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Hamburrgler t1_iwt03i7 wrote

Thank goodness that didn’t happen to me. I got all 4 taken out and by day 3, I needed solid food so badly nothing could’ve stopped me. I went about eating regular food, waiting for that moment dry sockets would hit… it never came. I have a lot of sympathies for OP and I don’t blame them. Food tastes so much better when you can’t have them.


l337hackzor t1_iwtqfkb wrote

I was really fortunate, I only had two wisdom teeth (both tops I think) the other two were just naturally missing.

I had local freezing, no gas, 15 minutes in and out. I was eating solid food the same night.

I feel bad for people like OP getting dry socket, sounds pretty shitty.


Atiggerx33 t1_iwuedcj wrote

You can eat solid food the next day if you want (carefully and gently). Its sucking (straws, lollipops, cigarettes, joints, etc.) that's the primary cause of a dry socket.