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zedexcelle t1_iu0iy65 wrote

Ebay is not nice to sellers. People can even buy, wear and return stuff. Facebook groups are better if you can.


Letmf2 t1_iu2gdqh wrote

We don’t use eBay here, so I’m not qualified to give an opinion on it. We do have a very good online market though (Mercado Livre). When buying clothing and some other items (it can be used or new), the buyer usually have a month to return the product and get a refund. I do like this, as I’ve returned a dress it didn’t fit. Obviously you need to return it exactly as they send it (so if there’s indication that it has been used it would fit the policy, but I don’t know what happens, as I never did something of the sort).


cpureset t1_iu2oxlb wrote

True. But Facebook groups don’t offer the same level of anonymity.


zedexcelle t1_iu3t1iy wrote

Ah. Yes, I had forgotten that part which is extremely important here.