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best_use_of_badgers t1_iu08jse wrote

Have you ever looked at ebay or other online sales sources to see if any of those ninja-buys are worth selling online?

You may have been sleeping on a goldmine. It costs nothing to list. Just make sure you have the buyer pay for shipping, and only ship with tracking.


zedexcelle t1_iu0iy65 wrote

Ebay is not nice to sellers. People can even buy, wear and return stuff. Facebook groups are better if you can.


Letmf2 t1_iu2gdqh wrote

We don’t use eBay here, so I’m not qualified to give an opinion on it. We do have a very good online market though (Mercado Livre). When buying clothing and some other items (it can be used or new), the buyer usually have a month to return the product and get a refund. I do like this, as I’ve returned a dress it didn’t fit. Obviously you need to return it exactly as they send it (so if there’s indication that it has been used it would fit the policy, but I don’t know what happens, as I never did something of the sort).


cpureset t1_iu2oxlb wrote

True. But Facebook groups don’t offer the same level of anonymity.


zedexcelle t1_iu3t1iy wrote

Ah. Yes, I had forgotten that part which is extremely important here.


TruCelt t1_iu304yo wrote

OP, I don't recommend selling the clothes unless you have kept the receipts for them. A friend of mine listed some old clothes for sale online and the police tried to bring her in for questioning. Apparently it's fairly common for shoplifters to steal things and then sell them online. Most people don't just have the receipts lying around.

Nothing came of it, because she wasn't a thief, and wasn't dumb enough to volunteer for their little fishing expedition. But it's still risky.

There is no reason anyone would question you donating clothes though.