it30hkn wrote

It grosses me out how there’s people in this thread asking how a mattress can be of sentimental value. They obviously didn’t have to deal with poverty before.


Raymond911 t1_it4p76n wrote

I mean people develop sentimentality in different ways, I’m accepting of OP’s reasoning but it makes no sense to me because we have different lived experiences.

And people not having to grow up in poverty should be a good thing.


Ktulu789 t1_it2e6ep wrote

I'm sentimental to some things... But a mattress?? 🤔

On the other hand, putting something on the street and expecting it to still be there the next day??? 😄

Also asking for ways to get it back???? We are the internet, how TF would we know where is your mattress???? We don't even know where are you from! 😅😂🤣🤣🤣

Just someone passed by and needed it... Aaaand maybe left it two blocks from there cause it was too heavy...

That happened when I threw a heavy spring mattress one day, casually found it while returning home on my car, at 4 blocks from home or something. It was funny xD I knew it was mine cause it had a broken handle out of 4. I didn't have a ring on it. You're lucky to have that GF! Better get sentimental to her, IMHO 🥰😉


boots311 t1_it3xzc5 wrote

My whole family does hardwood flooring. My grandpa & I were tearing out song carpet & pad. Maybe one bedrooms worth. Not really worth paying how much the dump would charge you for a small load. We were working in, well not the best part of town. My grandpa says let's roll it up & put a free sign on it out front, see if someone takes it. Sure as shit the next day that old, nasty carpet was gone. Pad too


Ktulu789 t1_it4fgbn wrote

There's always someone that can make use of anything. Really.

Maybe they used that carpet to make stoppers or cushions for the legs of chairs, tables or whatever, not as a carpet but they put that to good use.

Sorry, English is not my native, do you call "legs" at the bottom part of chairs? 😂


boots311 t1_it4hzb3 wrote

Haha yes you're correct. It might work. I would guess maybe carpet under a vehicle or in their garage. I don't know, it was pretty gross carpet tho


SuperSaytan t1_it2usea wrote

Conspiracists will say there never was a ring, but the story is a hint


Raymond911 t1_it4ou4z wrote

She hid drugs in it lol


Tanagrabelle t1_it2r2p1 wrote

How expensive?

But you might wish to review your relationship. Might be serious enough!


heyitsvonage t1_it3p6tu wrote

One armed man from Arrested Development:

“And that’s why you don’t try to surprise people!”


whitelightnin1 t1_it2fv6i wrote

Was it a ring for you or her? I'm confused.


Biillypilgrim t1_it2nrkx wrote

sounds like she bought herself a ring and hid it in a mattress...hoping he would find the ring and think to use it as an engagement ring....instead of saying, hey is this your ring?


whitelightnin1 t1_it2yajq wrote

Red flag lol especially since op said they haven't been dating that long


Mkaltac OP t1_it2yla9 wrote

It does sound dumb when you put it like that so maybe she was making it up and she had something else in there. She's also a little, attached, so it could be that. I can only tell you what I've heard


itsmefools t1_it2jn8t wrote

I'm sorry but I have to know why this mattress held sentimental value? I'm not judging just very curious...


platitood t1_it3r3o7 wrote

I can’t tell if this sounds improbable because it’s made up or if it’s real life and therefore improbable. I do know that if it was fiction, I would be yelling at the characters for being so poor at anticipating outcomes.

Anywa sorry for your losses.


Mkaltac OP t1_it3rg3c wrote

If I were to make something up id definitely come up with a better story than this I dont think it was a ring though, she was probably hiding something else and made up something on the spot.


Joytotheworldlove2 t1_it3p0w5 wrote

I am familiar with this similar situation. When my husband and I got together, he had a mattress that he had bought with previous wife. He had had several girlfriends, before me. The bed slept wonderfully even though it was super old and required special hard to find sheets (California King). BUT it bothered the hell out of me thinking about all of the women that had likely slept in that bed. Now it's not like I thought about it constantly, but it DID bug me. So I convinced him to buy a new mattress. Got rid of the old one. Worst mistake ever. Every bed I have slept in since has been uncomfortable. We have bought two. Nothing sleeps as good as that one.


jrin1 t1_it3ax44 wrote

Probably call the trash company that picked it up would he my first step


cle-330 t1_it4a5jq wrote

If the trash company took it, call the landfill closest to you. They have a general idea of where it was dumped. Them being willing to look or help may be a different story.


Germangunman t1_it5a66f wrote

Did you check the ground outside? Maybe it fell out.


AnarKitty-Esq t1_it5b29h wrote

Sorry, that really sucks. I can understand. I had a stupid stuffed camel toy since a kid from my grandma. I lost it amid moves between cities and still miss it. All I had that was good from childhood. The ring issue sucks too, but is "just money". Hadn't been gifted yet. I lost my wedding ring and was devastated, cheap $50 thing but meant a lot. Ate the $ and got exact same one again new.


Ouchyhurthurt t1_it5gxlz wrote

This reminds me of when I threw away my mattress last time.

It was also a “sentimental” item, it came with me when i moved out. My parents separated shortly after and i spent a lot of time just laying there. Anyway, at some point i sowed a pocket into it to hide cash. Had to run out and stop the garbage man at 7:00am when I remembered. He was pissed, but then happy with $100.


katzklaw t1_it5hex3 wrote

if you left it outside, but not where the garbage is normally picked up from, and its not a day the haulers normally would be by, i'm afraid to say your mattress is probably LONG gone, and not to the dump. a neighbor probably saw it and scored themself a free mattress


Thisisastupidname0 t1_it8t0xd wrote

No offense, but your GF sounds like an idiot. Dump her, you don’t want to be married to someone that thought this was a good idea.


Mkaltac OP t1_it8uni4 wrote

Yeah we aren't that serious she's a little attached


MysticMcCusker t1_itf1q70 wrote

After reading the backstory, get in boys, we're going crying


t4thfavor t1_it43ayv wrote

Cruise homeless camps within walking distance from where it was placed. If you see it, offer them 100$. It's going to be a gamble either way, it may have already been found.


Lonzo58 t1_it363nh wrote

Let me translate...."great sentimental value" = fucked a lot on it.


TrollOfTheViolin t1_it3bdnl wrote

Read the edit and don't be mean


cantcountnoaccount t1_it4amrm wrote

I do understand OP’s experience but Items that absorb bodily fluids should not be regarded as keepsakes. This is how hoarding starts, with sentimental attachment to garbage.


TrollOfTheViolin t1_it4be7v wrote

Fair enough, but when you got nothing in life, anything can become your everything. That being said, a mattress isn't the best item to get attached to