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444unsure t1_iudxf5s wrote

What type of undergrad School charges 67k tuition? That is a mind-blowing number to me


MissyBee63 t1_iue3zsr wrote

It may be a private school and the 67k likely includes housing and food plan.


SavvyMac93 t1_iudzdz9 wrote

It is mind blowing. It’s all about prestige. No thanks. unless you has strong ties with potential employers paying tons of money, or are going to the school tuition free it is not worth it.


444unsure t1_iue04mi wrote

Okay so I just googled and according to the internet, Columbia has the highest tuition in the United States at 65,000 per year and change. Harvey Mudd college has the highest overall cost of $77,000? I'm assuming that adds in room and board or something? Books?

Either way, I don't think op is talking about the cost of tuition alone...


SavvyMac93 t1_iue23zo wrote

Glad you dug up some numbers. It probably includes the dorm and fees associated with living on campus. Either way… my graduate (masters) degree costs about 45,000 a year and I live off of loans at approximately 12,000 a year. Still less than the undergraduate degree. Better question what is the expected income of students graduating from there? Are there enough financial aid options to make it worth it?


videogamekat t1_iufqn1w wrote

I feel like NYU's costs are pretty up there (along with other NYC schools), I remember my friend got into the Tisch art school like 10 years ago and even then it was like $80k/yr (i think including room and board etc.)