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A very late update to my tifu I made three years ago!

I'm writing this post to eternalize this moment on reddit as today is my wedding day to the same guy I drunkly correlated liking him to having a lactose intolerance.

I rushed to reddit to be reassured about my dumb ass move and all of you have been so supportive and have even asked for an update! The past three years were really really great in a broad way, it wasn't perfect, and we had our ups and downs but I'm genuinely happy right now! I'm glad I fucked up, and I wish for all of you to fuck up and to keep fucking up despite how awful it might turn out (okay to some limit, I mean)

Also, he told me that he requested that they would write "Happy wedding day to us Lactose Intolerance! Hey don't write that, her name is Alex", on our wedding cake. Will post pictures if that turns out to be true lol. Also Bojack Horseman reference in case no one noticed.




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OkVolume1 t1_ixvjikc wrote

You best be having milk at the reception.


DokterManhattan t1_ixw4zs1 wrote

Just make sure nobody spikes the milk with bath salts


autotuned_voicemails t1_ixxxue4 wrote

Take my award for the random IASIP reference. Personally I think it makes it even better that it happened to be the “wholesome” award lol.


cyanidepancakes t1_ixwp9m1 wrote

I feel like this definitely qualifies for /r/bestofredditorupdates.


phoenixatknight t1_ixyoc7m wrote

Ditto, I expect to see it posted there in 7 days.


lattice12 t1_ixzkwz9 wrote

I give it until the end of the day


ParallelLynx t1_ixzsase wrote

Their rules require a 7 day wait after the post before being reposted in there


lattice12 t1_ixzyq6z wrote

Is that a new rule? I remember for a while it was getting ridiculous with new posts about updates to the same story every other day.


ParallelLynx t1_iy97r5i wrote

I couldn't say, I only found that subreddit about a month ago lol


LuvLaughLive t1_ixvh06v wrote

I love this story! ♥️ Hilarious with the 'awwww' factor. From one newlywed to a soon to be: Congratulations! (My marriage, my 1st & his 3rd, was also born from a fuck up 😆)


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Halo_Chief117 t1_ixx234g wrote

The more you fuck around, the more you’re able to find out. If you don’t fuck around at all, you’ll never find out anything.


Dramatic-Necessary87 t1_ixvhvqm wrote

Aww! This is lovely. Good luck for today. Take a moment together to take it all in, it will go so quickly.


ShadowMadness t1_ixwrigk wrote

Huh, ain't that something. Turns out I upvoted the original post from three years ago.


The_Unreliable_94 t1_ixwbx11 wrote


Ah, there's the real FU.


conalfisher t1_ixyuqv1 wrote

DAE wife bad???????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


RichAd195 t1_ixz5xke wrote

I really hope they make it work. When people say things like “we’ve had our ups and downs and it wasn’t perfect” that to me could go either way as a red flag or just someone being reflective.


The_Unreliable_94 t1_ixzbgp1 wrote

Having ups and downs in a relationship isn't a red flag. I'm pretty sure that most people argue with their SO's from time to time, but still work through the rough patches.


RichAd195 t1_iy1tzjk wrote

I didn’t say having ups and downs in a relationship was a red flag. Mentioning it the way she did seemed like it could be because sometimes that’s how people put things when they’re trying to justify their decisions.


Scary-Alternative-11 t1_ixvwoiy wrote

Happy wedding day to you both!!!! I hope it's magical and everything you dreamed of!!!


RemoteBroccoli t1_ixwjua4 wrote


And people say reddit is bad, heck, even evil.
And then, something like this comes along. A small glimpse in the absolute shitshow of the world, and we smile like no tomorrow, we cry out of happiness, and hug our cats. If we have cats that is. I have, and they use my beer belly as a personal place to sleep.

but this gives us hope, a feeling so distant from before, something we read about in books, and something that Samwise told us about, but in the last few years, have been only in the books, but not at home.

OP. Tell your loved one that an internet stranger is happy for you, and if you can, give them a hug from my and my cats.


loughtthenot t1_ixwzm6q wrote

This is the fucking cutest post I've ever seen on reddit. Life is one shitfuck of a thing isnt it? XD! GOOD LUCK IN YOUR UNION AND LIFE TOGETHER!!!


variousshits t1_ixwjr3m wrote

Congratulations on the wedding and I wish you both the very best for your lives ahead!

Love the BoJack reference!


