Submitted by zeldamuffin t3_yzi20c in tifu

So my girlfriend and I recently attended a family get together of mine consisting of most of my family members, the event was held at my grandparents house where I used to stay over every couple weeks growing up.


Everything is going well, good party, it was nice meeting a lot of my family that I hadn't seen in a while, although some of them don't know that we're dating and probably shouldn't find out at an event like this, (we're both women and some of them might not be a fan of that).


So anyway as the party started to heat up a bit more I started to get a bit overwhelmed so we went back to my old bedroom and hung out there for a little while, we talked about the different things in the room and we shared stories from growing up, and then eventually we started to have sex.


Sex was going well and at one point we swapped positions and I started to eat her out, and then we hear a knock on the door IMMEDIATELY followed by the door opening, it's my aunt, my aunt who is quite traditional and doesn't even like straight people having sex before marriage, and there I am, her precious innocent niece almost completely naked with a mouthful of another woman's pussy.


We're all absolutely mortified, she yells out of shock, my girlfriend jumps out of bed and covers herself up, and I'm just lying there.


My aunt just left the room and went back to speaking with her husband.


My girlfriend and I quietly left the party and went home.


TL;DR: Attended family event, Aunt who doesn't know I'm in a same-sex relationship caught me eating out my girlfriend.


EDIT: I should probably clarify, the event was almost entirely outside and I couldn't think of any reason for someone to come inside and all the way across the decently large-ish house to come to my bedroom.


EDIT 2: The door does not have a lock, and the room was never repurposed and is still mine for me to use whenever I am there, also the Aunt who walked in on us is not the same Aunt as the one who I accidentally sent a naked photo to in a previous post of mine.



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undeadeater t1_ix1pell wrote

Here I thought I was gonna hear about bad taco bell but instead I got to hear about you ringing someone else's taco bell


Kantas t1_ix2w94j wrote

Sex before marriage? she's going to Taco Hell.


Desq1983 t1_ix2pi9f wrote

Name checks out - well close enough


kiwidude4 t1_ix2zphp wrote

It’s only 5am and I can say with some certainty this will be the best play on words I hear today.


Icy_Engine_7648 t1_ix04jbd wrote

Well now you don't have to worry about how to tell your family


redbucket75 t1_ix00ng3 wrote

You really just fucked up by not locking the door


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix04ajo wrote

the door doesn't have a lock


InterestedDawg t1_ix08cwj wrote

books, anything heavy, your aunt's dead body... only joking.


Chanchito171 t1_ix2bg1a wrote

Yup, just a heavy thing will stop somebody enough for you to yell out "don't come in here!"


JackAquila t1_ix3ibnl wrote

A big old wooden plank rigged to fall on the opener


cosmic-armadillo t1_ix29sez wrote

Then you fucked up by having sex in a room with no lock in someone else's house 🤷🏻‍♀️


penderhippy t1_ix3479b wrote

>Then you fucked up by having sex in a room with no lock in someone else's house 🤷🏻‍♀️

didn't she say she's in her bedroom?!


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix3v2ie wrote

Yeah it is mine


penderhippy t1_ix3xid9 wrote

you live there?


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix400ea wrote

No, I used to stay over often so I have my own bedroom


penderhippy t1_ix48t2u wrote

then i hate to break it to you but that's your former bedroom / guest bedroom


cosmic-armadillo t1_ix54awy wrote

Yeah, I used to live with my grandparents and had a room at their house. After I moved out, it became their room again. I recently moved back in with my grandmother because my grandfather passed away, and we still have our family reunions here, and I still wouldn't have sex here during one, especially with someone I haven't even introduced to my family as my bf/gf. And my door does have a lock. It's just disrespectful.


jaybankzz t1_ix3gknz wrote

You should have taken a hint from Friday after next

> I convinced Donna to come back to the party, brought her to my room, slid my dresser in front of my door and gave myself an early Christmas present


Sw1fto t1_ix1rw4w wrote

Bruh cmon, how is it her fault not her aunt’s for knocking and not waiting!?


redbucket75 t1_ix1uby8 wrote

It's literally not her house, there's no expectation of privacy during a family gathering at a place you don't live


Sw1fto t1_ix1uhlr wrote

I get that, and 100% why would they be having sex there, but then why knock at all? Like why knock on a bathroom door and not wait a couple second to see if someone’s in there


