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DubstepJuggalo69 t1_ixxbam0 wrote

She knew.

Or at least she had a strong suspicion.

You mentioned that he left the building with someone who happened to be a woman, and that was enough information for her to freak out?

She must have known something was up for a long time.


CreepyEntertainer t1_ixx4qap wrote

Anyone can sue anyone for anything, does he have a valid case, no. Fuck those cheating assholes for putting you all in that position. They get what they deserve hopefully. And even though the wife is distraught I am sure she would want the truth.


AcidicGreyMatter t1_ixxjtg4 wrote

He probably wants to sue for what his cheating ass is no longer entitled too, serves him right for being a slime bag.

The last thing I would want on my deathbed, is to unknowingly leave all my stuff to a cheating piece of shit, atleast this woman can die with some dignity knowing the truth and diverting whatever she has left to the people who actually care about her.


YoshiSan90 t1_ixxoc27 wrote

Right! It’s a hotel not a hospital. He’s not protected by some weird front desk HIPPA.


Major_Zucchini5315 t1_ixxge5r wrote

I’m not sure I believe that she’s terminal. He could he telling Mary this to string her along. Telling her that he can’t divorce her to be with Mary because she’s dying, etc etc, knowing full well that he has no plan to leave his wife.


introsetsam t1_ixxhivm wrote

and guilt mary into not trying to sabotage the relationship herself


SnakeBeardTheGreat t1_ixxmzlf wrote

That was what I was going to say. The husband saying I can't leave my wife She has terminal cancer. But when she croaks it's you and me baby!


SegFaultX t1_ixxan3d wrote

If you didn't say anything she would have left everything for him, instead of spending it and enjoying it on herself.


Kardessa t1_ixx5pnq wrote

Oh that poor woman. Honestly you did the right thing. I'm sure she's devastated but it's better to know than to have things hidden


johnnycakeAK t1_ixxav1k wrote

Ah yes, the classic hotelier-guest confidentiality privilege.


goodforabeer t1_ixxe72d wrote

Who is Jeff?


i_worstofall t1_ixxf9br wrote

I have absolutely no idea what is going on here.


umadbraugh t1_ixxgvrb wrote

She just wanted everyone to know that Thomas is Jeff. Jeff is his real name.


TrixicAcePolyamEnby t1_ixxh8m2 wrote

No, no, no...that's the other Jeff. We're talking about Jeff R, who is the father of Thomas (who, incidentally, goes by "Tom").

Tom is Jeff R.'s son.


Robobvious t1_ixxgzmq wrote

I mean he took her to this hotel where he's having an affair and while she was waiting for him in the lobby he drove off with the other woman. Idk how else she would have taken that so it's not on you imo. Idk how this dude could think he wasn't about to get caught. Hope his dick falls off.


introsetsam t1_ixxeh85 wrote

nothings wrong w what you did but i do find it a bit annoying that you care a bit more because she’s a preacher. what does that change about anything? if she wasn’t a preacher or religious she wouldn’t be as pure and deserving of empathy? i don’t get it


Robobvious t1_ixxh5n9 wrote

Well if someone cheats on their abusive and narcissistic spouse I would have more sympathy for them than if they cheated on their dying church pastor spouse. Like it or not context does make a difference of degrees.


introsetsam t1_ixxhbt2 wrote

so being a pastor means you can’t possible be a cheating narcissist abuser…… that’s a funny joke 🥴


roymondous t1_ixxe0ax wrote

Sounds like this was confirmation of something she suspected for a while. Not your fuck up, the guy’s fuckup. Seems he feels entitled and such to do whatever he wants and get away with it. It’s amazing how awful some people are like that.

He can’t sue for anything (as in have a valid case) because it’s all true. And of course if anything does come of it, especially if he goes off on you guys, just ask him calmly if ‘you’re cheating on your dying wife and you’re trying to blame us for her finding out?’.

Also, yes. She is a preacher for god’s sake. Generally that’s how it works ;) badumdum chh


pinuslaughus t1_ixxg62e wrote

No, this let's the pastor put her affairs in order, cutting out the cheater if she wishes


Round_Brush_4828 t1_ixxhlw7 wrote

Hopefully, if she has a life insurance policy he will no longer be the beneficiary.


walk_through_this t1_ixxltoo wrote

Honestly I have yet to hear of a situation where the person getting cheated on didn't deserve to know. I mean, there's some truly heinous offenses going on here.

Some definitions, first:

Cheater- the one going outside the relationship

Cheatee- the one in the relationship who is being faithful

Accessory - the one commiting the cheating with the cheater, a.k.a the 'side piece'.

  1. The cheater is letting the cheatee build their whole life on promises that the cheater knows they aren't keeping. Like, what happens when the cheatee buys a house with the cheater? Or decides to start a family? Keeping someone from the truth in such huge matters is evil.

  2. The cheater is wasting the cheatee's time. You can get more money, find new friends, move to a new town. But you can never take back the time you give a person. When you cheat you take away the entire relationship from the other person. All that time, ruined by selfish choices. The woman in this story whose husband of 40 years is screwing around - even though it's not true, how could she keep herself from feeling that her life was wasted, loving a man who chose not to love her back? The cheater in this case just took a lifetime of memories, and poisoned those memories with doubt and resentment.

People who cheat on their partners are selfish cowards. You want to bang someone else? Fine. Break up, get a divorce, pay the price that ending a relationship demands. Own up to the fact that you don't want to keep your promises anymore. My dad told me one thing when I started dating: 'Break her heart if you must, but don't waste her time. If she's gonna have to get over you, the best thing you can do is let her start getting over you right away.'



Harry_Gorilla t1_ixxerqc wrote

He’s just mad because this was the last of his mistresses and now she knows about all of them


never_on_time t1_ixxmqrn wrote

May not be the time but I'm also an earthbound misfit, tongue-tied, twisted


funguy202 t1_ixxf2su wrote

No offense but you should just mind your own business. Stay at peace by not getting involved. Could have turned out worse and you don't want to get in the middle of that. Protect yourself


nbrtrnd t1_ixxfwry wrote

Mind your own business in the future. Your never know what someone else's lifestyle is and it's none of your business at all. All you've done is make sure that this poor woman has an even more miserable end to her life.


conservadordegrasas t1_ixx2ai5 wrote

This is why people should mind their business. Life is much simpler then. Nevertheless, don’t beat yourself up about it. Life goes on!


NerdyToc t1_ixx6kwq wrote

If your significant other was cheating on you, you wouldn't want to know?


thatonealtchick t1_ixxasij wrote

Nah mind your business. Let his wife get bent over and double stuffed like an Oreo while he’s none the wiser to why she won’t let him touch her anymore and working “late nights” or having to go on overnight “business trips” and coming home smelling like his brothers cologne.


Harry_Gorilla t1_ixxep5f wrote

Lol! Are you minding your own business while telling others to mind their own business? Hypocrit