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Basically, I had to go do stuff today and decided to get dinner while I was out. I decided to go to a place I hadn't been to in a hot minute and wanted to get some mozzarella sticks while I was out. The cashier tells me I can buy my normal 4 piece for ~$4 OR they have a deal going on where I can buy 2 6 piece sticks for $7. I'm a sucker for a good mozzarella stick. I take the deal.

Now here's the problem. I had wisdom tooth surgery last Friday. I figure it's been a week, and I'm not really in any pain, so why not? I should be fine to eat solid food again, right?


Halfway into the second stick I realize my mistake. My gums start to burn. My molars ache. My heart drops. Ill need every ounce of my concentration on this, so I pull over to eat.

Which brings me to now, sitting alone in my car in a Walmart parking lot on this cold winter evening. I've eaten about 7 of them. My jaw aches. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but relief feels so far away. I've been so focused on my discomfort and trying to chew exclusively with my front teeth that I no longer can taste my beloved mozzarella sticks. My hubris has led me to this moment, with no one to share my pain with but reddit and my 5 remaining mozzarella sticks. I need to eat them here, because they don't taste as good if you don't eat them immediately. I can't throw them away, because they were 7 goddamn dollars.

And I haven't even touched my sandwich.

TLDR; Thought I was healed enough after wisdom tooth surgery to eat an absurd amount of mozzarella sticks. Was not.



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WingZero234 t1_iws5lnc wrote

I'm willing to take the rest off your hands


PossiblyMaybeNever t1_iwscr0a wrote

The mozzarella sticks sounded delicious at the start but reading about your potential dental debacle (dry socket?) made me think otherwise.

Can you reheat them in an air fryer, convection oven, or possibly even a regular oven at a later date?


Terrivel119 t1_iwtr533 wrote

As someone who works at an Arby’s (Where this promo is run)

No. Maybe, but in my experience no. They leech some moisture out of the cheese and get unavoidably soggy. However comments are saying yes so maybe I’m just dumb.


JejuneEsculenta t1_iwv3h26 wrote

Air fryer generally solves that quite well. 400F for 5 minutes or so is plenty to crisp up and re-warm them


Terrivel119 t1_iwv3q63 wrote

Part of my problem is that I usually just eat them and don’t have any left. It’s my wife and kids who leave a couple, and we usually fail to properly refrigerate them after, so they wouldn’t be good safe anyway.


JejuneEsculenta t1_iwv47w7 wrote

I can think of nothing that would make them unsafe.

I mean, cheese was invented as a preservation method for milk. It ain't gonna go bad in a few hours. Especially with all of the salt in those bastards. 😀

If they were Steak 'Ums or something, sure... but...


Terrivel119 t1_iwv4f0z wrote

Well again, I work at a restaurant. My idea of “food safe” isn’t the layman’s version. I know it wouldn’t really be an issue, but some part of the back of my brain just doesn’t trust food that’s been left out.


DevourTheKing t1_iwwikp0 wrote

This!! I worked at dominos for 7 years and while food service is never perfect on food safety I'm way more cautious than my roommates who haven't worked in food... they will eat meat that's been sitting out for hours and barely cold to the touch and I want to puke just thinking about it.


PossiblyMaybeNever t1_iwvi0kn wrote

Given that I hate to waste food, I’d be willing to try most anything. I have zero experience with this, but I’d rather experiment with this (and fail) than continue to eat something that is irritating the f out of my injured gums and possibly compromising the extraction site(s). Air fryers and convection ovens seem ideal for this kind of thing as they both use forced convection to heat food.


KamikazeArchon t1_iws9qsx wrote

Fixing your gums & wisdom tooth holes after you fuck them up by eating solid food too early is going to cost way more than $7.


Hamburrgler t1_iwt03i7 wrote

Thank goodness that didn’t happen to me. I got all 4 taken out and by day 3, I needed solid food so badly nothing could’ve stopped me. I went about eating regular food, waiting for that moment dry sockets would hit… it never came. I have a lot of sympathies for OP and I don’t blame them. Food tastes so much better when you can’t have them.


l337hackzor t1_iwtqfkb wrote

I was really fortunate, I only had two wisdom teeth (both tops I think) the other two were just naturally missing.