FireWireBestWire t1_ix2duca wrote

Let me introduce you to half of American households. The knock is an announcement of entry, not a request for it.


g297 t1_ix2pw08 wrote

"I'm respecting your privacy by knocking but asserting my authority as your parent by coming in anyway"


Royal-Dust6837 t1_ix1yrzc wrote

Probably cause she doesn’t expect to see OP and her girlfriend hiding away nakedly sucking mounds in what was probably a children’s room.


vatoreus t1_ix2eyau wrote

From the sounds of it, it’s her room at her grandparents’ large house. I’ve known many a grandparent to keep a room for their grandchildren, even after their all grown up.


redbucket75 t1_ix201a4 wrote

It was a bedroom, not a bathroom. And a quick knock before opening isn't abnormal, though I agree it's dumb if you don't wait a few seconds


rhymes_with_snoop t1_ix2cryg wrote

Real question, though, what purpose does knocking do if you don't wait for a response? What does it accomplish to knock then immediately walk in?


redbucket75 t1_ix2ev3d wrote

You'd have to ask someone who does it. Maybe avoid startling the easily startled?


Thrawn89 t1_ix3li31 wrote

We live in a society. Social customs exist so that people are used to interacting with each other in a relatively consistent way. Everyone acts differently, sure, but when a social customs is violated, it's extremely noticable. They don't always have practical use or make sense.

Knocking before entering is a social custom that people follow even though they intend on opening the door without a response.


WhiteK1t t1_ix14xsk wrote

why the hell would you have sex at a family gathering


Theoldcuccumber t1_ix2u1sg wrote

Cause they’re extremely boring if you don’t really want to be there


Oujii t1_ix315co wrote

Well, yea. But you’re still doing something that will upset your family or even worse just for boredom or shits and giggles.


DangerousDave303 t1_ix1d3vz wrote

Why not?


mihea828 t1_ix0tb2p wrote

y'all brave af for doing that with so many people around 💀


Daikon510 t1_ix2yptw wrote

Actually it’s like being comfortable. I assume this wasn’t their first time doing around with ppl 💀


UnadvertisedAndroid t1_ix02qhs wrote

These stories always piss me off because the asshole who walked in without waiting to be invited is always the one at fault, yet never takes the blame. Your aunt is a busybody that deserved to see that for being so nosy.


harleyspoison267 t1_ix0rgij wrote

Both during HS and when I moved back in temporarily as an adult after an injury, my mother would knock on the door as she was opening it. She had the gall to complain a time or two about me being naked (i like to sleep naked and big boobs make finding lounge clothes difficult). I told her I WOULD be clothed if i was expecting COMPANY! My lil sib says she still pull this shit now. So ridiculous.


JeffroCakes t1_ix1ba01 wrote

Some parents don’t know how to transition from a parent/child relationship to an adult/adult one. It’s kinda pathetic.


harleyspoison267 t1_ix1f5vj wrote

Yeah, it's been tough. I'm 26 now and engaged and raising my step kids so it's frustrating.


ExcessiveGravitas t1_ix35fsu wrote

We’ve been knocking and waiting at our son’s door since he was about seven. It’s not about the offspring being adult, it’s about them being human.


mightyneonfraa t1_ix0u4bh wrote

She's not a busybody. She didn't know they were together in the first place and OP was the one with the bright idea to fuck at her grandparent's house during a family get-together.


JeffroCakes t1_ix1bl1i wrote

Seems like you think it’s acceptable to go barging into a bedroom when the door is closed. In which case, you need to learn about boundaries.


mightyneonfraa t1_ix1s1rj wrote

I think the person who decides to have sex in somebody else's house needs to worry about boundaries. Especially her grandparents.


Vega5529 t1_ix29i5e wrote

How tf are you getting downvoted? Who goes to someone else's house for a party, fucks off upstairs and has sex while everyone is still here. Like maybe if you were in college or something buts it's literally a family house filled with family members


mightyneonfraa t1_ix2bxej wrote

Dunno. My best guess is people read the aunt being "traditional" and decided she must be a monster even though sneaking off to fuck in somebody else's home is weird and disrespectful and no reasonable person would expect to find you doing it. Especially when they don't know you're with your significant other and especially when it's family.