Fit_Schedule5951 t1_ixx8vd8 wrote

Looking forward to seeing this on r/bestofredditorupdates


Ziirael t1_ixvnso6 wrote

congratz! if you don't fuck around (or up) you don't find out. classic.


silver_quinn t1_ixwrhfv wrote

CONGRATULATIONS!! That's so sweet!


mrfluffles300 t1_ixwc3ox wrote

what a story, this is so wholesome


Zero0mega t1_ixwzrr0 wrote

This has gone far better than any times Ive texted one of my crushes, congrats on the wedding!


CanadianExPatMeDown t1_ixx680f wrote

Instructions unclear…

“Happy wedding day lactose intolerance! Hey don’t write that, her name is Alex”


Avlonnic2 t1_ixyxe2a wrote

That will require a big cake, a tiny font, or both.


Maddawg44 t1_ixydqz7 wrote

I thought this was gonna be the update to the girl that ate cheese pizza and then tried anal for the first time with a guy she met at her friends get together and she shit all over the both of them….


theyost t1_ixykhzw wrote

Happy for you :)


N0NameBoi t1_ixylaax wrote

Awwww, how sweet! I wish you guys many happy years together


flatox t1_ixz2ypv wrote

Just remember that the wedding itself is not even 1% of what it means to be married.

People have forgotten that these days. I'm rooting for you guys though, you seem wholesomr fron what little info u have been able to read in both posts.


Eriol_Mits t1_ixvru6b wrote

Congratulations on the best TIFU of your life, leading to hopefully the best day of your life.


BeansAndSmegma t1_ixx3yk3 wrote

Well this is cute as fuck, gonna sign off the internet tonight with this. ❤️


Numbah9Dr t1_ixxey8n wrote

Congratulations! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!


Pumaheart t1_ixxf3c2 wrote

That’s cute as hell!! Massive congrats 🎉


VirtuosoLoki t1_ixxoy9b wrote

congratulations Alex! all the best!


Surya_Raman t1_ixxpxhv wrote

Holy fucking shit congratulations, this is the best set of posts I've seen in a long time! The Bojack reference was just th absolute perfect thing to crown this. Take care of each other! All we have in this terrifying world are the connections that we make :)


dollyaioli t1_ixxusel wrote

i did this and he just called me bro


PenguinColada t1_ixxuy5s wrote

What a great update. Thanks for coming back to let us know y'all are taking another big step. Congrats on your wedding! May the both of you have many (milk free) years together.


JHTLP t1_ixygf3f wrote

Hehe. Oops!


StrawberryKiss2559 t1_ixyvk01 wrote

Congratulations! I love these kind of stories on Reddit 💜🎊💞


geedgad t1_ixzp86o wrote

I clicked back to your original TIFU and the “hehe. oops” is killing me


ThinkCow83 t1_ixw56se wrote

Too cute x! Happy Wedding Day xxxx


Reddoraptor t1_ixwdwbw wrote

I just want to say your username rules. Happy wedding day and congratulations!


namsur1234 t1_ixwgzhp wrote

Congrats!! This is so awesomely wholesome! I love it!


blazeit420weed t1_ixwhtgw wrote

Happy wedding day, team Lactose Intolerance!

Hope your kids would retain your sence for passion ;)


cjmn88 t1_ixwiqv9 wrote

Shutting off reddit for tonight, cant get better than this, congratulations! Your story filled me with hope


Assholejack89 t1_ixwlsgo wrote

Congratulations! May you and your soon to be husband have many more years of happiness.

Ngl, the TIFU is almost too good hahah. Does sound like what would lead to marriage tho.


jashuo t1_ixwr2wb wrote

This is goddamn adorable. Happy for you both


Shadowlance23 t1_ixwry3p wrote

Congrats! This was a great story. Hope you have many more happy ones in the years and decades to come.


PonyDro1d t1_ixwsgp1 wrote

Additional updoot points for the bojack reference.


waynechang92 t1_ixwvsxj wrote

I remember this from when you first posted! Stinkin happy for you both, hope everything goes well


yabbobay t1_ixwyg11 wrote

I love this. And it gives me hope ;)


ILikeFPS t1_ixwyim8 wrote

Aww, the wholesome story had a wholesome ending.


purduephotog t1_ixx28f6 wrote

For you, for the Future You, for the Future You (kids if you choose to have them) ... enjoy these moments and look back at them as you 'earn' new "HAHAHAHA" moments as well as the "FML" moments.
-They all balance out. I hope- for you and yours.

