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MrENitsch t1_itw9534 wrote

Good parents don't ever leave. EVER. You will learn to be a better student. It is likely she will not be a better mother. I'm sorry.


WilliamMinorsWords t1_itw5vvo wrote

I'm so sorry. It's not you, it's not your fault. Your mother sounds like a very selfish person, who is blaming her own failure as a mother on you.

Nothing anyone says it's going to make you feel better, but I'm a mom, and I'm giving you a long distance hug in place of your mom. I wish you well. Please know this is not your fault. Please try to look up.


StillAnAss t1_itw7zdg wrote

This is not your fault AT ALL!

Your mother is going though some issues and could probably really benefit from some therapy. Being a mother is hard work but at no point should she abandon her children. This is on her, not you.


SonOfDadOfSam t1_itwhzo8 wrote

There's a lot more behind your mother's actions than just bad grades. I'd say it's more likely that she's using it as an excuse to abandon her children.


flappyKitten t1_itwwpkf wrote

Your mom is probably depressed and desperate right now. Seems like she and your father have some major financial issues and she's taking responsibility of the debt for your dad's decision, which stressed her out enormously. She needs therapy.

But this is NOT your fault. Having bad grades is not uncommon among kids. You have your kid problem to overcome -- get your grades up, and she got her own problems. But it's not right for her to abandon her kids. I feel she's more trying to get your dad in some way.

You didn't not fuck up, your parents did.

She's probably having a break-down and will collect herself together soon.

Hugs to you and your sister!


NerdyDan t1_itw86ai wrote

Well, it's obvious that your mom has a lot of things that are on her mind and stressing her out and this happens to be the latest thing that broke her completely.

What she did is not right, and it's not your fault. Adults need to handle a lot of issues and she's particularly stressed at the moment. Give it some time and maybe she will get her senses again.

In any case this kind of vengeful behaviour is very manipulative and unacceptable.


Physical_Swimming198 t1_itwvwu7 wrote

The quarantine is hard. Growing up is hard. Moving from elementary school to middle school is hard. It’s extra hard when there’s lots of problems going on at home. Please don’t blame yourself. I’m sure there’s many more reasons to why your mother wants to leave. It sounds cliche, but I promise things will make so much more sense once you’re older. Sending lots of love from Singapore! 🥰


thebarriogirl t1_ityg1l6 wrote

Dear, OP. Your mom is going through some tough stuff right now and you and your sister are getting caught up in it. This is in no way your fault, regardless of what’s happening at school. The pandemic has hit a lot of people pretty hard and I too am finding it difficult to work as hard as I used to. I’m not sure what will happen now, but I hope you and your sister and your dad hold on to each other and take care of each other especially while your mother is trying to sort herself out. I repeat, as someone’s mom talking to someone’s child, this is not your fault.


Majestic-Scale-1868 t1_itxwadt wrote

You didn't FU. I highly doubt grades would've made the situation any better. (incorrect term but this matter is way above your age grade) I don't think you can really do anything given the financial situation and stress your parents are facing right now (likely you could consider working after highschool or do part time jobs to help out) but she's just taking things out on you and your sister. It sucks, but most people would naturally lash out (close people usually) when they are extremely stressed out. Just know it's not just about your grades. Try to reflect and improve in your studies for your own future..


thatguythingme59 t1_itwyc1t wrote

Dude this isn’t your fault, your mom is obviously mentally unstable and really needs help. I’m sorry to say this about your mom but some people truest shouldn’t be parents


SethMalcolm1 t1_itz66yv wrote

Asshole of a parent. Consider yourself LUCKY that she's leaving.


conalfisher t1_iu0owcu wrote

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