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zeldamuffin OP t1_ix04ajo wrote

Reply to comment by redbucket75 in TIFU by eating out by zeldamuffin

the door doesn't have a lock


InterestedDawg t1_ix08cwj wrote

books, anything heavy, your aunt's dead body... only joking.


Chanchito171 t1_ix2bg1a wrote

Yup, just a heavy thing will stop somebody enough for you to yell out "don't come in here!"


JackAquila t1_ix3ibnl wrote

A big old wooden plank rigged to fall on the opener


cosmic-armadillo t1_ix29sez wrote

Then you fucked up by having sex in a room with no lock in someone else's house 🤷🏻‍♀️


penderhippy t1_ix3479b wrote

>Then you fucked up by having sex in a room with no lock in someone else's house 🤷🏻‍♀️

didn't she say she's in her bedroom?!


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix3v2ie wrote

Yeah it is mine


penderhippy t1_ix3xid9 wrote

you live there?


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix400ea wrote

No, I used to stay over often so I have my own bedroom


penderhippy t1_ix48t2u wrote

then i hate to break it to you but that's your former bedroom / guest bedroom


cosmic-armadillo t1_ix54awy wrote

Yeah, I used to live with my grandparents and had a room at their house. After I moved out, it became their room again. I recently moved back in with my grandmother because my grandfather passed away, and we still have our family reunions here, and I still wouldn't have sex here during one, especially with someone I haven't even introduced to my family as my bf/gf. And my door does have a lock. It's just disrespectful.


jaybankzz t1_ix3gknz wrote

You should have taken a hint from Friday after next

> I convinced Donna to come back to the party, brought her to my room, slid my dresser in front of my door and gave myself an early Christmas present