I had local freezing, no gas, 15 minutes in and out. I was eating solid food the same night.

I feel bad for people like OP getting dry socket, sounds pretty shitty.


Atiggerx33 t1_iwuedcj wrote

You can eat solid food the next day if you want (carefully and gently). Its sucking (straws, lollipops, cigarettes, joints, etc.) that's the primary cause of a dry socket.


turdennis t1_iwsnxrq wrote

DONT FORGET TO RINSE WITH SALT WATER AFTER YOU ARE DONE EATING. not sure how healed your holes are but Please keep them clean or you could get an infection!


NarrativeScorpion t1_iwsfuaf wrote

Stop eating them.

Mozzarella sticks reheat just fine in the oven. 10 minutes, and they go back to being crispy and gooey.


OtherElune t1_iwuyr4f wrote

That was going to be my advice too. Take them home, put them in the fridge to be reheated in the oven/air fryer. Then either eat a couple a day for the next few days as your teeth allow or give them to a pal, but to force oneself, no no no.


lenznet t1_iwsun4r wrote

If they're normally 4/$4 (which is essentially 1/$1) you could have stopped at 7/$7 and been justified in your spending. Those extra 5 could have just been a free bonus for a later snack if you had the means to keep them properly fresh. Everything in moderation.


somedudeonreddit69 t1_iwshcei wrote

I'm very sorry you're in pain. But picturing this has me in tears. Just some dude in a Walmart parking lot painfully shoveling mozzarella sticks in his face unwilling to stop. The sheer stubborn will power is astounding. Again I'm sorry for laughing at your misfortune but god damn it's funny


SSpookyGhostZ t1_iwsefco wrote

Been there, done that.

If you’re looking for advice: don’t finish it. The incoming dry socket is some of the worst pain I’ve been in, and I have a high pain tolerance. If you injure yourself or get something caught in your sutures, it could get infected or tear them, and that’s more 1) pain 2) expensive to fix than to just throw away.

Use a syringe with salt water to clean it and pack some gauze, it’ll be over before you know it friend.


Luck4334 t1_iwsv0tu wrote

Someone fucked up and didn't close the gaps, I was able to eat solid food after having mine taken off two days before


Active-Suit-224 t1_iwtsnzl wrote

Was looking for this. I've pulled like 6 teeth this year and every time it was okay to eat after a few hours. So 4 days sounds like a bad job


VanillaPudding t1_iws8nne wrote

Are they at least good quality sticks? - And what you dipping them in? I'm hungry...


Grantsdale t1_iwso761 wrote

They’re 12 for $7. In 2022. Gonna go with no.


Orbnotacus t1_iwsvjq9 wrote

My favorite part is you never seemed to consider just not eating it.

I commend you good sir.


SgtBrunost t1_iwsvit6 wrote

TIFU by reading this in bed, laughing so hard I woke up the dog. Have my Free Award and my upvote!


Bigmanhobo t1_iwscdsz wrote

Gotta power through bro ur doing gods work


nexusrage21 t1_iwt5x4r wrote

My law of Mozzarella Stick Theorem: There is no correct number of mozzarella sticks; only too few or too many.


Kzippa t1_iwu351q wrote

I'm having trouble believing that you could write this so well while you are in dental agony


Tronracer t1_iwsduof wrote

Could have been worse.

My friend from Italy recently passed away after choking to death on mozzarella. They must have some really thick mozzarella over there.


bigcatbunny t1_iwse8ja wrote

Oh, my guy. My painkillers deluded me into thinking I was healed enough to go out days after my surgery. Nobody bought it except my dad, who was like "hell yeah, let's go to cracker barrel." I've never been so miserable in a cracker barrel in my life 😭 the ultimate pain is knowing that pride got you there 😔


Shaun4444 t1_iwsn18d wrote

I’d throw away your food, or if you can save it for later. Because if you continue to eat your food and do dental damage, that damage might cost you more than the food you paid for


Zdog54 t1_iwsran7 wrote

Damn, literally right after getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth out I immediately went home and ate a full steak while I was still super high from the anesthesia lol.


