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PossiblyMaybeNever t1_iwscr0a wrote

The mozzarella sticks sounded delicious at the start but reading about your potential dental debacle (dry socket?) made me think otherwise.

Can you reheat them in an air fryer, convection oven, or possibly even a regular oven at a later date?


Terrivel119 t1_iwtr533 wrote

As someone who works at an Arby’s (Where this promo is run)

No. Maybe, but in my experience no. They leech some moisture out of the cheese and get unavoidably soggy. However comments are saying yes so maybe I’m just dumb.


JejuneEsculenta t1_iwv3h26 wrote

Air fryer generally solves that quite well. 400F for 5 minutes or so is plenty to crisp up and re-warm them


Terrivel119 t1_iwv3q63 wrote

Part of my problem is that I usually just eat them and don’t have any left. It’s my wife and kids who leave a couple, and we usually fail to properly refrigerate them after, so they wouldn’t be good safe anyway.


JejuneEsculenta t1_iwv47w7 wrote

I can think of nothing that would make them unsafe.

I mean, cheese was invented as a preservation method for milk. It ain't gonna go bad in a few hours. Especially with all of the salt in those bastards. 😀

If they were Steak 'Ums or something, sure... but...


Terrivel119 t1_iwv4f0z wrote

Well again, I work at a restaurant. My idea of “food safe” isn’t the layman’s version. I know it wouldn’t really be an issue, but some part of the back of my brain just doesn’t trust food that’s been left out.


DevourTheKing t1_iwwikp0 wrote

This!! I worked at dominos for 7 years and while food service is never perfect on food safety I'm way more cautious than my roommates who haven't worked in food... they will eat meat that's been sitting out for hours and barely cold to the touch and I want to puke just thinking about it.


PossiblyMaybeNever t1_iwvi0kn wrote

Given that I hate to waste food, I’d be willing to try most anything. I have zero experience with this, but I’d rather experiment with this (and fail) than continue to eat something that is irritating the f out of my injured gums and possibly compromising the extraction site(s). Air fryers and convection ovens seem ideal for this kind of thing as they both use forced convection to heat food.