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GFs mom sent a picture to our group text asking if anyone could remove a smudge from a picture of a little boy riding a bike. I have a Google pixel 6, which has a feature called Magic Eraser that does a pretty good job at removing things from photos so I removed the smudge. Now this is where I fucked up. I edited the photo a second time and removed the boy completely and just left the bike. I thought it was funny. I showed my gf the photo and said "I fixed the photo for your mom". She responded with "Dude, what the fuck?" And I'm like "ehhh...what?"

Turns out the photo was of her little brother who died when she was younger. Needless to say, she mad, and I feel like an ass.

Just for clarity, I had never seen a picture of her little brother. And she has another brother too so I didn't really think about it.

Edit for added context: the photo sent to me was a picture of an old photo. The smudge was partially on the boy in the picture. GF wasn't mad for long but I'm still cringing at myself. Good thing I showed it to her first and didn't just send it to her mom lol.

TL;DR: I removed my GFs dead brother from a photo and now she's mad and I feel like an ass.



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Kangar t1_ix6e6jw wrote

Just tell her you'll fix it, and then photoshop in a tombstone.


ChumDumpsterr OP t1_ix6e8zu wrote



gdmzhlzhiv t1_ix79r7f wrote

I was thinking to shop the kid back in as a ghost.


Epicritical t1_ix7se73 wrote

Or one of those 80’s style family portraits with the kid oversized and transparent in the background.


flmhdpsycho t1_ix77lpd wrote

Nothing better than a hardcore double-down. At least when you're married gif


ClickClack_Bam t1_ix7s36o wrote

Thought you were going to say Photoshop in some stock photo of some rando kid on a bike.


JamesLeBond t1_ix7dgie wrote

I feel so guilty for laughing so hard at this 🤣


Dizzy-Style1219 t1_ix6cttv wrote

I'd feel like an a-hole too but how were you supposed to know? I get that people don't owe someone every story about their life but that seems like something that should have been brought up at some point


other_usernames_gone t1_ix78uk0 wrote

I guess it depends how long they've been together.


CrazyLeonGR t1_ix7djf2 wrote

Even if they haven't been together long enough for her to tell him about It, she doesn't have the right to be mad at him. She can be sad but not mad, how would he know?


[deleted] t1_ix7gcbp wrote



HauntedCS t1_ix7qc31 wrote

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ArchmageNinja22 t1_ix6h28z wrote

You didn't know she had a dead brother. However, you should still apologize. Tell her you genuinely had no idea and hope that she doesn't break up. Also, try to undo the erasing if possible. Hope this helps.


puffmaster5000 t1_ix6xc4t wrote

Lol if they break up over that it wasn't meant to be


Timestr3tch t1_ix747c4 wrote

Yeah that would be an insane thing to break up over lol


MrPdaPimp t1_ix7jlq8 wrote

At least if they break up, it's a very funny story. Feels like a high tech Curb Your Enthusiasm scenario


Nuushy t1_ix73wre wrote

> Also, try to undo the erasing if possible.

Reading this in context of the post is quite funny, honestly.


other_usernames_gone t1_ix790nr wrote

He only changed the copy of the photo on his phone. He can just delete that one, redownload the original from the group chat, then remove the smudge again.


AppalachianWidow t1_ixcxh6r wrote

I think he knew about the dead brother but didn’t realize it was him in the picture since she has another brother.


WesternEmoWitch t1_ix73fen wrote

I’m waiting on another TIFU post saying “TIFU by convincing my bf that I have a dead brother after he helped edit a family photo as a joke.”


ViscountBurrito t1_ix8b8h3 wrote

“He’s gonna be so mad when he meets my nephew at Christmas…”


Minister_of_XXX t1_ix8p3xu wrote

"tldr: convinced bf that I have a dead brother, he's actually my nephew. Bf met him at christmas party and freaked out, then left me for jesus"


QuinticSpline t1_ix7684j wrote

Dude just be glad you only showed your joke to one person and didn't post it to the group chat


Isco1899 t1_ix6exx7 wrote

How long you been dating to not know that?


glass_of_green t1_ix9wfwl wrote

I mean… not sure how showing a picture of a dead little brother is gonna be relevant anywhere in the relationship. I’m sure OP knew he existed, just that he never saw a picture of him.


Isco1899 t1_ixa1s4v wrote

My question is referring to how you date someone and not know basic information such as the # of siblings.


KR1S71AN t1_ix6yvor wrote

I hate people like your girlfriend. How is she getting mad when you didn't know? Clearly a harmless joke on your part given what you knew. Like how soft you have to be to get mad at this. You also have to be quite dumb to be mad at this.

Idk man, just hate people that make unnecessary drama


Sanshuu t1_ix721uk wrote

Idk maybe dead family members are points of emotional trauma for people and they deserve compassion when they react emotionally to the subject


dmomo t1_ix8h16h wrote

Seriously. But somebody who flat out says "I hate people like that" instead of "I hate when people do things like that" isn't exactly the pinnacle of empathy.