JeffroCakes t1_ix1vu04 wrote

Did you not see it’s where she used to routinely stay? It’s not like it was a stranger’s house. Depending on how her family operates, her grandparents’ house may have been like a second home to her. It’s not unheard of for grandparents to play a parental role from time to time.


mightyneonfraa t1_ix1wmo1 wrote

I used to actually live at my grandfather's. As in, it was my actual home for awhile. I still wouldn't go back to my old room there to sleep with my girlfriend at Christmas or whatever.


Jacob309 t1_ix28sik wrote

I agree with ya a family party in a house you used to stay at is not the best time to have sex. If it was their current place sure the aunt us at fault party or not.


ProbablyNotADuck t1_ix2y03f wrote

Maybe that also used to be her aunt's room, and her aunt didn't feel the need to knock either. Presumably, her aunt once lived there. My niece sleeps in my old bedroom when she stays at my parents' house. The door is routinely kept closed. I wouldn't think to knock before entering.

The reality is that a family get-together is not the place to bang your partner... especially not when there isn't even a lock on the door, and then amplified even more when you're intentionally making sure that no one knows you're actually together.


UnadvertisedAndroid t1_ix1pa72 wrote

You never walk into another person's bedroom, unless you've been specifically invited, when the fucking door is closed. This is common courtesy and respect.

ETA: Especially in a house you don't own. Holy fuck was her aunt entirely wrong. Had her GMa walked in, you could say "well, at least it's her house'. Doesn't make it right, but it's at least her house. Aunt had no business walking in. None.


mightyneonfraa t1_ix1rxuc wrote

I agree with you if OP was in her own home which she wasn't. She was at her grandparent's and was in the room she used to stay in. She was at somebody else's house during a family gathering. Aunt had no reason to assume she'd be having sex at the time because who does that at their grandparents' place?


BigBoiBrynBoi t1_ix2vp5i wrote

A lot of debate about the ethics behind this, relax they didn't fuck in your bedroom


edogfu t1_ix2jdke wrote

"So anyway the party started heating up..."

I mean whenever I go to a family gathering at my grandparents house I always have a raging hard-on as they get so fucking hot. /s

What. The. Fuck.


BigBoiBrynBoi t1_ix2viwz wrote

I presume they meant started getting a little uncomfortable, heated in the social sense


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix3utms wrote

Heating up as in more people started showing up, I don't like large crowds so it got stressful


pereira325 t1_ix3vs2d wrote

Yes so stressful that you went to your old bedroom at grandma's house and started having sex during a family gathering. Rule #1 expect no privacy during a family gathering


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix3vx8m wrote

It's not like we went there with the intention of having sex, we just did


Bactereality t1_ix71e9g wrote

Yes, and these are the consequences of living by your impulses. 🤷‍♂️


blac_sheep90 t1_ix2xzfr wrote

Bet the more conservative side of her family started bringing up politics/religion up and that created tension.


skeptic_slothtopus t1_ix00von wrote

Maybe not the place or the time, but I hope for everyone's sake that they decide to just get over it.


StygianPrime t1_ix02pzv wrote

Maybe, maybe, maybe...

Don't have sex at your grandparents' house. I can't believe I have to say this.



snoop_bacon t1_ix3hb0g wrote

It's just sex, they weren't doing heroin. Maybe their relative should have the decency to knock and wait for a response like an adult


StygianPrime t1_ix3l5tl wrote

Hang on a second here. Having sex? Not a big deal. Having sex in the house with other family around?

Kind of fucked up. This is a TIFU. Even the OP realizes they fucked up. If you can't see that, I kind of question your common sense. I can't imagine being horny in my grandparents' house and willing to act on the horny right then and there.


pereira325 t1_ix3whaf wrote

It's a family event imagine you've got younger cousins or children about. Imagine they're playing hide and seek because they're bored and they stumble into your room where you're doing the dirty?! Hell Imagine anyone's playing hide and seek and finds you. I wouldn't even knock on a door which is closed, I'd just open it not expecting anyone to be in there... because why would they?! Lack of self-control means this was a total deserved FU.


StygianPrime t1_ix6m9ph wrote

Right? I'm hoping this person is a teenager, but I've known plenty of 20-somethings that would make decisions this.... questionable.

In what world is getting hot and heavy with your girlfriend in the same house as all of your still-awake-relatives a good idea?


iamreenie t1_ix2uhyd wrote

Yup, you fu. Why the hell did you have sex at your grandparent's home during a family gathering and in a room in which the door doesn't lock?

