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d4m1ty t1_iuq5gq4 wrote

The gift was given on a premise of bad faith. He has no right to keep it.

You could small claims him. You might not win but it will put a public face to him for all the world to see.


Economy_Leek123 OP t1_iuq5i1v wrote

What can I do though that’s the thing. I feel so helpless regarding it


DylanHate t1_iuqj97p wrote

Ask him to give it back. If he doesn’t flip it back around. You just have to own this. If you act heartbroken and embarrassed at school they won’t stop. But he’s the allegedly straight guy who dated you for three months. I’d stand up at lunch and read everyone of his letters out loud. If people start saying shit tell them “I’m gay, what’s his excuse?”

Like literally just publicly roast this jackass. Loudly ask when he’s gunna give your necklace back every time you see him. Ask if he’s keeping it because he loves you so much.

Tell everyone at school about your dates. “Hey Skyler remember when we had our first kiss at the fair. You looked adorable.”

“Hey Skyler I really liked the way you ate that corn dog.”

“It’s too bad we didn’t work out Skyler, I really liked your mom.”

“Hey did you guys like our love letters? Skyler said you’d read them to each other every night. No wonder I thought you were really gay!”

“You got me beat guys, you out-gayed me. Didn’t think that was possible! So did you hang my heart shaped necklace by your bed or do you carry it around with you cause you miss me so much.”

Refer to him publicly as your ex boyfriend. Tell everyone how amazing and romantic he was. Talk about how all his friends fantasize about hooking up with a guy because why would a “straight” guy have a boyfriend all summer.

Talk about how after each date they would all get together and gossip about your big gay relationship. Play a super romantic song on your phone at lunch and tell Skyler “Remember when we slow danced to this after our movie night. You’re a really good dancer Skyler. You must have put a lot of practice into dating me. Still have the necklace I gave you? That’s so sweet.”

He’s the idiot for pretending to be gay for three months. I mean who fucking does that. If you own it in school the public opinion will turn against them.

Once they realize their joke didn’t humiliate you like they thought, all their power will be gone. When they see you joking around and telling everyone it will be wayyy more uncomfortable for them. Literally all they have to say is “Haha isn’t it funny that you’re gay.” But you are gay. And they knew that. So what’s the point of the joke? “Let’s see how long we can convince him we’re gay too”!

Once it comes out of their mouths they will realize how stupid they sound. Privately, you know it hurts and it’s fucking horrible, but if you flip it back on them in public and make fun of them back they will deflate like little balloons and it’ll be them switching schools, not you.

EDIT: Also the key to pulling this off is to act completely nonchalant about it. If you make it sound too forced it won’t work. Like it’s funny but you’re mostly just totally bewildered. Like a casual “can you believe this fucking guy, I even let him suck my dick.”

Also watch some comedy videos. I really like Bill Burr. Nobody does righteous anger like him and his rants are fucking legendary. You’ll hate-laugh all the rage right out of you.


nursepenelope t1_iuqlcq3 wrote

‘Wow, skyler pretended to be gay for three months for what? A few dates and a gold necklace. He’s the real life version of ‘I’m not gay but 20 bucks is 20 bucks’’


majxover t1_iuqps76 wrote

In 20 years, he’ll be sucking dick for coke


Sideways-Pumpkin t1_iuqowot wrote

While I personally would do things this way it’s also very unsafe. Especially since there’s a group of guys and only one of OP. Seems like a way to get jumped or injured very badly.


kitsunegurl t1_iuqqa1j wrote

This is my favorite response! I honestly love it so much! I would be scared about retaliation though... But in theory this is like the best response ever!


31InChiTown t1_iuqr280 wrote

Omgosh - high school would have been so much less horrible if I had your brain!

Haha these are all awesome <3


JesseH1994 t1_iuq7q6k wrote

I'm sorry to say this, but the people from legal advice are going to say the same thing. If it's a gift, you cannot legally force him to give it back. The only way he would give it back would be if you confronted him.

Sorry for what happened. You are stronger than most by confronting his mother


snoopervisor t1_iuqof3u wrote

> what’s his excuse?”

/u/DylanHate Gave you a good example. If they call you names or attack you verbally in any way, respond calmly. But there's a trick. Every answer you give to someone, end with a question. For example: "I apparently made a wrong decision. Do you hate me for that?"

Ending your responses with questions pointed towards the attackers, you have the upper hand. In turn, you force them to explain their behavior. You're taking control over the conversation. If they avoid responding, say it again: "I asked you if you hated me. Respond. Do you hate me?"

Prepare in advance good strong questions that will force them to explain themselves. More examples:

"You're not a person I want to discuss my life with. Why are you trying to ruin my life?"

"I think it's not of your concern. Do you feel better by attacking me?"

"I didn't ask you for your opinion. Why are you attacking me?"

"I understand you may be upset. Can't you be a better person?"

Remember, first respond, then ask. Short answer immediately followed by a question.

I am not a native speaker. You can find better responses and questions that suit your situation.


Economy_Leek123 OP t1_iuqomhb wrote

That’s brilliant. I never truly thought about that. Like that’s smart.


Alib668 t1_iuqpsyc wrote

The main issue is these questions come off as agreesive, all that will happen is they will devolve into kid behaviour to under mine the question. So what you need to do is be prepared for that. As the last long person said OWN this shit. Ultimately their powers are humilating u, frustrating u, pushing you. All these are ultimately rooted in you outward expressions not externally to you which means its you who has control.

When they try to belittle by going all kiddy on the questions or shouting back and getting agreesive. Keeping calm is the biggest thing. It shows control, it shows who is in charge.

Questions like “im gat whats his excuse” is a great one, “ yeah ok so a joke usually has a punchline, this seems like 3months of love letters isnt that weird?” “Mate, he kissed me isbt that gay too? ;p” Will also hell control the natrative, remove the humilation. This is all about how you react to them and at its core its in your control


Thames_CDN t1_iuq665j wrote

You don't really have a claim to recover a gift, unfortunately


noxxit t1_iuqszkv wrote

Public shaming for scamming you out of x-hundred dollars. If he keeps it, publicly label him a scammer. He made you trust him to gift him something valuable. That's the same tactic used by phone scammers. "Skyler is a scammer", he scammed you. Yes, you were naive, but so are all scamming victims. Sometimes we are vulnerable and guillable and stupid. Please don't victim blame yourself or let others do that to you.


mileswilliams t1_iuqeo23 wrote

I guess you haven't watched Judge Judy. A present is a present it isn't given with caveats and clauses and legally there is no leg to stand on.


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iuqmb9p wrote

Sometimes people say it's a promissory gift. Like you get to keep it provided certain conditions are met. He can lie and say it was an engagement gift maybe.


mileswilliams t1_iuqq46e wrote

Unless the other person agrees that was what was said, good luck trying to prove anything.