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RudeSprinkles1240 t1_iye4byg wrote

Yeah. Adulterating food items is a crime. Surprise! People have the right to knowingly consent to the things that are entering their bodies.


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RudeSprinkles1240 t1_iyf7hol wrote

Sure. Whatever you say. They "tripped balls." As one does when unknowingly consuming large quantities of cannabis. So funny. To "trip balls" on cannabis.

So not only are you ignorant of the concept of informed consent, but you have no understanding of the appropriate lexicon.

You're really neat-o, daddy-o.


smudgedl t1_iyegk1y wrote

Yes criminal, I live in a state where weed is legal but due to my job I cannot under any circumstances consume THC or CBD, if so I could very easily lose my job, and a whole host of other consequences. I'm not even supposed to associate with anyone who uses cannabis anyways but unfortunately living in a college town at the moment makes that near impossible.

Plus you don't know someone's circumstances, I know people who have awful reactions to weed, plus with the quantity that OP said was in them then that is surely enough to fuck someone up, and imagine if one of the friends had something important the next day and unknowingly ate a high dose edible thinking it was a regular brownie and now cannot make it to something important. Or a friend who has a medical condition like high blood pressure or a heart issue. Weed increases both heart rate and blood pressure and could very easily cause a medical emergency in someone who took that high of a dose and has an existing condition.

It isn't heroin but it is still illegal to drug someone's food, just in this case, it would be closer to criminal negligence. They're lucky there weren't any worse consequences.


AjahnAnarchy t1_iyemgtd wrote

Seriously. Who are these children who can’t handle a few hundred mils of THC? Maybe taste what you’re putting in your mouth and don’t pig out on brownies in the first place?