ILikeFPS t1_ix8rf3r wrote

Sure, that's fair. It depends how mad she is, how long she will stay mad at him, if she would break up with him over this, etc.

I can absolutely understand being mad and emotional about this, but if she would break up with him over a genuine mistake with no negative intentions and no context, that would be taking it too far IMO.


Swinella t1_ix77d3g wrote

...and on the other side of that emotional trauma coin are people who are angry for days because they dreamed you cheated. This could go either way.


ProphetOfPhil t1_ix7gupg wrote

Them not telling you about the brother is on them. How were you supposed to know some random kid was her dead brother?


__MTTHW__ t1_ix75ln1 wrote

I don't see how they can be mad at you, as literally the only reason editing someone out of a photo like that wouldn't be at least somewhat funny is if that person died... If they didn't tell you, and you didn't know, then they don't really get to be upset with you... I'd say you should apologize and they should accept your apology. If they don't that's more on them, as they should be more upset at the situation than at you specifically. Just my 2 cents though, I don't know these people obviously


TuckerCarlsonsOhface t1_ix7eruc wrote

NTA because you didn’t know, so it was unintentional. However, the image must have been very obviously old, so you could have inferred that it held some sort of personal/special meaning to the mom.


joe24lions t1_ix7nk2f wrote

You’re telling me this isn’t an ad by Google?


margot_kross t1_ix73g1p wrote

Just resend the photo with the brother there but no bike.


PracticeAsleep t1_ix6nqkj wrote

Maybe it's my warped sense of humor kill him but the fact of the matter is, that was really funny. Have a great day


babybluefish t1_ix74swf wrote

Ok ... I thought it was funny

I thought it was funnier after finding out he'd passed

BUT, I get it ... ouch, awkward

You didn't know, c'est la vie


PagingDrHuman t1_ix76rw5 wrote

While walking into the funeral parlor with my siblings for the first viewing of my mom, I asked my siblings if this meant we can no longer make "your mom" jokes. We all laughed about it. Death is stupid, you just gotta laugh at it.


logdeg t1_ix7bhdw wrote

NTA- if you’re going to be that sensitive about something, don’t involve somebody else without warning them. Dude was set up to be an asshole.


KhaineVulpana t1_ix7fe67 wrote

Tell her you were just doing Gods work.


jsantan13 t1_ix8nkdd wrote

this is absolutely hilarious


Teafairy6767 t1_ix8ojye wrote

oof, definitely not your fault but what a modern fuck up.


Phenotyx t1_ix7dlmk wrote

You couldn’t have known but this is fuckin hilariously fucked up bahahahhaha


JamesLeBond t1_ix7ehuw wrote

What you did was funny, and exactly what I would have done! It was just unfortunate. I wouldn't worry about it, fix it and explain again. Call yourself a twat and if you had known you obviously wouldn't have done it. Doesnt mean you are a twat, but making it personal highlights your awareness of what happened.

But don't beat yourself up about it, shit happens! Step up and you'll feel better for it.


jimmy_dimmick t1_ix7ls25 wrote

This title could basically be the title for my life story


ClickClack_Bam t1_ix7rzau wrote

You didn't IMMEDIATELY make a copy of the original photo? That's like kindergarten level shit to ALWAYS make a copy of the original.


Evelynn92 t1_ix7wg75 wrote

If she has a really good (and dark) sense of humour, she could do what I do and milk this opportunity. Just to make you feel like an ass.

There have been times where people have told me to “stand up straight”. To which I smile and I tell them “I have scoliosis, you ass”. The looks of regret amuse me.


queenofthenerds t1_ix7zkuy wrote

Hello. How people behave on the internet is not how they should behave in real life.


ItsRainingTrees t1_ix847zv wrote

Based on the rest of the account, I just assume this is an ad and I’m annoyed


ChumDumpsterr OP t1_ix86p1p wrote

I see how I could come to the same conclusion but def not an ad.


Potatonized t1_ix8aspa wrote

Pretty unfair to stay angry for something you didn't know. I understand brief outrage but i hope she's not gonna keep bringing that up.


telijah t1_ix8c3yf wrote

I recently lost my "little" brother as well and I could see the initial anger towards it, but I also have to admit I would have found that hilarious, even if you had the context of it. I am a fan of dark humor.


bubba4114 t1_ix9zhoi wrote

I feel like this is made up story to serve as an ad for the phone.


tikeu10 t1_ix73k4y wrote

Pretend it's a big from magic eraser and youy didn't see it deleted the boy and send the good one correctly edited


dead-vernon t1_ix983dn wrote

Photoshop some angel wings on, and Xs for his eyes and reply here ya go, lol.


RublesAfoot t1_ix7fa2l wrote

You don't think things through very well do you?


rbiopsy t1_ix77ria wrote

Also it’s strange to be in a text group with your GF’s mom