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KornPuf OP t1_iw1lznq wrote

wait they can? shit


MadHouseFire t1_iw1mw5o wrote

You have to call your bank and explain the situation not doing anything is not a good ecision if you explain your illness that will give you grace with the bank to just get it converted


silent_cat t1_iw2bsj4 wrote

Honestly, just ring up and say you found your card and you forgot the transaction and offer to pay it back. You're surely not the first person this has happened to. And it gives you the piece of mind they're not going to suddenly find out.

I once reported my card lost because I couldn't find my wallet. I was panicing about all the stuff I was going to have to replace. Turn up to work on monday and there it is on my desk.


sirc314 t1_iw6tv8c wrote

This. It happens all the time. They're not going to care about $80, but if you're worried about it, you can call them and say you do recall now that the charges were from you.


Raiddinn1 t1_iw1njsr wrote

You didn't defraud yourself. You had 80 bucks and you still do. Instead, you have 80 worth of stuff and the bank has 80 bucks less.

What exactly do you think fraud is if you don't think it has to do with lying to banks to gain money?

Unfortunately, there is no easy out here, because fraud is a serious crime and being stupid or having a bad memory aren't solid defenses to it. You don't get to say you spent all this money but you forgot you did it so you should get all the money back and still keep the stuff.

How would the world function if that was OK?

You can take no action and hope they don't find out what happened. That could work out poorly if they can prove you got the stuff you spent the 80 on.

You could tell them to take their 80 back and hope you don't get entered into systems as a know fraud person.

Best case banks will think you are a bad risk, because you totally are.


I_eat_sand_everyday t1_iw34su4 wrote

But if the bank knows about OPs illness will they be more understanding?


Raiddinn1 t1_iw38fh2 wrote

It's possible.

Still, Its a serious thing and banks don't like people committing fraud, even if it's on accident or unintentional or whatever.