Submitted by Poggers0g t3_yaavyr in tifu

My dog ran out and I had fresh cement outside so I was scared he was gonna step on it. I chase him in pajamas and a robe outside without a phone like a fucking idiot After catching him while he finally decided to take a shit. I had to retrieve my sandals I threw at him, it was a attempt to stop or make him listen to me. Some a hole in a old Toyota Prius gave me a weird look and basically California rolled his car while looking at me. I felt humiliated because just yesterday I threw up in front of a family and their kids. To make it all worse and make me more pissed. The contractors opened my gate for which is how he escaped. Not entirely their fault but I thought it was common sense to close a gate that you open.

TLDR: Chased my dogs in street and retrieved my sandals I threw at him and got humiliating looks because I was in a robe and pajamas.



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birdymax t1_itafovv wrote

Good things going for you:

  1. you have a dog
  2. you were wearing a robe and sandals in addition to your pjs.
  3. you didn’t get locked out
  4. you have fresh cement that didn’t get messed up
  5. you still have your dog.

Have a great day.


Poggers0g OP t1_itagsd2 wrote

My feet are in agony from running on cement barefoot. Red and peeled, definitely will need medication to sleep but your right it could have been way worse


The_Dirtiest_Doc t1_itajcdi wrote

is cement code for glass? how far did you run??


Poggers0g OP t1_itass4c wrote

Dog went off cement for a while. It’s kinda hard to describe but I live next to a park with a lot of trees and branches. I live in the Midwest, also running up hill as fast as you can was painful. Edit: the whole running lasted 35 minutes.


DevilsTheology t1_itavg7z wrote

How long have you had your dog? Mine is a spazz but if I act calm and call him in for kisses he’ll just walk to me. When I chase him he thinks I’m playing tag.


Poggers0g OP t1_itckh59 wrote

2 and 4 months, he listens to me at home. If I snap he will come to me but outside it’s a different story smh


MicaLovesHangul t1_itbffyh wrote

Bring treats next time. Ain't no dog resisting treats. Better yet, always keep some in your jacket.


BowzersMom t1_itcgqr4 wrote

If he’s running, don’t chase, sit or lay down. He’ll wonder what’s up and come to you


Poggers0g OP t1_itcknow wrote

I tried this, he didn’t look back


fritz0126 t1_itdfmd7 wrote

I have a beagle and I live in the Midwest. I’ve been in your exact position. He loves us and will come home after like an hour, but if he gets out he does not care whatsoever about me calling him,sitting down to wait for him, or treats unless I get within 5 feet of him to offer them.


Phenotyx t1_itc8926 wrote

Our ancestors rolling in their graves

You went barefoot for like 2 minutes I think you’ll be okay bubba


Atiggerx33 t1_ital194 wrote

I think the looks were less over you wearing pjs and more that you're throwing shit at your dog trying to get it to listen. Maybe you should try actually training your dog like a responsible owner?

My dog has known to come when she's called since she was 4 months old; I've called her back when she's chasing deer and she instantly breaks off the chase to run over to me. It can save your dogs life and training literally takes 20 minutes a day. And yes, I've even worked with huskies, they learn just as fast, I just use play as the reward instead of food with them (and other hyper breeds) since they tend to view you throwing a ball as infinitely more rewarding than a piece of cheese/hotdog. They'll do anything in their power to get you to throw a toy for them.

If you don't have a spare 20 mins a day than damn, I feel really bad for your dog. If you don't have 20 minutes a day to interact with them they must be really lonely.

Edit: Guess I'm being downvoted by people who'd rather have a seriously injured/dead dog than take 20 mins a day to work with that dog.

Edit2: I may have been harsh, but I feel like OP isn't taking the risk to their dog's safety seriously. Here they are, complaining the neighbors saw them in their PJs, seemingly without realizing how lucky they are that their dog wasn't killed. As an owner it is OP's responsibility to keep their dog safe, and that includes basic training. I'm not trying to be rude or condescending but OP needs some sense shaken into them before something tragic happens and it's too late. I've had a dog get hit when I was a kid, it's absolutely awful to lose your best friend like that (not to mention how awful it is for the poor dog). I sincerely don't want OP to have to learn that pain firsthand before they realize how important training is.


eye_spi t1_itanger wrote

>Guess I'm being downvoted by people who'd rather have a seriously injured/dead dog than take 20 mins a day to work with that dog.

No, you're being down voted for your condescending delivery.


Atiggerx33 t1_itbt0sa wrote

I didn't mean it to be condescending, I was hoping a bit of harshness might wake OP up to the fact that their dog could have been seriously injured or killed. I mean here they are complaining that the neighbors saw them in their PJs when they should be beyond grateful that they got lucky and the neighbors didn't see them crying over their dead pet.

I don't think OP is a bad person, but they really need to wake up before it's too late and something tragic happens; if they don't they'll have to live with that guilt for the rest of their lives. And I don't want that for OP or their dog, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.