Awful guest you are. On the bright side, you don't have to worry about coming out to your extended family.


Shizophone t1_ix3a5pf wrote

Yeah im all for a tad of excitement but this is just a bit disrespectful innit


iamreenie t1_ix573ak wrote

It is. Then OP acts like it's her Aunts fault for coming inside her mom's home and busting her having sex. Jeesh.


carthous t1_ix3ck0d wrote

What I was going to say. You don't fucking have sex at a family gathering, wdf is wrong with people.


volneyave t1_ix1hv8s wrote

Why in the world would you do that? You were invited to a party, it was disrespectful of your host to have sex in their house even if it was your old room Get a Room for goodness sake.


Specialist-Pepper-80 t1_ix2udhx wrote

They… did get a room? And the aunt didn’t even give time for them to answer? She obviously doesn’t understand privacy. Gives the same vibe as someone knocking on the bathroom door and immediately jiggling the handle without waiting for a response.


rush_3 t1_ix2zmom wrote

They got a room at a house that wasn’t theirs with a door that didn’t lock. Yes, the aunt is wrong for not waiting for an answer after knocking, but why do that at someone else’s house? And during a family gathering, no less? Bizarre decision making.


parophit t1_ix1lnry wrote

I hope you didn’t break eye contact with your aunt and established your dominance.


AcrobaticSource3 t1_ix0ojtk wrote

> I couldn’t think of any reason for someone to come inside

Except for the 2 of you trying to come inside :) You do you, sis


nbd789 t1_ix2l1tx wrote

> Except for the 2 of you trying to come inside

She said they’re lesbians, probably not used to people coming inside, especially without asking


mrssuga_7 t1_ix0ypyw wrote

You aunt should've waited after knocking. There's a reason to why knocking-culture exist. She saw what she needs to see and that's on her cause room is literally a private space.

At least be glad you don't gotta think of a way to explain your family about the relationship :) Hope things get better for you!


MakeMeOolong t1_ix24b5f wrote

Your argument about the so called knocking-culture would only be valid if OP was in her own bedroom, or in the toilet. Not in someone else's house, where she doesn't live anymore, during a family gathering.


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix3vfj0 wrote

It is my bedroom


Mayzerify t1_ix3zjgb wrote

Your old bedroom where you no longer sleep or live.


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix403ib wrote

It's still mine


pak9rabid t1_ix4eylk wrote

So what, you’re paying rent for it or something?


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix4n14v wrote

No they just haven't done anything with the room


MakeMeOolong t1_ix5mkio wrote

You're missing the point. The only fact that they haven't done anything with it yet doesn't mean it's still yours, or that they should behave as if you were still living there.

Stop acting like an ungrateful child...


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix64dic wrote

> The only fact that they haven't done anything with it yet doesn't mean it's still yours

No but my grandmother explicitly telling me it's still my room if I ever want to come and visit again does mean it's still mine.


MakeMeOolong t1_ix68jm6 wrote

Very well, you're right. Your aunt is an awful person and she should definitely apologise for catching you fuck in a perfectly appropriate time and space without locking the door. Please accept my apology.


[deleted] t1_ix25j9g wrote



diff-int t1_ix26jx7 wrote

Old bedroom...


ProbablyNotADuck t1_ix2y87n wrote

Not even old bedroom.. Just the room they stayed in whenever they stayed with their grandparents. It is entirely possible that many other people also stayed in that room with relative frequency.


Vega5529 t1_ix29ops wrote

And maybe if you could read you'd see it was a bedroom she used to sleep in years ago when she was a child and stayed around


Kramerica5A t1_ix2av5t wrote

Talking shit about other people's reading comprehension when you failed to understand the text is classic, lol.

>the event was held at my grandparents house where I used to stay over every couple weeks growing up.

>we went back to my old bedroom and hung out there for a little while

Not her house, she never even lived there full time, she just stayed in the room when visiting grandma years ago. You'd know if you had read the beginning.


MakeMeOolong t1_ix5mrx4 wrote

Lmao, I was about to answer to your comment, but others have roasted you well enough. Hope you'll read with more attention next time. :)


Setthegodofchaos t1_ix1cyi2 wrote

I thought this was gonna be a fuck up of eating at a restaurant. I was so confused when you mentioned pu$$y. And I'm wondering, "what kind of menu item is that?!" Lol.


