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wonderabouttheworld t1_iu0tpx5 wrote

Jumping in to say that there are MANY better places to donate clothing than goodwill. They're a pretty skeevy organization with a spotty record. If that's all that's available to you, then by all means, I'm not saying never donate or shop there. I WILL however emphasize how shitty the salvation army is and how they actively donate large sums to suppress LGBTQ+ rights.

If you can find an organization with local roots and it's not a logistical problem to get to them, please try to donate somewhere more socially responsible.

Another note is most clothing donation bins that you see are subsidized private organizations that often just dump or ship clothing overseas and very rarely if ever actually support communities or people in need.

Just do a quick Google for other options near you.


Feedme10tacos t1_iu2xh45 wrote

Yes! All this! I have a women’s shelter that I donate to. Its all very clandestine to keep the women there safe (often cases of domestic violence). The send a person to meet me in a random always different parking lot, and then take the clothes back to a warehouse which then sorts thru them and delivers to the women. I always feel like I am in a super secret spy movie when dropping things off!