ConsciousRadish6437 t1_itcrnxd wrote

How is this condescending? They OP is an idiot. Hmmm... if you got a shoe thrown at you, would you listen to that person? This downvoted post is absolutely correct. And not condescending. Train your damn dog or dont own one.


Poggers0g OP t1_itd3tb3 wrote

Your acting like every dog is the same. I wouldn’t directly throw it at him but it’s a last resort thing. It had worked in the past more than half the time if he sees me throwing something he will come too me. I’ve been with dogs for 16 years and have had multiple different breeds. Shibas are just hard to train, you know how much time I spend with these Shibas?


dominus_aranearum t1_itangvp wrote

I don't usually vote and I'm not a fan of dogs. But I gave you an upvote because your message is a good one.


CyrusBuelton t1_itb0mzr wrote

  1. If you had been wearing only boxers/briefs/man-kini, you still would have chased after your dog because you love him/her.

Mode-Klutzy t1_itfpvat wrote

  1. Exercise!
  2. The adrenaline rush during the exercise! 9. Tougher feet!

wolf_boi_ t1_itac948 wrote

Dude you ok? Feels like you are going through a rough patch.


TangeloBig9845 t1_itabzmr wrote

What breed of dog?


Poggers0g OP t1_itadspj wrote

Shiba inu, specifically my dark orange/brown one


caoram t1_itafmbh wrote

Then you brought this upon yourself. Husky and Shiba owners picked hard mode dog keeping themselves.


Fwamingdwagon84 t1_itaqzt3 wrote

Seriously. I have a husky mix and the few times she has gotten loose, I've had to throw myself on the ground and pretend to be hurt to get her to stop and come back cause her ass is fast and while she knows quite a few commands, we have struggled with "come". Also, pretending you have a treat sometimes works.


Evening-Difficulty17 t1_itakybi wrote

🤣 I knew huskies were a handful, but didn't realize Shibas were too.


Daidis t1_itanej2 wrote

Add Australian Cattle Dogs to the hard mode list as well.....first time dog owner and my fiancee picked him out 🥲


Evening-Difficulty17 t1_itao26o wrote

Is he a runner too? I know they are high energy and need to work.


Kale t1_itbqrfr wrote

Australian shepherds are extremely intelligent. And you have to keep their brains occupied and challenged. Or they will use that brainpower to disrupt your life as much as possible.

After I was married, my wife and I wanted a low maintenance dog, so we got a Brussels Griffon. That dog could stare at a blank wall for three hours and be entertained. He was not bright. Took us forever to house train him but he didn't really enjoy playing like other dogs. He wanted to be petted. He'd bark when someone was at the door. That was the extent of his life. He snored like an idling chainsaw, though.


Evening-Difficulty17 t1_itbw491 wrote

Oh my gosh, that is one of the funniest things I've ever read. Wow, you had some dog!!


chameleonmegaman t1_itcxag0 wrote

i say the exact same thing lol. same thing for corgi or aussie owners. those are all working dogs with double coats...



3littlebirdies t1_itcn547 wrote

I feel your pain, my Shiba was a runner, too. And an escape artist. It was hard not to take it personally some times!


Jcwolves t1_italcnh wrote

Might wanna look at recall training with your pup, but dogs escape. Every dog owner has at some point been pleading with every god that exists that their dog will just turn around and come back, it's basically a rite of passage. Long as no harm done, just take it in stride and carry on, no one except you will remember it in a week.


SpaghettiMonster35 t1_itazjgi wrote

I’ve got a Lab who’s very scent motivated. So much so that the moment he’s out of the backyard every other part of his brain shuts off and he’s just in Smellsville. He’s totally fine in the house and in the yard but the moment he’s out it’s a pain in the ass to get him back. And I honestly have no clue how I can keep him focused enough to train him outside our fence. It feels like every time I try we just end up reenforcing bad behavior because he’s pulling and no longer acknowledging me. I’ll even have the smelliest, tastiest treats on me and he doesn’t even care!

I think the main problem came in with how we didn’t walk him much as a puppy due to issues with neighborhood dogs trying to attack him (it happened 3 separate times) and because we had a big, fenced yard it just made more sense to run him there. But I wish we stuck with it more for the times we do want to walk him/when he gets out.

Aaaand then there’s my golden retriever who also got out one time (along with the lab) and came right back after I called him 1-2 times as soon as he got out. ~sigh~


Kale t1_itbrkhe wrote

We got a vibrating collar online. Our dog will be focused on everything around them, but make their collar buzz and they snap out of it and look for us to see what we want. It has the shock feature too, but we don't need it. The buzz works fine.


futureruler t1_itcd0zm wrote

Yep, my dogs have gotten to the point where they don't need the collar anymore. They still wear it when we go out late at night and I can't see if there's a bear/deer/fox on the property. They only get the shock if they ignore the beep and the vibration, and only if they are running off the property. Had one issue with my bigger, more aggressive dog running off and got the collars and now he only tries to run off chasing animals, but is smart enough to stop at the treeline.


joodo123 t1_itauwfz wrote

Why did you think throwing things at your dog was going to lead to a successful recall?


