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I, (17) have a general rule I stand by of "when you gotta go, you gotta go", but im not a jerk obviously, and I don't want to stink up any school bathrooms. I've struggled with intestinal problems for most of my life, so this rule seemed especially important to me to keep me on a somewhat healthy schedule.

To solve this dilemma, I put a small bottle of p00pouri in my bag, so that if I ever had to...go...I could do it without shame.

For context, p00pouri is the name brand for a type of spray that you spray into a toilet bowl being doing your business to mask the smell of it. It works pretty well too in all the years I've been using it. I figured it was a smart enough item, and I put it in a small pocket on my backpack.

I've had this bottle in my bag for about a month now, and I've used it maybe twice. Really came in handy for a bit, until this week. I usually put my car keys in the same pocket as this p00pouri because my backpack doesn't have many pockets. One day when grabbing out my keys, I noticed they were wet, and smelled very strongly like chemical citrus. I knew immediately...we had a problem with the poopouri.

The p00pouri was found at the bottom of the pocket, and almost completely empty. And my backpack reaked of citrus. By the time I had realized that it had spilled, it was giving me headaches for days, one that I'm still nursing right now. I finally got around to cleaning it all up, but it still smells so pungent. I can't get rid of the citrus scent, and I don't dare tell anyone what I had done.

I ended up throwing away most of the stuff I kept in that same pocket, such as pads, deodorant, and an old pair of sunglasses. Where my backpack doesn't smell like citrus, it now smells like clorox wipes.

All I hope is that no one noticed, and if they did, they don't own the same scent of p00pouri...

Tl;dr I put p00pouri in my backpack, it spilled everywhere, and now my backpack has a headache inducing citrus scent to it.



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Lord_Cockwood t1_itxmwze wrote

That's not "your" rule. That's a law of nature. When you gotta shit you gotta shit. Very considerate of you but at the end of the day it's a bathroom. That's what they're there for. But if you're still concerned maybe switch to matches.


EvilNinjaApe t1_iu517ou wrote

I don’t think public restrooms will take kindly to matches. I know I’d panic a bit if I smell that when I entered.


AcrobaticSource3 t1_itxsi4w wrote

> I don’t want to stink up any school bathrooms

Why? When I was in college, living off campus, I purposely held it until I got on campus to get the school’s toilet dirty, use their water to flush, and use their toilet paper. That saved me so much money. Also, I would go in a bathroom in a building where I didn’t have class, so I wouldn’t be embarrassed encountering a classmate


Mode-Klutzy t1_iucrb9w wrote

It’s like a competition/flex of who ate nutritionally worse yet flavorfully better.


MsBitchhands t1_iu192a3 wrote

If your backpack is washable canvass, you can completely empty it and run it through the wash.

If not, sprinkle baking soda on it and let it sit. You can then spray it lightly with white vinegar. Rub the foaming baking soda into the pocket.

If possible, sit it in the sun for a while where the light can hit the pocket to let the mixture dry.

Brush off any residue or remaining baking soda.


RevenueImaginary1769 t1_iu3h9dm wrote

Put backpack in a pillowcase and tied with cord. Put into the washing machine.


DeCryingShame t1_iu5g0wf wrote

Put the pOOpouri in a plastic bag next time. And thank you for your thoughtfulness.


Booskop89 t1_iu814nz wrote

Shit doesn't smell like roses.
When your body tells you it's time, it's time.
Noone expects you to take a shit and leave no smell when you're done.
Just do your business and leave, like everyone else.


BdotEscro t1_iu0vz84 wrote

TRULYTRUE TRUE, I agree with you completely absolutely and I agree with your perspective


Mode-Klutzy t1_iucqsbx wrote

Anyone with any experience of SIBO please let me know… been fighting this very gradually linearity intensifying battle for about a year now. Gone from averaging 7.5 hours a night’s sleep per week to now a rock bottom of what feels like 5.5-6 hours a night. What drags my avg down is 1 or 2 nights I get maybe 4 hours give or take a half hour. My bathroom walls somehow aren’t psycho inducingly boring yet. But yeah, op I sure feel for you. Don’t worry about stinking up a bathroom. Hell, I’d sit bare ass naked on the side of a highway dropping 5 pounds and all I know is that I can’t help it. It’s not like I didn’t skip a rest stop, shit happens literally. By no means are you a “jerk” in any way for smell, you can’t control when you have to go. Others should feel sympathetic for the battle you constantly face.