HezzyConnects t1_ix2qkbr wrote

I just can't believe someone would do this in a room without a lock at an awkward family event.


Teejayone t1_ix2ydru wrote

You mentioned you and your gf quietly left the Party and went home. Couldn’t you have done it in the first place?


Ya-Dikobraz t1_ix2gu0f wrote

I used to have friends with my SO in vaguely inappropriate places. In no way would I ever blame anyone but myself if we were discovered. Later on in life I realised how stupid it was.


Pioppo- t1_ix2v09m wrote

tbh i find It so disrespectful to fuck in someone else's house, especially with door unlocked, a party and not even your own bed sheets. Disgusting ngl


stunafish t1_ix34gwv wrote

So they didn't figure out you were with a woman even after you sent them a picture of yourself with a strap-on a few weeks ago?


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix3tpql wrote

It was a different aunt from the one in that group chat


stunafish t1_ix41s4p wrote

My mistake, sorry. Hope things will end up okay for you in both situations.


mrlittleoldmanboy t1_ix2qay3 wrote

I think deep down you wanted to be caught, for some reason. This was an awful idea lmao


ProudCar5284 t1_ix2q0tl wrote

I’d shame you for not being able to keep it in your pants during a family get together but I might’ve done the same depending on who I was with, so nvm.


VileAvatar t1_ix2pvtl wrote

Let us know how Thanksgiving goes.


stevey83 t1_ix2lt90 wrote

How didn’t she know already? You sent a pic to her in a previous post?


Kraymur t1_ix4g13f wrote

"Although some don't know that we're dating and probably shouldn't find out at an event like this" start having sex?


[deleted] t1_ix00sz3 wrote



Limp_Will16 t1_ix01uoi wrote

I dunno… if you’re in someone else’s home, I think common decency is having a half ounce of self control? Opening a door in your own home? Seems less rude.


Affectionate_Math_96 t1_ix32uf9 wrote

It could've been worse.

In fact, I think your aunt might be so embarrassed she won't say anything 🤷🏻‍♀️


FelixVulgaris t1_ix3xgel wrote

Do people not have locks on bedroom doors?


Lumpy-Ad-3201 t1_ix0k61i wrote

The proper response: when she walked in, get up and put a hand on her should. Make eye contact, and say "It's about fucking time, my tongue is getting tired." Give her a little nudge forward.

No matter what happens, when you finish up (and you should finish), walk out, look right at her, and ask "What did we learn about knocking on door today?" Assert control of the situation, make her the uncomfortable one, since you did nothing wrong.


Gamblersluck954 t1_ix2cjsa wrote

At that point you might as well ask them to leave so you can finish what you started.


krichard-21 t1_ix3dl4z wrote

Rule number 1.

Lock the door!!!


Educational-Pea2157 t1_ix43o4s wrote

Didn’t your aunt already know you were dating? As you once sent a picture of you only wearing a strap on with the caption ‘I miss u’. Reading your post history is.. interesting


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix43zuw wrote

Different aunt


Educational-Pea2157 t1_ix49p8v wrote

Aah that makes sense. Your family must think you are really aggressive at coming out


Bactereality t1_ix725y9 wrote

Probably bored with it at this point. Whats next, you go to a surprise party and when the lights pop on there you two are, incidentally scissoring?


CodAdministrative563 t1_ix4bpao wrote

Lol. So your aunt caught you. But from your perspective to each their own


xkoreotic t1_ix591kk wrote

Y'all horndogs need to learn what not to do at a family gathering, sheesh.


InterestedDawg t1_ix9jmo1 wrote

This reminds me of a story, and I'm not sure if it's an urban legend. Maybe someone will remember. I think it was a tv show and one of the questions to a new wed husband was "Name an unusual place you had sex". He says the car or something. The wife comes back and says, "my arse"?


ralanr t1_ix2fagn wrote

People who knock and enter without consent are the fucking worst


Lovethoselittletrees t1_ix2j9z5 wrote

The real question is what the hell was she doing in your old room to begin with?


zeldamuffin OP t1_ix3ux5o wrote

Yeah exactly, there was no reason I could see for anyone to even go there.


WA_craft_beer t1_ix37iuh wrote

You didn’t fuck up. Your aunt fucked up by defeating the purpose of knocking.