I've had good, I've had bad, but what I've had day in and day out is a Spouse that has loved me and taken care of me and accepted me even when I've rejected, withdrawn, and as I've even had to pull her back into the world. Marriage is a compact built upon trust and care, and it sounds as if yours has the most solid foundation you can have- humour.

Good luck. I'd send you a wilted yellow rose with the caption of "From Bessie the Cow, I miss your suckling", but you know that might not go over as well as I'd hoped...


(For the record I do not know the OP but I remember the story)


flyden1 t1_ixx4jh0 wrote

An actual Reddit happy ending. That's rare. Happy for you two.


Kithslayer t1_ixx6z4h wrote

Well congratulations!!


its-Artemis t1_ixx83o6 wrote

Wtf OP this is amaze, but we also need wedding cake pics tax!!!


mynameisalso t1_ixx895k wrote

Awww congrats it's nice to see a wholesome story from here.


Aztech10 t1_ixx9sg5 wrote

I just love this thank you for sharing. ❤️


ldawg413 t1_ixxfcfx wrote

Upvoted for bojack horseman reference (that I definitely noticed(I don’t know how to do the strike thru))


Obvious_Drink2642 t1_ixxnrk4 wrote

Congratulations OP sometimes our screw ups will lead to some of the greatest things in our lives


donnadeisogni t1_ixxr407 wrote

Oh what a cute story! Love it! Best of luck and a happy life to the two of you! 😍


Tyzorg t1_ixxrbip wrote

This is absolutely adorable!! LOL. "Lactose intolerance"

Sometimes even though you feel completely embarrassed at the things you drunkenly text, it's your subconscious saying "HEY BRO.. JUST SAY IT"


Eana9 t1_ixxts1b wrote

Congraaaaaaats! 🫠


zitfarmer t1_ixxwtg0 wrote

I see you're getting married, but are you single?


kyttyna t1_ixy1vfn wrote


Since he calls you lactose intolerance still, I hope you call him milk.

I have a habit of honest drunken confessions too. It's sort of a running joke with my friends.

But I am also that super nice drunk in the bathroom who hypes you up.

But that just means my hype is earnest and real.


Diesel1donna t1_ixy5v7x wrote

Hugest congratulations, and so much love to you. You've made me grin xxxx


algreda t1_ixyb9bw wrote

Aww congrats this is too sweet!!!!


beka13 t1_ixybrd2 wrote

Congratulations! I hope you both have a long a happy life together.


agent-99 t1_ixyjgw2 wrote

are you still in college?


conalfisher t1_ixyuoa8 wrote

> User Reports

> 1: Abusing all caps. Not ADA compliant


HoneyBlueDew t1_ixyzkav wrote

My husband said when he first kissed me, he thought he had food poisoning the way his stomach was fluttering and hurting. Turns out it was love.


im_a_dick_head t1_iy251md wrote

I had a drunk text moment in August with my crush of 8 years, not much came if it unfortunately, I kinda was too drunk to stand lmao.


Haquestions4 t1_ixwocqc wrote

""You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzki" - Michael Scott


RawDataCore t1_ixyhe9l wrote

Plot Twist: he finds out you have a throwaway account that you actually didn’t throw away for three years, meaning that you are very diligent with secret stuff, shady abilities, may have other dirty secrets, so he ends up divorcing you in two-three more years. Keep us updated!


sb76117 t1_ixwv70d wrote

Fuck. Yes.

I did this with my ex and she's leaving her husband now... you never know! Take a chance on your inner voice!


Kaishidow t1_ixyp6mx wrote

Ok. I don't give a single fuck


HatedTruth1 t1_ixwsibq wrote

Not one single person here remembered you. So thank you oh so much for the update


wewantcars t1_ixwoiu3 wrote

Update us when u get divorced too


MysticalElk t1_ixwws2p wrote

Yeah I'm assuming OP and her SO are about a year out of college. Dated for two years in college, he probably proposed just before or just after graduation, a literal third of their relationship time has been spent planning a wedding and the other two thirds were happy college fun times.

I've seen this exact formula happen and fail about 7 times already with people I was friends with and/or acquaintance of back in college and I'm not even 30 yet


tosch901 t1_ixykyxe wrote

I don't know what college you attended, but I don't know many people that had "happy college fun times" from 2020-2022.


MysticalElk t1_iy15vj7 wrote

Fair point, I was out a few years before the pandemic