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andherewestand t1_itz2xyg wrote

Goodwill won't even look at what's in the bags until you're long gone and it probably won't even be the person that took them from you, so I wouldn't worry about that. They aren't going to keep track of who dropped off what, trust me. They don't care. And even if it was obvious upon drop off, you could be doing it for a friend or family member, so nobody would even blink. No need to be secretive/nervous.


Titariia t1_iu03dvc wrote

And even if, what are they gonna do? Talk to their coworkers about that boy that donated women clothes? They wouldn't even recognize you the next time you come in if you're coming back in the first place. Maybe they even pick out something for themselves. They couldn't care less.


Fester_The_DJ_1 t1_iu2r8zc wrote

Trust me, I know they don't ask or care whose clothes you're donating, or why. To them, it's just another donation. I know that because years ago, I volunteered at Goodwill.