JeremiahAhriman t1_ix3q0pw wrote

The thing that astounds me here is the sheer audacity of someone knocking and then opening the door without waiting for a response. I had it out with my mother-in-law several times before she finally stopped doing that shit.

(My wife, mother-in-law, and I all got a house together.)


[deleted] t1_ix12sm5 wrote



randomnbvcxz t1_ix1byx2 wrote

It was not her parents house OR her room. It’s her grandparents house and in room that she sometimes stayed in once a month. It’s pretty fucked up that they were having sex there during a party. Especially because there was no lock on the door


mightyneonfraa t1_ix1udhu wrote

A lot of people on this post either didn't read it very well or are really weird about where they have sex.


Wolfman01a t1_ix27n6w wrote

Maybe your aunt learned to knock and wait properly like a normal person.


jaxy_babe t1_ix2mzno wrote

Everyone asking why you didn’t lock the door meanwhile I didn’t even have a door! Your aunt is an asshole who very clearly has boundary issues. I’m sorry OP, it’s mentally scarring but maybe she’ll understand what closed doors mean.


Oujii t1_ix31l7g wrote

Do you think that having sex at someone’s else house, on a room that doesn’t have a lock, whilst a family party is happening is not lack of boundaries? Holy moly.


jaxy_babe t1_ix38olr wrote

OooooOoOoo a Karen 👻 live a little, don’t be so uptight. It was HER room originally. Maybe people shouldn’t barge in places they don’t belong :)


Oujii t1_ix3sem2 wrote

Growing up without a door must have been hard for you, I can understand, fortunately I can’t relate. I hope that nowadays you have a door and lock so no more boundaries are breached and you can finally be in peace with it and let it go. Have a wonderful Sunday. :)


zyz1189 t1_ix331gr wrote

how hard is it to lock a freaking door?


Krullenbos t1_ix34n3q wrote

Knocking and instantly coming in is still rude. Wait for an answer. Your aunt is in the wrong here in my opinion.


xochiscave t1_ix2kyx6 wrote

Your aunt was snooping.


Theon1k t1_ix35m1q wrote

That should teach you to lock the door :p 🔐


JeffroCakes t1_ix1b32p wrote

Sounds like your aunt needs to learn some goddamn manners.


Eastern_History_1719 t1_ix1ukwk wrote

So does OP lol.

She went off and started having sex at a family gathering in someone else’s house


JeffroCakes t1_ix1vk6p wrote

Fair enough, but I still think walking into a closed-door bedroom in someone else’s house is worse than having sex in the bedroom you used to routinely stay in at your grandparents’ house. Depending on the family situation, that may have been like a second home for OP.


Vega5529 t1_ix2a3vs wrote

Why are you speculating on this? She stayed around occasionally whilst she was a child growing up. It's a family gathering and it's not her bedroom anymore the aunt has absolutely no reason to have to knock and ask to come in to a room that isn't being used in someone else's house when she was probably looking for OP


Kramerica5A t1_ix2b65t wrote

>I still think walking into a closed-door bedroom in someone else’s house is worse than having sex in the bedroom you used to routinely stay in

And I wholeheartedly disagree.


Eastern_History_1719 t1_ix2z8fb wrote

She used to stay over for a night or two every couple of weeks while she was growing up, I’d hardly call that a second home.

Even if it was this was a family barbecue not some college house party. It’s not appropriate to be slipping off to have sex regardless.


I_pinchyou t1_ix05lbu wrote

You are 2 consenting adults. Auntie is a bigot. The only thing wrong was no lock or disrespect to the grandparents for it being at their home.
Not a big deal.


Bertram31 t1_ix0hdpw wrote

You didn't fuck up,. It isn't your problem if she doesn't like it, you do you.


RealFakeLlama t1_ix0r8pw wrote

'You do you' ??? The issue is auntie saw OP do gf 😂 But i absolutly agree, auntie might have an issue, not op.


Bertram31 t1_ix3cq56 wrote

I could say that wording was intentional, but it wasn't.


Gerald_Bostock_jt t1_ix02022 wrote

This is NOT YOUR PROBLEM, it's 100% your piece of shit aunt's problem. Okay, maybe you shouldn't have had sex in a house full of people... Maybe you could have waited for the guests to leave or go to your own home. But anyway, you having sex with another woman, or any other person for that matter is your right and anyone who has a problem with that can get fucked.