Ethancordn t1_iwsrfn4 wrote

Reheat them in an Air fryer and they'll be good as new


Mardak5150 t1_iwsu7hn wrote

Don't be a coward. Finish those fucking sticks bro. You got this!


Double-Compote6552 t1_iwthzag wrote

I thought this was going to be story about lactose intolerance


[deleted] t1_iwtwpne wrote

>I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but relief feels so far away.

I know the post is about mozzarella but this is peak poetry 😂


acg7 t1_iww18bz wrote

"Hey -- Want to eat a full 12 pack of string cheese?"

"Hell no -- what is wrong with you bro? You know how awful that has to be for your stomach?"

"What if I deep fry them first?"

"You son of a bitch -- I'm in."


UnkaDee t1_iww5v8i wrote

My family's wondering why I'm laughing so hard.


shewy92 t1_iwwl74x wrote

>Halfway into the second stick I realize my mistake. My gums start to burn. My molars ache. My heart drops

> I've eaten about 7 of them

Why would you eat 5 more even after that? Also who cares if they don't taste as good later? Just pop them in the oven/air fryer for 5 minutes at 400F instead of hurting yourself for literally no good reason


Givemeurhats t1_iwsjxid wrote

Dentist advises against that


witchyanne t1_iwsnzhd wrote

I love battered mozzarella sticks, over crumbed. Which kind were they?

I hope everything is ok!


badpandaunicorns t1_iwsowf3 wrote

Mouth wash for dry mouth is now your best friend


CesarMillan_Official t1_iwt9dvw wrote

I ate steak and kettle chips 3 days after my surgery. I blew out nearly all my stitches. I was also out of my prescription that day. Don’t take hydros and drink liquor people. I was miserable for the rest of the week. I loved the pills too much.


PavlovzDogs t1_iwtb1ys wrote

The meal is not over until you hate yourself. Proceed...


jnoble87 t1_iwtp4kc wrote

I had the gastric sleeve surgery in May and I was told not to eat solid food until I was told I was allowed to.....I broke 1.5wks after surgery and tried to eat a very small soft taco with just meat and cheese and regretted the shit out of that decision. Hurt so damn bad I doubled over and it took me 4hrs to even consume half of it. It was good but damn it never again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Spider222222 t1_iwtvpxe wrote

Damn man I'd suggest seeing a dentist immediately


Ranik_Sandaris t1_iwu3rhe wrote

I had no idea a place existed where you could just get mozzarella sticks as a meal.


Atiggerx33 t1_iwudumh wrote

My dude, I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken at once (impacted), it should not hurt that bad still a week out.

I think you might have an infection/dry socket. If you smoked, used a straw, sucked on a lollipop even, you very likely have dry sockets and need to go back to the oral surgeon for treatment, or its just gonna keep getting worse.


hitoritab1 t1_iwus5ak wrote

Put the mozzarella down now!


ouid69 t1_iwuugox wrote

A complete nightmare. Heart goes out to u bruv.


amberellsworth t1_iwuw4md wrote

Definitely dry socket. Go back to the oral surgeon and they can pack it with cloves. You’ll get instant relief. I’m surprised you haven’t had pain before trying to eat.


Fiddled_Cherry t1_iwwale7 wrote

Just get an air fryer. You can reheat anything you want


avskyen t1_iwwg78t wrote

12 mozzarella sticks for 7 sounds like a great deal cant lie


Trick-Landscape5581 t1_iwxkzp9 wrote

I mean, I thought about making a joke, but I genuinely don't even want to anymore because that just sounds too painful.


127peter t1_iwul36a wrote

For God’s sake throw the sticks away you idiot. I think this post is phoney as fuck.