SethMalcolm1 t1_itcukfw wrote

exactly, i feel like it's common sense that it would make the dog more likely to keep running.


JamieDrone t1_itafmmr wrote

What was the incident with the vomiting about? Are you ok?


Samerjamer t1_itagk74 wrote

I've gone to the grocery store dressed as a pumpkin. No it was not Halloween. Pj's are just fine don't let them kill your vibe!


culturedgoat t1_itakr74 wrote

I don’t mean to laugh at your predicament, but the sheer Benny Hill levels of chaos upon chaos in the events described in this post was just something else. If it’s any consolation, you made a stranger sitting in a fancy San Francisco restaurant crease up for about ten minutes straight. This post is glorious. Hope you’re ok tho


Red-is-suspicious t1_itauy7y wrote

Oh my gosh I have a story in soliditarity

We have an escapee husky-shepherd mix ourselves and she recently lost just enough weight to jump over our 5’ fence cleanly. Wonderful. We haven’t had time to alter the fence so if we take our eyes off her she bounces like tigger and is off to the wind. Someone usually stands on the porch watching and she won’t attempt the maneuver. But we forget sometimes and wander inside when she’s taking her time doing her business.

Anyway my son, aged 12, is in the house this day trying on a pair of my big wedge platform cosplay boots for kicks and giggles. Think KISS 4” boots. My son has always been a man of few clothes, always shirtless and his sensory avoidant behavior makes him prefer tight fitting clothes so he was wearing gray leggings.

I wander inside for a sec to see what he’s doing and behind me he sees through the glass door that the dog clears our fence and goes down our neighborhood street. He thinks, “I gotta go get her!” Without a thought he takes off past me running down the stairs, down the road, in these big ass boots, shirtless and in leggings like he’s goddamn David Bowie but make it Usain Bolt. I didn’t have shoes on so it took me a minute to scramble on mine and hop in the car to take after them.

I roll up (in my Prius) and my son comes out of the side gate into the road holding the dog by the collar and looking like Siegfried and Roy, cause our dog is all white and 85 lb and as tall as my son’s hip even with these boots on. I cringe and yell out the window, “get in the car already!”

And as I’m doing this I missed that there’s this smug bearded recumbent bike dude coming down the other side of the road and he…. Stops and motions for my son and the dog to cross the road. Looks at me with eye contact as he rides by after.

My son as he gets in the car: “mom these boots made me run so fast!!” …I bet, kiddo.


paradajz666 t1_itbm0gz wrote

So it was you who let the dogs out?

I'll see myself out.


chubb3rs0n t1_itbivxk wrote

why would you think throwing your shoes at your dog would make him come back?? Who throws their shoes at their dog what the hell…


Kimmo58 t1_itaqypv wrote

The word "yummies" shouted at my daughters traumatised rescue dog usually does the trick to get him to come back. He will do anything for treats/food


mxpx77 t1_itbg4k9 wrote

Props for getting your dog back no matter the cost. 👍


theladybeav t1_itapd2f wrote

I wanna read the "YIFU by throwing up in front of a family" post


Crusty_Nostrils t1_itb755g wrote

The solution to this would be to train your dog


marvelanne5289 t1_itbzoq0 wrote

The number of times I've had to go down the block after my dog with no bra on is pretty high. I figure somebody has to entertain the neighborhood so it might as well be me. Hope your week gets better!


hmhollhi t1_itc3cga wrote

My cat once ran to the opposite side of my neighborhood and it was raining, I ran out without a phone in a nightgown and no shoes. She didn’t stop until she jumped in a ditch FILLED with water. So here I am, walking ALL the way back home on a main road, in the rain, with a soaking wet cat in my arms and a soaked nightgown with multiple cars doing the same thing (“California roll”). I’m sure multiple people got it on ring camera as well. A night to remember for sure.


Chrysan5 t1_itc7ugd wrote

You got them back, my family never found one of ours after he ran. He was a hound pup & probably was stolen...


SurrealGirl t1_itdi2rw wrote

Who cares what these people think. Lots of people walk around outside in a bathroom and pajamas it's not a big deal. Always check your gate when someone's been in your backyard. We always check our fence gates before we let the dogs out if we knew someone had been here cuz I don't trust anyone to shut them and I really don't want to lose my dog is we're in a very wooded area with coyotes, bobcats, Bears so I'd rather my dog's not become somebody's dinner. Actually we have a padlock on both of them and we only unlocked the gates when we know someone's going to be here but we always repadlock and check them before we let the dogs out again.


ludicrousl t1_itdxt45 wrote

OP Tip: If a dog is running away, wait til they look at you and run away from your dog. For some reason they then chase after you. 🤷🏾‍♀️


nzdennis t1_iteibrh wrote

Yo dawg be thinkin - I be free now!


VirtualDeliverance t1_ithjafz wrote

I came here for the "who let the dogs out" jokes. I found them.