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GirlNamedTex t1_it2u5ag wrote

This... was a terrible plan on the gf's part in so many ways.

Do people just not talk to each other anymore? Damn.


Darkstar_k t1_it49lq0 wrote

Or its a 4D 200IQ move and she never had or hid a ring


JustRamblin t1_it4wiak wrote

That was my first thought. Just being manipulative and seizing the opportunity. Who hides a ring in a mattress?


laplongejr t1_itgr7w7 wrote

I think she REALLY hid something and recated instinctively, so when he asked she made up "wedding ring".
She wouldn't start by saying "something personal" if it was something he meant to find, in her place I would've said "shiny" or "gift"


EndlessLadyDelerium t1_it3g564 wrote

Do people not have private areas to put items like rings in?

My fiancé probably doesn't go into my dressing table and a couple of other drawers without permission.

I don't rifle through the drawers by his PC. Sometimes he gets anxious because he thinks he's lost something he needs. So I ask if I can help him to search.